Caribbean Cruise

Right before my father died… I had the opportunity to do this with a friend…

Was a Caribbean cruise 🚢 😮 (thank god I had the experience cause now? Nope!)

I’m good with being closed in on the ocean with people like that… not after watching everything unfold – for now anyway.

But it was an incredible experience!!! A friends company paid for that. It was a prize/gift… so… it was amazing – and am very lucky for that experience!! I thought I would share the photos (the ones I am not in lol ✌️)

We left through the Port of Miami… our first stop was St Thomas ❤️ … then on to Tortola ❤️… and finally finishing on the Bahamas ❤️- before returning to the Port of Miami…

Here are some photos from that trip… all these photos and videos are my own. I hope you can see them 🙏

I had to fly cross country to get from Northern California to Miami, Florida … I was only allowed ONE suitcase 😮😱 lol (I did ok, it did not kill me lol) I took the largest suitcase I could find lol ✌️😄

We had to take 2 planes ✈️… I believe it was Salt Lake City, Utah we passed through …

Leaving the Port of Miami… every time the boat left dock… we had a pilot boat that would follow and connect with the ship.

A pilot boat is used to transport maritime pilots between land and the inbound or outbound ships they are piloting.

Leaving Miami…

This was my room… I had a balcony ❤️

Sunrise the following morning on open water ❤️ the pictures are beautiful – but in no way do it justice… it was breathtaking 🌅 The colors were incredible!!!

There were thousands of things you could do on the ship 🛳!! Every time I left and came back to the room… they made towels into animals, and had options of anything you ever wanted or could imagine to do!!! A little run down of what was offered

Coming into St. Thomas ❤️ … One of the US Virgin Islands … I did not need a passport or any papers to enter because is a US territory… I am a citizen of the United States 🇺🇸…

Docking in St. Thomas…

We disembarked off the ship… this was my ship… was the Norwegian Cruise Line – the ship was MASSIVE!!!

From there we took the cutest little bus 🚌… with heart windows (Oh my god! I love that bus!! ❤️) … to take an excursion and go snorkeling 🤿

The boat we took the excursion with was privately owned, they played music, served drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and had fresh fruit and snacks for us…

Once we got to the isolated beach on some island 🌴 … we snorkeled 🤿 – which was amazing… I saw Nemo and Dori ❤️ among other amazing creatures and things – was incredible!!

I had to put my phone away for those things because my phone is not waterproof lol… but was incredible. We spent most of the day doing that.

Then it was back to shore and back on the massive cruise ship… and back out to sea we went again…

On to Tortola – which is a British Virgin Island 🇬🇧 … I do not have a passport, but instead they allowed me to bring my birth certificate and my California drivers license – and I was allowed to get off on the island… I would have to show those again to reboard the ship.

On Tortola, we only browsed the shops. I bought a few small souvenirs.

The ship was so massive we could see it over the shops!! 😮

Then it was back on this ship, and off to the Bahamas!! Leaving Tortola…

Sunset in open water …

Our meals and everything on the ship was all inclusive … meaning we didn’t have to pay for anything AT ALL… we still tipped though.

Here was one of the dining rooms we ate in – was buffet style – any kind of food you could possibly imagine!

There were meal times… but when was off time, you could always do room service. They catered to anything you wanted!! As if you were royalty 😮 – ask and you shall receive, no matter what it was 😮

Then we arrived in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 … Nassau …

I accidentally left my phone on the ship, but we just walked around and took in the sights – it was beautiful!!! I have photos but they are not on my phone.

Time to leave Nassau…

Here is that Pilot boat I was telling you about…

The Pilot boat will have a pilot from that particular port you are at, who will help guide your boat off the dock… when they are done the pilot boat comes and takes the pilot back for the next ship… they get right up next to the ship!! 😮 …it’s incredible to watch!

Off he goes, and we head back out to sea…

My last sunset on the ship 🛳… again these photos do NOT do the “true beauty” justice – it seriously takes your breath away!!! So peaceful, heavenly, and serene!!

The following morning, we returned to the Port of Miami

In all, it was a 9 day cruise… I was extremely lucky to have that experience and the only reason I got to have that, is because my friend won a trip through her work. It was a once in a lifetime experience!! Was incredible!!! I will never forget

No matter how much I tried to savor every moment – it was like I blinked and it was over.

We saw a comedy show, went to watch a movie sitting in hot tubs (the movie we saw was “Sully”), there was a water park on the ship, and also a casino… we were never bored! It was amazing!!

The one and only time, that I have ever left the United States – it took my breath away and I will always remember!!!

Back home to California …

Was an incredible experience!!!

I hope it all loads so you can see 🙏 … it’s a REALLY large post 😮

18 thoughts on “Caribbean Cruise

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  1. Like looking at vacation pictures, and reminded me that I should take more pictures on my trip. I wish I could share about my trips. They were ya something I hope I won’t forget.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am like my parents – photos constantly… drives my kids nuts lol

      I am always behind the camera mostly. I wanna savor moments always – and a picture captures that.

      Definitely take photos as much as you can… even in general cause so much changes and it becomes history- or things you can share with others ❤️


  2. Wow… what a great adventure!

    I knew someone (friend of a friend) who won a ’round the world’ trip for 2 based on a blog post (my friend win the same, for nominating the winning post). The winner, who was thrilled, never redeemed it (it was valid for a year)… totally flaked and wouldn’t say why. Can you imagine??

    Liked by 1 person

      1. She couldn’t give it away. Double weird was that the post was about wanting the trip for her dad, so he lost out too.

        That blogging site had a huge meetup in SF. I got a room for my friend (I don’t remember why) and, having chatted a lot with the winner and knowing she was broke, I invited her and her BF to stay with me for ONE night. THREE nights later I had to kick them out cause they showed no intention of leaving. Weird! But also really naive.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sounds like she was a little flaky?? By that I mean… no follow through with things?

        No follow through on the trip… no follow through with courtesy?


      3. Yeah. I wasn’t surprised by the courtesy but a round-world trip??? I heard she got all pissy about it later, blaming the blog site that awarded it, but I also knew she’d been contacted several times about it expiring.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I just saw this now 🤨 My WP all changed … I don’t like when they change it all up…

        That is sad – was incredible opportunity they missed out on.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🥰✌️ yes I was extremely lucky for that!!! I took as many photos and videos I could. Was an experience I never wanna forget!

      Thank you very much ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it really was amazing!! They even had a zip line! And a huge water slide! That whole experience was incredible!

      And no pun intended … I don’t know if you have these where you are?… but have you seen the Corona commercials for the beer … on that beach with the white sand and the turquoise water? I always had a thing for that… St Thomas had that!! Omg so beautiful!!! That water was so beautiful with the white sand!!!

      I wonder if since is United States territory – can I just move there ? Cause um yes please? Can I just do that? Lol

      Yeah that whole experience was incredible! The cruise, the places – everything was just so amazing!

      How do you top that though? Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, one can dream… I don’t really truly know where I wanna be? Just gonna let life take me and see what happens ✌️

        But I am curious if you can… since you are British Hypothetically… could you just move to Tortola? That’s British… does it work like that?

        So I wonder those things

        How easy is it to live in paradise? Lol – only curiosity ✌️


      2. This article says RE: St.Thomas… that as an American – I could just simply pick up and move there like any other state! 😮😳

        But it also mentions cost of living is high (I can only imagine!! Hawaii is also really high cost of living!) … then is a tourist area so would always be dealing with that, and then hurricanes have the potential to be extremely devastating on an island 😮

        So ya know there are also downsides …

        That’s interesting they make you have a visa when your country owns it??

        Liked by 1 person

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