Tough lessons

Finally home now… car running good. ❤️

And yes … all day long… every 15 to 30 minutes – I get a reminder that Apple is going to make my battery suck later tonight 🤨 stop telling me!!!! It couldn’t be anymore annoying!! What’s with this constant annoying notification on this?? So I can constantly think about the battery?? 🤨

Just tell me maybe twice… the first time I might not be fully paying attention… second time – a reminder “just in case” … but there is literally NO reason to tell me this every 15/30 minutes 🤨 ALL DAY LONG!!! Ok I get it!

If it wasn’t so annoying, I would make sure would be unable to update – but I don’t want another full day of these notifications!! Is that their deal? We will annoy them to ensure they update lol – fricken Apple 

Then I also got notifications on weather 😳😮 uh-oh 😮😳

I looked at the temps and they don’t seem overly bad? Are in the 90’s… but they are set to climb

We will have a daytime humidity of only 8 to 15%

So heat… and very little humidity ♨️♨️♨️ …

Add to that… North winds 15 to 35 mph 😳😮 any fires will move fast!

I should be ok… I am clear from any major trees or brush… and if the electric company shuts the power off (because they have been in trouble for causing “several” really bad fires, INCLUDING “THE WORST” fire in California history “The Camp Fire” )

Little by little since last year – I have been collecting items that will help us through this, and prepare…

If they should turn off power – I should be ok… I have water, non perishable food, a portable shower – cause I need that!… I have battery operated lights, I have a tiny little air conditioning unit for at least 1 room, I also have a small chargeable 150v battery – and also a portable solar panel to charge that… oh and I have a cooler for any drinks or foods that need refrigeration

I also have a hot plate that can use the battery with if needed – so I can cook. We can also charge our phones with the battery so we don’t have to sit in my car to do that.

So I think I have prepared for that this year?? 🙏 I am trying to make sure I am covered… we are gonna find out if I forgot anything, eventually!!! 😳

If they could just simply repair their lines – we wouldn’t have that problem at all!! The court cases due to those fires I mentioned – made them file for bankruptcy.

So they are going to do it again, until things are fixed, which will take years and years!!

I know you can’t fully be ready for things in life… but I feel a little better if I try to prepare… am at ease thinking won’t be as bad as it was last year!!

Last year was the first year they shut power off… I had no electricity and no water… they gave no warning the first time they did that… and customers were pissed because we have to pay for PG&E’s greed – they have a monopoly… and we are at their mercy cause they can’t do their job or handle their money.

If they had always maintained their lines – which they don’t – we would not have these issues.

That was the beginning of October 2019.

That weekend they gave power back for a day and cut it back off! The whole entire month of October 2019… I had no water or power!! And into November it went!! Ugh – I was never so happy to see winter rains!!

I will never forget that! So since then – I have been preparing – what did I need that won’t make that so horrific? I think I have prepared pretty good. 🙏

Ok so… anything else life wants to throw at me?? Lol – I am preparing!!

I feel like I have to prepare for literally everything 🤨 lol … I should probably get more toilet paper 🧻 lol 🤨 … I do need to restock on actual normal batteries.

What else would I have to seriously prepare for?? Maybe I should prepare incase I get coronavirus? Cause even though I don’t want that… it “could” happen… am I prepared? I don’t think so on that one. That will be the next thing on my list of things to prepare for

I don’t want to panic… so works best if I prepare.

And just FYI… I also know that no matter how prepared I think I am… life likes to throw curve balls, so “some things” you just can’t be prepared for 🤨 … I just want to try to prepare, with the things I am able to prepare with.

At least is something – not so much at mercy 😘✌️ … I hate being at mercy!!

One of my friends told me… now mind you – this is hear say… just a rumor currently – because I can not verify yet…

But they said some workers at one of these local stores – has coronavirus 🤨😮 … again “hear say”! I HAVE NOT verified the info yet…

That would be horrific. A store full of people possibly compromised and being around other people and so on. 😮

Hopefully is just a incorrect gossipy rumor. ✌️

But I will remain wearing my “being around people” hazmat gear 🤨✌️ I definitely do not want to die or hurt anyone else!

I want to be safe and sound!!

I feel more change coming though 😮

2020 is forcing updates everywhere!! Which I suppose ARE actually needed and we ARE learning things every day.

These are some really tough lessons though! ✌️

7 thoughts on “Tough lessons

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    1. Yes the rain would be lovely so I don’t have to worry!! Send that back over!! Blow it my way lol

      Sometimes during winter/Christmas… we will see videos on the news of Australia 🇦🇺… they have the massive fires like we do, if not worse! I always feel for them!! I know how that is!!

      One year, where I am… was surrounded by forest fires – you couldn’t go outside cause you couldn’t breathe, that smoke chokes you and makes your eyes water… a second outside will make you smell like fire!

      I’m in the foothills of a valley. Surrounding fires trap that smoke in a valley … and the sky is like a dead color… and the sun is a yucky orange – it looks like Armageddon. It’s insane sometimes…

      When I see Australia I think Oh my god! They know same as we do!! Their fires look insane also!

      While we are on fire they are cold? lol … and when they are on fire we have winter rain lol – we just swap the seasons of fire lol

      And currently we have firework stands on every corner for the upcoming 4th 😮 yes please send that rain over!! 🙏

      Did you need some heat? I’ll swap you lol ✌️ I’ll send the sun ☀️ and heat for you

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  1. Thank you for this honest , true , inspiring read . It’s good to be prepared though sometimes unexpected surprises and twists still happens . I live where Earthquakes is a possibility , we are reminded every time to prepare & I know no matter how much I prepare , it will never enough . It gives us peace of mind that we tried though . I don’t want experience the initial panic of the lockdown when groceries where empty. Take care and stay safe my friend. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have earthquakes here too, but not too bad where I am… I am in foothills of a valley with mountains to cushion blows. The few I have been in have not been bad … worst was a 4.0 – but even that wasn’t too bad. San Francisco or LA is due for one 😮 I am 2 hours from San Francisco. It would not be bad in my area, but possibly felt.

      Yes I know – can’t prepare for everything – just do what you can – I am in a prep mode lol ✌️ too many crazy things – it does rest my mind slightly thinking I am prepared – but also know issues can still arise ✌️

      Thank you for your words 🥰 … you also take care and stay safe ✌️

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      1. Just went to San Francisco yesterday , more like a drive road trip with quick stop at baker beach just to look at the golden gate. Most stores and restaurants are close. Beach was not crowded but many are not wearing mask. The atmosphere feels sad, it wasn’t the SF I remember. I believe we all can surpass this . Take care and stay safe.

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      2. Oh wow! Does not surprise me people be without masks… In Sacramento they are like that too. But our stores and restaurants are open, just operating differently. Stores only allow a certain amount in at a time… and restaurants same thing – tables are removed and 6ft distance.. all staff wear masks… but the public – you have some who do and are very vigilant with it… and then you have the people who can’t be bothered with a mask.

        That must have been really weird cause San Francisco is always a bustle with people! How eerie to think of it like that!!

        Maybe 2 yrs ago – I went to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July on the water … so beautiful!!! I bet they not doing that!! Cause those crowds are intense!

        Oh wow and Alcatraz is closed 😮 wow!! Yeah that must have been quite the experience seeing it like that… I can only imagine how New York is 😮

        I believe we can get through it too, but I’m definitely wearing my mask lol 😷✌️

        Stay safe and well also ✌️

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