Done with 2020!!!

I am quiet 🤫 just absorbing everything.

I have my own heavy stuff I am dealing with… and we just went through all that coronavirus thing “together” – I was so happy that for one moment… we stood together as one… all together ❤️ regardless of the reason of a deadly virus… or what color or religion … we were all in the same – I was comforted by being with you all during that. There was a unity ❤️ I loved it! I was loving my world through that 🌎

Let me tell you how is here…

Is bad, we now have national guard here now… stores are being completely destroyed and people are being hurt!!

I am disgusted by both sides behavior!!

Good people do not destroy their own areas… especially stores that are struggling after just going through all the corona stuff!!! So you want to hurt people by putting people out of work and making stores go out of business cause they can not afford this!! And then what do we do for things we need?? People of all colors need things!! What if your grandmother needs something but you have destroyed the stores? I am disgusted

I am also disgusted by the looting… in that case again hurting other people for own benefit – no one is entitled to anything!! You certainly don’t hurt others to take what you want!!! That is horrible!!

And rise above this shit – be better than a racist!!! You have support – violence is not needed – it’s making it worse

They say it’s coming into the neighborhoods tonight… we have 8pm curfew…

The people I know, ALL have guns… this is California … they are ready – you break into their houses and that will be last thing you do. For what?? Why? Senseless!

Why are people hurting others?!!!!!

Can we stop this bullshit!!!

I take people as individuals… based on NOTHING else other than who someone is as a person …

And then also… if I get angry and have injustice – which I do… does that give me the right to loot and hurt others??? I want change too!

Be a fricken good person!! Be smart… be an adult …

You don’t need violence!!! Please listen to me!! It’s going to get really bad.

I do care for all people – I don’t care what your race is – I don’t want people hurt! Anywhere!!!

It does not make this situation any better!! Please stop!

So … 8pm curfew… guns ready ☹️ (I do not have guns – I am non-violent and non drama) if they wanna break into my house and hurt me then go ahead – do that. Does that make you feel better?

I am 100% in support of my people of color or religion or whatever else… whatever it is with injustice – I do support you!! But I don’t believe in threats or violence – I don’t like evil

Too many people are going to get hurt – please don’t – there is another way… be above the racist… they are violent not you!!

As far as racism goes… yup it’s there really bad. I’ve have seen it with many races not just black… I agree – needs to change … I stand with you for change – I am sorry for any injustices or discrimination you may go through – I have your back – but don’t hurt people to prove your own self 😢💔

We need a lot of change don’t we?

I am tired – dealt with my own injustice today so am sensitive

What is it like in other countries? Do you have the same problems?

What happened to our world? 😢💔

I know it’s a different topic… but it makes me feel like this…

Just to watch such hatred from both sides – it breaks my heart 💔

I am sorry if I was harsh here… but it is senseless violence that is going to get worse

Please don’t get hurt!!

I would also like to not be hurt. ✌️

You are more than welcome to speak against my views – you don’t need to come at me harshly… I will listen and think of your words … I do respect everyone’s opinions. I also like to learn – so if you feel I have misspoke – by all means teach me. ✌️ change my mind…

White black yellow green purple whatever … violence and hurting others is wrong!!!

I am tired. I don’t want people hurt and I do not want to be hurt!

If you are in the United States – be safe- please be smart! ✌️

We on curfew now.

I be quiet now ✌️ just felt the need to speak sorry. People will be hurt if this continues

Also… just a friendly reminder – we still have a deadly virus 🦠 out there – please be careful!!!

I am sooooooooo tired of having to tell people to be safe!!! Oh my god! All the time I have to say and hope for that!!!

I am done with 2020! IF I could walk away – I would! It’s heavy! Too much!

Sorry for my words ✌️ I am highly against violence and hurting innocent people

Am a mother Theresa type or Ghandi … I am peaceful ✌️ what would Ghandi do?

6 thoughts on “Done with 2020!!!

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  1. I am a bit nervous too because how close I am to DC. It’s affecting the surrounding regions. My neighborhood is calm and peaceful but seeing the protests and the police response on the news make me have second thought about my day-to-day activity, like how will my run route be affected. Will my run take me out past the curfew? If I go on a hike, will there a possibility of complication, like being shot at.

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    1. You be careful! People are only acting out of emotions so they are not thinking and obviously they are NOT caring about anyone else!!!

      I would be cautious… emotions are unpredictable. And obviously these protesters, regardless of color, are not smart enough to use their minds, their words or their opportunities.

      That police officer was on a silver platter. That would have been my focus… I would have jumped on that!!! They had a massive platform right there!!!

      Instead they took away from that to show just how much they can also hurt others and cause destruction. Not too smart.

      So be careful!! Stay safe


      1. After posting above, I got a notifcation from my neighbors on the NextDoor app that there are protests being planned in my neighborhood the next few days. Now I am very nervous doing my runs at night.

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  2. Grrrh, will try. I obviously don’t like running into danger, but then again knowing I have to adjust my schedule for other’s bad behaviors … i’m speechless … makes me want to go run it to show I’m not scared.

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