Come together?

Ok so Sunday morning ❤️

Made it to work 💪 with my trusty junker lol … I do love that car ❤️ it’s like that comfy shirt you have … soft against your skin… always so comfortable… not perfect but it just kinda warmly hugs you, always there … yeah I love my piece of shit car lol ❤️ it’s like that.

Lol I just find that funny … but mine is not that bad lol – there is no duct tape on my car yet lol ✌️😄

Anyway… so got to work – yay!! I love my car ❤️

It is sunny and beautiful currently but I have no looked at forecast at all. So no idea – it’s pleasantly nice currently so enjoying that ❤️✌️

I kinda have to stay away really a lot from the news right now… I can not take so much fighting constantly over everything!!! And then on top of that the virus!! Oh my god! Too much for me… so can’t right now, kinda heavy

I can’t even comment currently because I feel too much so it will come out harshly. Yeah nope – let’s just say I’m disgusted that racism is still an issue in 2020 after what we just went through together!! I am saddened by what happened and I’m soo sorry. That’s all I’m gonna say cause I can’t just go off

So yeah I have to stay away. Too much hate and anger. I don’t do well with that. ✌️

Anyway… I have to get to work 😘✌️ I be back later

Can we come together? Same shit different day!

None of us follow lessons!!! You think we learn but nope… Ok not saying anything else – have to work. ✌️

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