I am a little quiet today. Protesters have lost my attention, now I don’t care. Took away from their cause, so like a child – throw your tantrum… when you can use your words like an adult then I will listen – until then… I’m done with this. Fuckin stupid. Just using an excuse to steal!!

Do you have any idea how powerful words are? Do you know what you can do with words?!!

If you know how to use your words right, you will see justice.

I don’t like violence and I won’t entertain it. If you want my attention, you need to use words. I do not respond to violence …or anger actually. That’s a sure fire way to turn me off. I completely turn off

My kids had to use their words – I would not respond to tantrums … tantrums just would wear them out… you wanna do that? Go right ahead, I’ll be over here and when you can use your words, I’ll listen.

So they always had to use their words.

I raised my kids to be mature – and use their words. They are respectful, kind and have morals. I have really good kids ❤️ I raised them right!

Use your words – words can bring understanding… and words can be loving and also hurt… words have a lot of power.

Sometimes I read people’s posts… and your words ring in my head… some of your writing is powerful!

There are words that make me think… maybe think of things i was not aware of, or thinking about? Maybe things you say might pertain to things that I am going through – I can relate

There is power…

Sometimes some of you use words to teach me things I am not familiar with – I love that, you have enlightened me

There is power…

I read your words – they make impact.

There is power…

Your words can tumble through the mind of the reader or person you are speaking to

Pay attention to words – sometimes words are just words with no meaning … not sincere, or try to deceive – you have to pay attention and see who someone is.

Words can make you angry… words can make you relate… words can make you fall in love…

There is power…

So if there is such power, use it!

Violence is just cowardly compared to words ✌️

Other than that, I’m just quiet today. Turning away from news until people can be adults and use their powerful words.

Have curfew again tonight 8pm til 5am. 🤨

I’ll be back tmrw ✌️

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