Ok… so… I am breathless

How to explain that? So many punches? That you just breathless

I just feel kinda stunned and um?? Just sorta faint ✌️ catching my breath …

Ok so this is on my lap now … ok … I can handle this. I totally can… it’s just one more thing – it’s ok. Having small moments of panic waves 😘✌️

So let me share some stuff – let’s just throw that on there…

Alright … so I am tired … exhausted actually …

But I dunno? I feel something?? Something good?? I dunno it’s just a feeling?? It’s probably nothing?? But all this bad stuff is happening and I feel something else?? So weird – I have no idea??

I am still breathless and panicked – but I feel something else, but more good?

So whatever…

Anyway, I grabbed the Tarot cards a minute ago… I shuffled, and I spread them out.

Thought of what I wanted to know lol… just tell me!!

What’s going to happen to my life?

I drew 5 cards – I picked ones that ?? I dunno?? Called me? Lol ✌️😘

So hey…

Tarot readings and blog — Read on morgantarot.co.uk


Check me out ❤️✌️… am I understanding correctly?

Here are the cards for what I drew…

1.) Ace of Swords ⚔️ (my present) – reclaiming my vitality, life force and personal power ✌️ (hell yeah!)

2.) Wheel of Fortune 🔮 (my past) – an element of change (yup in many ways!)

3.) 8 of Swords 🗡 (my future) – fear of the future/afraid to be hurt 🤨 dammit!! Nailed it!

4.) Queen of Pentacles 👑 (reason) – need to be able to love self (I do) BUT also… need to be able to not fear change on my journey 🤨 crap – I don’t have that one down yet!!

5.) Ace of Pentacles (my potential) – very positive new beginning on many levels 😮 – yes please – I will have that!! I want my potential lol 😘✌️

Ok so let me say this… I feel overwhelmed – but I also feel something good…

This kinda of makes me panic a little less – helps me breathe… and ya know what? I have “hope” – which I really think is everything ❤️ am a dreamer so whatever lol ✌️

Anyway… I wanted to share my hope through the stupid panic lol … I hope so ❤️

I just have to learn how not to fear. How do you not fear? How do you do it?

What do you fear? How do you handle it? How do you get past it?

I want that… so ok “be fearless” 😳😮😄 I am going to try!!

I have two songs on repeat today…

The first one is because I feel jumbled and breathless… if I am jumbled you gonna hear this sorta stuff lol…


And the second one… is because I feel something else coming? I know!!! It’s weird?? I don’t even wanna say that!!!

This song is a little hokey? But it’s calming? And I like it … and I love Jimmy Buffett ❤️✌️so… I wanna be Knee Deep!! Totally!!


I just need those on repeat for a little while lol ✌️😘

Anyway… We see what happens 😳 omg … I have to just have faith and trust which I suck at… faith I can kinda do… trust? Nope…

Ok so lessons – work on trust and work on fear lol …great 🤨 that sounds easy 🤨 son of a B

That’s like my ?? Kryptonite!! Oh my god! I just stay away from both of those – fear and trust ugh 🤨😑 ughhh yup- that’s my kryptonite 😑 of course 😑 this is the lessons god keeps throwing at me too!! Dammit


Ok but I can do this. I think 😳 …dont think… just try to do lol

I have to change how I am 😮 little bit … oh boy – trust and fear – I don’t wanna do this!! I hate those things!!!

But I want to change that also? So whatever I’ll get there 🤨 MAYBE (bleh!) ✌️… I have hope 😘

3 thoughts on “Hope

Add yours

  1. I think your own monologue touches on any possible comments I could have. Except that you believing in tarot surprises me. I’m not saying I think it’s wrong… it just surprises me. Not something I would have guessed about you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am curious about everything… just learning things… curious. And I liked the fact that it’s positive and hopeful.

      Is just interesting… it’s not that I believe or I don’t

      Just had fun with it… I don’t take things overly seriously. But I am really curious with things – just learning ✌️

      I am open to things and definitely to learn things

      But totally loved the positive message and maybe the things I need to learn to fix cause I keep getting those lessons 🤨

      Liked by 1 person

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