Still breathless

It’s a slow day, which is nice because it’s peaceful.

I still managed to burn my lunch 🤨… I wasn’t paying attention because I was doing paper work.

I ate it anyway cause it’s what I had for lunch lol … I had no back up and not buying anything lol … so crispy burnt – yum! Lol … but really ewwww

Consequences for my actions lol … didn’t pay attention? Got burnt… still had to deal with the consequences cause that’s my lunch. Lol… I should have been more careful.

For every action, there is a reaction. ✌️ make sure you get the right one 😘

Ok so, day going well. Except for lunch lol ✌️😄

I keep hearing noises today lol… please let that be in my own head lol … like knocking lol

I keep looking at the security footage and there is nothing no movement … I walk around and is all normal. So not sure where the knocking coming from??? I’m sure is just my imagination?? I am hoping and telling myself that!! Lol ✌️ please let it be the pipes 🙏

Anyway… it’s just a really quiet peaceful day. Not a lot going on… I still have work but is just chill ❤️

Is clouding up 🤨 … let me check this forecast 🤨… ugghhh gonna get cooked again later this week!!

Ok summer is here – but I say this and the weather keeps going all nuts – doesn’t know what it wants 🤨

The grasses have started turning yellow… not green anymore – now is fire starter – but thankfully we have had some rain and that helps.

Since yesterday…

I am still breathless?? I dunno why? I can’t even explain it? Just breathless??

Back to work, be back later tonight 😘✌️

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