Bring it!

Ok so that was an adventure 😳😮😮

So I was driving into work… I was already on the highway. The check engine light came on… and then literally immediately after that… it just decided it was gonna shut the fuck off 🤨😮

I had to coast over to the breakdown lane, and put on my hazards! ⚠️

I called the tow truck, I called my boss got that all squared away… my boss said no problem, thanks for letting me know.

The police did show up… it was California Highway Patrol… CHiPs lol 😄❤️

He was wicked nice to me!!! He came over to passenger side and opened the door to talk to me… you ok? What’s your problem?

So I told him car won’t turn on? He told me to try it – let him see

Ok … so put the key in – turned it and nada – nothing

So he asked if I had called AAA – yes sir I have, they on their way.

He said he be back around in a little bit to check on me and make sure I was gone. He smiled the whole time lol – he was very kind.

Tow truck came… checked it out – said possibly timing belt snapped? Ok

So he hooked up the car and we dropped it off at some shop and he was kind enough to take me to work.

Now I just have to figure out how I am getting home. Lol awesome 🤨 I can figure that out later 😞 … can I just sleep here? Lol kidding – god… no way am I sleeping at a funeral home omg no!!! I will find a way home!!!

I got here about 8:45a … phones going Oh my god! And then since we reopening we have rules

Only 24 in a service at a time… seats have to be placed 6feet apart … so I am doing that

Not so great with the boob though. I already hurt but I will take slow and do little at a time, should be fine.

Anyway, I am ??? I am not really sure? Not really sure what to think with things.

Anything else wanna happen?? Bring it! 😘 come at me bro lol ✌️

Ok luckily I have made it to work… so gonna do that for right now! Lol I am at least working – thank god!!

5 thoughts on “Bring it!

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    1. Yeah I’m gonna have to… it’s a $60 trip 😵 Oh my god! Ok well, I gotta bite this so whatever – thank god I have it 😳

      Yeah I am ok. It happens ✌️ timing totally sucks but ya know whatever – “life”

      ~sigh~ 😑


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