The music that forms you ❤️

We are taking a break, we are waiting on rock delivery which be coming after lunch… Oh my god! It is heat stroke hot!! Not kidding… heat stroke and heat exhaustion are a thing!!! You have to be VERY careful!!

I am so wet with sweat 😝 and I’m hot and red lol… I am in AC for a moment while we wait for delivery. Whew!

In the meantime, I wanted to give a list of songs to:

Reality continues to ruin my life — Read on

Because you seem to be similar to me in music – thought you would enjoy these lol 🥰✌️

But I had a problem – you can not let me at this decade musically lol… and this music right here – is the music in the beginning of my formation as a person lol ❤️✌️ … this is why I still do the robot 🤖 lol 😘

I LITERALLY LOVE ALL these songs – I had a hard time stopping lol 😮❤️❤️ cause omg so much good music lol 😘✌️😄

Anyway – hope you remember and enjoy some of the songs 🥰✌️ (the 80’s were so awesome with music! we should do that again lol) 😘✌️

Company B – Fascination

(I love this one ❤️)

Starpoint – Object of my desire

(I love this one too ❤️)

(I just love all of these – I’m just gonna keep saying that, so instead I’ll just heart them for being so awesome lol) ❤️

Pebbles – Girlfriend ❤️

Ready for the World – Oh Shelia ❤️

Whodini – The Freaks Come Out at Night ❤️

Teena Marie – Lovergirl ❤️

The Cover Girls – Show Me ❤️

Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music ❤️

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Can You Feel the Beat? ❤️

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Head to Toe ❤️

Deniece Williams – Let’s Hear it for the Boy ❤️

The Jets – Crush on You ❤️

Midnight Star – Operator ❤️

Midnight Star- Freak-A-Zoid


The Human League – Don’t You Want Me? ❤️

Kajagoogoo – Too Shy ❤️

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls ❤️

The Romantics – Talking In Your Sleep ❤️

Devo – Whip It ❤️

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  1. Again, by titles only, I know only half… the new wave stuff and “Freaks Come Out At Night”. I’ll listen to the others later and prob know them all.

    In the 90s I attended an extremely crowded event (think pre-Coachella and indoors) and got heat stroke. It hit at 1:30am, just as the crowded event closed all bars – including sales of bottled water (for a party running till 4am!). I rushed out of the club, threw up in a trash can, debated drinking pool water, then walked around the hotel grounds fully freaking out and telling myself, “don’t lay down or they’ll take you out on an ambulance!” It was awful but I eventually cooled down and managed to walk back to my hotel.

    With my bad knees & fat, the combo of pain & heat also caused me to nearly black out at the last 2 standing I attended. Getting old SUCKS!!

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    1. I have never had heat stroke… but I have had heat exhaustion 😳

      They are awful!! The heat is no joke!! You must be hot today too? Are you like us?

      Crazy heat through Thursday – where is that rain again? I feel like I was just talking about rain 🤨😄✌️


      1. Is really hot here already🥵
        I am kinda in the foothill area but also valley… so that traps the heat in for us 🥵 ugh!

        The older I get the harder severe heat is lol ✌️

        But yet come winter – I just wanna be hot – so go figure


      2. We always what what we haven’t had in awhile!

        It only hit 78 here today, thanks to an ocean breeze. Just 10 miles S, in Seal Beach, it only got to 68!!

        Another effect of Long Bch’s weather bubble is that we get hotter than most beaches. The second the wind stops, our temp will jump.

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      3. Oh that sounds sooo nice!! Yeah we don’t have any ocean air… no where near the ocean here lol – several hours away. But that sounds soooo awesome!!

        I’ve been to Huntington Beach and omg fell in love ❤️ I didn’t wanna leave!! So amazing!!

        Do you ever get heat like this? Over 100?


      4. We start the 100’s usually in May but this year has been little weird with the weather … even spring didn’t know if it wanted to be spring or winter

        We also have hot weather til about October and then a sudden drop into winter lol


      5. As of Mon night, the heatwave was supposed to be T-F but not toooo horrible in Long Beach… prob staying around 90… with dramatic cooling on Sat. I haven’t bothered to check the update.

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      6. Yeah! We are wicked hot 🥵 here!! Is about 105 here today 🥵

        Just finished all my running around – more for tmrw! Hot again tmrw but maybe cooler by a few degrees ?? Not as hot as yesterday and today.

        122 would kill me – Oh my god! That’s a total oven!!!


      7. It looks like the local whale watching tours may have reopened. If so, I’ll go out on the water!

        The kayak rental place is in The OC, which is nearly completely reopened but kayaking automatically involves social distancing. I should look into that too!

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      8. Long Beach is part of LA County, which still has numbers too high to reopen. The Whale Watching email confused me but they might just be doing PR in prep for opening soon.

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      9. It was maybe 5 years ago? Stayed at the Hyatt was incredible!! People so laid back and yup loved it!!

        Was incredibly beautiful and the weather was perfect ❤️


      10. Oh, yeah… The Hyatt and the hotel next to it are both great!

        I used to drive down for Fri craft stands and drinks at Dukes. Dukes has a webcam… shots of the beach without humans were pretty spectacular!!

        I also used to take PCH home once in awhile to enjoy the view of the ocean. Hitting the red light at the N end of the city was great cause I could smell, hear, and see crashing waves. The a few feet further it smells of nightime bonfires. GREAT city.

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      11. I have photos – I will post those!!

        Yeah the Hyatt was beautiful!! Omg! Was ocean view ❤️

        Yeah let me get those photos and I’ll post what I can…

        We went for a girls weekend there … me, my sister in law and a friend who is basically family

        I forget but is it Ruby’s Diner the one on the pier? We ate there … and just loved the whole area ❤️


      12. Yeah…. Ruby’s on the pier! I think it’s the only pier location of that chain that’s still open (and I’m not even sure it is). The best burger of my life was a Ruby’s “blues burger” that I ate on a super cold night standing at the end of Balboa pier!

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      13. Yes it was very good!! It was still in operation when we went. That pier is so beautiful!! I believe we saw dolphins? Definitely surfers lol

        Where is Balboa pier?


      14. Balboa is a few miles (10?) south of Huntington… really part of Newport Beach. Used to be a packed go-to with great bars, restaurants, shops, a teeny amusement park (basically a carousel & 2 popular arcades, and a 4-car ferry that took you across the channel… you could ride as a pedestrian for 10cents so we used to do that… simply riding it across and back. Now it’s a ghost town. Really really sad. I don’t know what happened because it’s still beautiful and high priced housing. In the… 90s??? The started clamping down on cruising… but did so poorly, so the last time I tried to go, I was stuck in a lane that didn’t let me get into the parking lot. Police said if I came through again, I’d be ticketed. Since they were located before the parking lot turn, there was nothing for me to do but drive back home.

        I think the residents wanted less traffic but in the process they also drove out all the businesses and the area never recovered.

        I just checked Yelp and, assuming they survive C19 business loss, the Ruby’s on H Bch pier is still open. The beach was reopened a week ago but I don’t know about the pier.

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      15. Oh wow!! I saw photos of Huntington Beach from the 60’s with oil wells and saw the history in Huntington Beach…

        That’s too bad about Newport … those are really beautiful areas – I would assume the cost of housing in those areas is through the roof??

        Oh I hope Ruby’s stays open – that place was awesome!!! ❤️


      16. Newport Beach is still redonk popular. Just Balboa, which is a peninsula, lost it’s fun vibe.

        Long Beach was also covered with oil wells. In fact, some headstones at the city cemetery sank because companies were illegally drilling in sideways to get the oil from under the cemetery! We currently have 5 near-shore oil wells that were built to look like islands. A couple have lights and waterfalls at night!

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      17. I read all up on the Huntington Beach history… but I did not check surrounding area

        Oh wow!! That’s crazy with all the oil wells and the cemetery … So that whole area had oil wells

        Oh wow!! Island wells!! They sound like they are beautiful lol


      18. That is sooo cool!!! ❤️ thank you!!

        I went to those 2 little gift shop huts where the cam sits on. I got my favorite necklace from there – is a seahorse necklace ❤️

        Sooo wish was there!!


      19. I used to love going to the Fri street market and Dukes but haven’t been in over a year. I have a post of an afternoon in H Bch, done for someone missing oceans. I’ll try to find it and post a link.

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