Mellow night …

We had a good night. Was fun. Kinda mellow, but we laughed a lot.

We ate dinner… the younger ones were eating dinner still – they are so slow lol… so oldest and I played a couple quick card games.

Then he says to me – do you want to play a game with a lot of rules? 😳🤨 … uhhh that does not sound fun at all lol 🤨

He says “no mum, lemme explain it to you, it’s fun” 🤨

Ok fine, go ahead …explain

He starts in with a game similar to “War” … if you don’t know War… is a CARD game!! Most people know it.

You deal out all the cards … then each player shows the top card of their pile, whoever has the largest suit gets everyone’s card … you continue this until your pile is gone, then you shuffle all the cards you’ve won and keep going like that- until ONE person has every card lol – you fight to own the deck lol

Anyway whatever – then the rules switch to something similar to “Slap” … so in this one you put down a card … let’s say a 3 of diamonds… the next person lays down a card … maybe 10 of hearts ? And the next person goes – when another 3 of whatever appears – because 3 was the very first card – you slap the deck 🙄 … you get all the cards in that pile. Again get all the cards

And then it changes into some other card game with even more rules – he somehow merged like every single card game into ONE 🤨😄

Maybe another time lol, too long and involved for tonight – so we played 2 other pretty cool quick games he showed me …

The 2 younger ones finally finish and come to join us.

My oldest has a new game…

He gets really excited about his games?? Lol – I know that excitement over something you love, he gets that from me ❤️

The 18 year old … he’s quirky lol … I don’t know how else to explain him lol … he is more of a pessimist than an optimist… he’s a little lazy and complains a lot sometimes lol

Anyway… my oldest does not have the gift of explaining games to people who have never played.

His explanations are hard to follow, and he takes explaining the instructions very seriously lol 😄😄… kinda military-ish lol

Possibly so we don’t know what we are doing and he can always win lol 😄🤨

But I understood the game…

The 18 year old was bored with his instructions and the game does look and seem confusing – the 18 year old didn’t wanna play that, so he complained lol … over every single rule!!

Oldest would calmly and seriously explain each rule – and after each explanation the 18 yr old complained and was kinda moody?

Oldest got mad at him – my oldest very rarely ever gets mad. He’s very patient understanding and kind… but 18 was being annoying lol

We all have days … but as soon as oldest voice went stern … ok we playing and we gonna enjoy this lol

Everyone got all excited also for this game lol…

He was really excited to play this game with us and it meant a lot to him… 18 yr old was being a brat at first.

But he straightened right up … he didn’t stay a brat …he loves his brother – all 3 of them are really close, I raised them to be close. ❤️

I just want them to have each other, when one day I am gone. It’s important to me. So I just made sure they would be close. I’ve always spent a lot of time with them ❤️ I love them so much!!

Anyway… we all did that for oldest because meant a lot to him so we enjoyed the game with him. It ended up being a pretty decent game…

Is called “Alicemanic Heroes” Lol … is extremely loosely based off of Alice in Wonderland ? Kinda?? But then it also reminds me of Risk? Lol

I did not win 🤨😄✌️

But my oldest did not win either 😮😱😱😱😄😄

Tonight’s win goes to my daughter who silently went unnoticed lol… and then took the win 😄… no one saw that coming lol

Her smile was HUGE 😄😄❤️

Oldest then remarked … well I did help you a few times

Lol… we teased him and laughed because he just has to win. Even if he loses 😄✌️

After that, 18 yr old starts getting ready to leave and oldest wants to play another game – but this took us HOURS lol – I have to work tmrw – so was time to go

I walk them to their car…

Umm… I sensed something?? I dunno ?? Not sure yet??

But I was hugging and kissing them goodbye…

I’ve been noticing something the past few times? My oldest kinda holds on to me??

Tonight he did it again??

You know when… ?? … you hug someone who you love very much and who means a lot to you …and you don’t want to let go?

Like you are trying to savor every single second you can? Their touch, their smell, their feel? Like you are trying to imprint that in your mind and soul? Do you understand??

That’s how he’s been hugging me 😮 just like that. He did that tonight?? Almost like he’s afraid he’s gonna lose me or something??

I dunno??

He is careful when he hugs me, they all are… because of my stuff lol … they are afraid to hurt me.

He put his arms around me and just engulfed me. He’s so much bigger than me now. And then he just held me really close, and didn’t seem to want to let go???

I’m not sure what’s up? Is he imprinting me just in case anything happens? Which sends a chill up my spine

Or is he going through something?? He will be quiet when he’s going through something – he would do that sorta stuff too… I comfort him, so he wants to hold that close? Is a comfort to hug your mom?

So I am not really sure??

Anyway just noticed that.

Was a good night… I’m just kind of mellow though? Kinda quiet – been busy. Have a lot on my mind.

Anyway- I work tmrw ❤️ woo hoo!! I get to work both days!!! I love my job there!!

But I do have to get to sleep – it’s really late. I’ll be back tmrw.

Gnite 😘✌️

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