Life is back-ish

Alright – here comes my cool down. Not so crazy hot today – our high is only supposed to be about 87 or 88… and tmrw 70’s!! The heatwave was real quick lol – that’s perfect lol ❤️ I get a breather from being cooked lol ✌️

So I have a friend going in for a pretty major surgery on June 5th… I want to put together a little care package 📦… so they know are thought of and cared for. To make them smile ❤️ – people did that for me during my cancer. It helps!!

So I have to figure out what to put in… I want meaning to go along with it.

I have a lot to do… I have to get my ass down to the DMV/RMV – have no idea what to expect dealing with them 😮 … I always think of this when I have to go there 🤨…

I also have to make a return at a store – which I hate doing but I have to.

And I am working on something pretty major… I will say later when it effects me. It bothers me too much to speak of currently.

And then also, I have to adjust my resume and look for another job… I’ll keep the funeral home – but I’m gonna need another job.

I’m pretty good at finding jobs that fit with me. Hopefully that is still the case… my right side is bad so lifting things is hard for me – I hate that… and it’s slows me down a lot! So that’s annoying – but I will find something perfect. I usually do

It might be kind of hard to do that since “everyone” is also looking – but we see how goes 😳🙏

We are on stage 3 of lifting restrictions here… but is pretty much back to life 😮 so ok 😮 … life came back kinda – I have to readjust to it… but it’s back

So… anyway… that’s just my own personal stuff – I also have other things from other people on my plate, like my mother, which is doing ok at moment… I just worry.

Today is Friday ❤️❤️❤️ family day!! Woo hoo – can’t wait for the boys ❤️

And on another note… I have this app… I got it a few months ago and it just kinda sits on my phone – I open every so often to read but mostly not.

It vaguely knew me at first… but now 😳 its totally nailing me and how I am 😮 Oh my god!

If you can get it in your App Store you should try it – was free

It’s called “The Pattern”… it’s based off of your date and time of birth… I am 7-7 so I am cancer 🤨 (they couldn’t have named it something else?? I really hate that!!)

But I have a Cancer Sun ☀️… and my moon is Gemini

This thing literally nails everything about me now 😳😮 sometimes I’m shocked with that – it’s a little creepy how exact it is on some stuff 😳

I would give you my info to be my friend, but it gives my real full name… I don’t make friends on that – but I did make my oldest download and be my friend lol – it nails him too 😄😄

I also try to get the other 2 to do it also… but they have no desire… I constantly ask them to come be my friend lol – they don’t want me analyzing them 😄😄✌️

You can see how you relate to people it tells you how similar you are and where you will run into issues or personality clashes if there is any.

It’s just really cool. If you download it, tell me what you think!! I know different countries don’t have same things but if you have it – it’s really cool to try out.

It gives you major things to think about. Tells you many things!! It just floors me with how it knows me!! That’s so weird! And is so spot on!!

I have never met another Cancer/Gemini person before either – that’s interesting too

Alright I need to move along… I am moving along slowly today

My right side and breast is kinda hurty today- sometimes that happens. Just normal now. The left is always fine – only the right side gives issues – but that was the bad side anyway… so ya know, whatever ✌️

Ok moving my butt lol ✌️😘

Back later at some point – I am mellow today??

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