Hot excitement lol

Whoa!! So India is also having heatwave at this moment too? I read that it’s 122 degrees 😮 Oh my god!

We currently are 105 today and I’m dying… I am very red… I looked in the mirror earlier and my face even is red with heat!! I’m just all red from head to toe!!!

I don’t know how anyone can survive 122 😮 … someone else told me is 122 in Death Valley 🏜- here in California (desert)

Oh my god! Just the thought of 122!! I have had 115 here before and is like being cooked in an oven when you step outside!! You know when you open an oven door, and that initial heat hits you in the face? Yeah like that!!!

I am neon red!! Although my scar got burned too? That one really prominent see-able scar does not turn red or blend in… it turns a darker shade of PURPLE!! Also, I have that burn “itch” 😒… I scratch the breast area and I’m not supposed to have any nerves there – but several minutes AFTER scratching – omg that hurts lol – I can feel that!!! 😮

I have 2 stories about getting sunburns…

First one … I was maybe 21? And my girlfriend invited me skiing in New Hampshire … the weekend we there, they had a lot of snow, but was record breaking temps for time of year …

We were all bundled and it was hot – REALLY warm with all that stuff!! And the sun was beaming that day…

The bra I had on, looked like a swim suit cause it had a animal design on it lol… so wore snow pants and that bra skiing – I made sure not to take a digger lol 😄✌️ (a fall)

Ok well no one told me – you can get a severe sunburn from the reflection of the sun off the snow … Oh my god! 50 shades of red!!! I burnt every area of skin visible … omg just remembering lol – that was bad – I did not wear lotion 😮

Anyway… maybe about a week later … I had to drop off some business papers to a client that had never met me before – only dealt with me on the phone … lol

Well is was at that time that my face decided it would just start peeling Oh my god! So I looked like a leper or something!! All my skin was peeling 😮 Oh my god!

There was just nothing I could do lol… that was horrible!! Worst sunburn ever with lasting effects!! Lol – he still stayed on as my client, but I’m sure noticed the horrible peeling and didn’t know what was wrong with me… I know he noticed cause it was really bad – my entire face!! 😳😮

The second time was more recent – maybe 2015? I went to Lake Tahoe ❤️… laid out on beach ❤️… a little while would be ok? Cause I forgot previous lessons evidentially …

A little while was NOT ok… and I burnt myself purple!!! 😮 I didn’t even know people could turn purple!! Lol – they can!!

I hurt so bad, I could not move… oh you don’t even know unless you have experienced that!! Oh wow… yeah I can remember the feeling just thinking about it!! Makes me {{shudder}}! That took over a month to go away 😳😮

I am way more careful and remember those things now. After the purple one – I am very careful. Lol

I burn always though, even with lotion and reapplying. Fair skin with freckles ✌️ it’s gonna happen. 🤨

We finished the shed this morning before 10am, it was still bright, sunny and really hot… night time doesn’t even cool down much 🥵

Then we had to run a few errands with things and tmrw we return the Tuba and get the yearbook…

I can not wait to see this yearbook lol – how they gonna work this into “the year that was not”? 🤨😄✌️

Tomorrow is the day she wants to stay later to see her friends. I guess we doing that. You should see the size of her smile and her excitement ❤️

I love to see her so happy and excited ❤️ tmrw will be a fun day ❤️ … I am kind of excited too… I will get to not only see my daughters face lit up with happiness – but all of her group of friends as well… it’s gonna be a day of happiness ❤️❤️❤️ yay!!

I think afterwards… we do something special? Like make smoothies? It will be hot and that will be fun and a nice treat – I have pineapples, strawberries, blueberries and bananas ❤️

I am excited for tmrw ❤️✌️

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  1. good gracious. I might only experience once or twice in my life of a bad tan. I didn’t use sunblock once at a beach and it was painful.

    I started feeling burn now too as I been running outside the past month. I need to look for sunblock soon or I be fried. Me having darker skin, is not easily burn but still I should put on sun block. Me just being lazy…just want to head out and run without having to do all the preparation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yeah… I hate the lotion preparation also lol – I also don’t really like the smell

      If I do not wear lotion – it gets me really bad! Plus I have so many freckles – so I always worry about cancer too 🤨 fair skin and freckles so I have to think of that

      I seriously need like spf 1000!! Lol ✌️

      The sun feels so good though and it’s good for you in terms of vitamin D, keeps you happy !

      I just have to be mindful too so I don’t get totally charred lol ✌️ or get cancer!

      Liked by 1 person

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