Just a have one – am ok safe – not that big for damage or death – but we shook 😮😮

I be back later 😮😮

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    1. Yeah we got shook little bit – made my stomach queasy during the shake

      Our clip board was banging the wall – and whole building sway 😮 (is one floor building though)

      No damage – and so far – no death or anything that I am aware of

      Was not a scary run for your life shake – just a shake and done

      I group texted my team “earthquake” and instantly they all feel it

      Was at 4:20pm

      This is my 3rd shaker 😮 since living here

      I am also waiting on that huge quake

      Maybe I should rethink that earthquake insurance lol 😄✌️

      But maybe??

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      1. I flip back and forth too. I was also considering flood insurance cause this area used to be a flood plane… but all the local snow melted already so I think I’m fine.

        5.5 is fair game for fear. At 6, they start getting really scary.

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      2. We shook good 😳😮 enough for my stomach to feel sick instantly

        But we all just stood there looking dumbfounded with big eyes for a moment

        But not scary – my 3rd shaker ever

        Even San Fran felt it 😮

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      1. Just did – was nothing like Turkey or Syria thankfully omg so thankful

        But was weird things on the wall shook and you could see it and feel it shake 😮 you could see the building sway a bit – it lasted maybe a minute but seem long 😮

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      2. During the Northridge quake, I wondered why my apt neighbors were chopping carrots at 4am. It was a ceramic plate bouncing against my wall. Then I felt the shaking. As I turned around to get cover, I saw the far side of my 3nd floor apt floor roll with a 1′ wave, then the lights went out.

        I was only wearing a tank top, had to go find pants. Then sat on the front porch with my neighbor for about an hour, just calming down. I was 40+ miles from the epicenter… probably 50+.

        Years later, I met someone who’s office was at the epicenter. Their bldg was red tagged but, due to a different issue, they couldn’t get their data backups (for a busy national company) and had to sneak into the bldg at night to get the company back online. When they got to the server room, the shaking had been so hard that their computer servers went through the walls.

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      3. 😮😮 wow!

        Mine experiences are much more mild – have not been seriously rocked 😮 thankfully

        Today was little shaky but not seriously rocked with damage or death

        I was standing – and you could feel the earth moving 😮

        But it was shallow and not bad for us – epicenter maybe?

        I remember Northridge 😮 I wasn’t in it – but I remember that


      4. I’ve been through 3 quakes around 7.0 strength, starting around age 7, and remember every one. Damage from the 1971 quake was bad cause there were no earthquake standards or retrofitting yet.

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      5. Wow!! Those must have been scary!

        Well we will see how that holds with a big one 😳 … but hopefully not for long time 🙏🙏🙏 I know we are already on borrowed time 😮

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    1. Hahaha yup – felt it

      Definitely rocked my world for moment lol

      I have only been in 4’s and 5’s … this one would be largest I have been in.

      🚩 marked safe

      Was just not expected – but I supposed they always are not expected, cause we can’t predict that yet 🫤

      Took us by surprise on a Thursday lol

      So in 2023 I have survived atmospheric rivers, winter not wanting to let go, and an earthquake

      2023 wants to be remembered too lol

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      1. Hahaha seriously!

        But that was 2 years ago … 2021 lol – we have cicadas here✌️😘😮 it’s crazy 😮

        But yeah already had that lol – is once every 17 years lol … 2020’s already put that out there lol

        Surely, the fires 🔥… those are yearly always

        There are some other disasters that I won’t mention – because I would not like that out in the universe✌️😘 – just incase 2020’s are listening 😮 … hopefully they don’t mind read 😮🙏

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