Well well well…

Hello Friday Eve 🙌 Good Morning 🫶


Today on my way to work … the following songs came on… in this order:





And then as I pulled up to funeral home – this song came on:



So is that my vibration ? Or is that life sending me messages lol 🫶❤️ I love music 🎶 – you can reach me there 👏👏

Anyway… I walk in get ready for meeting…

We have service today… contract not posted at all -no obit… nada 👎 family complained about obit … I am crippled

A funeral home is only as good as it’s staff – I have to depend on her to do her work or I can’t do mine!!! No contract, no payment, no obit – nada

It is ALWAYS some excuse

She always has some sort of drama going on – but yet accepts zero responsibility for ANYTHING!!

Let’s see… she’s having problems with her downstairs neighbors – her mom flooded her kitchen and they are on second floor – so she has to find another place asap!!

She say to me “ can I have militaries number” ?

I said yeah just gimme a week and then I will text it to you. I just don’t want problems … just let me get out and you got it. One week

She say… no worries I will just go into the contract and get the number

I said “As a friend I would not do that to you. I ask you to wait one week and you can’t to that?”

I don’t want to be stalked – just let me get out

And she says … not everything is about you 😮😮

That’s when I said “do what you want and believe it right … I’m taking the day off – have a good service and enjoy your day” 💋

I walked out… called my boss … said I am taking day off … and then I say what happen and what’s going on – which I already went off about yesterday. My boss was fine with that.

Alright … so I have the fuckin day off ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏

Not my circus 🎪 have a great day 💋

Omg a day off ❤️





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    1. Ugh 😣 yes always calling out – every day is late – there is constantly an excuse!!! For literally everything!!

      Takes zero responsibility, full of excuses – I told her this is a career not a job – this is handling the death of peoples loved ones!! This is not working at McDonalds or Walmart or whatever else

      25 – entitled, full of self, massive partier on weekends and when not working, no consideration for co-workers or families – plays people for however she can get what she wants – time to grow up, my dear

      I tried so hard to give her encouragement and assist… got her all kinds of training and she just fucks everything off … I’m done ✔️

      “Trapped in my shower” lol

      The thing with hers – are they are all valid and true… her dog bite neighbor, mom fell, she hit someone 😳, she has allergies, and that’s just for days off – whole other line of excuses for why late 😞 or why work not done … dude!!! Never her doing … life just hates her – omg … 25

      You create your own destiny my child

      When take responsibility for own life, quit the excuses and fricken actually work… ugh

      This is fricken death 💀 … this is serious – not the job if that is your conduct

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    1. Lol omg … you just give me flashback to my mom lol ❤️🫶❤️

      We were camping 🏕️ once when was a child … we were visiting some national park 🏞️ – I don’t remember which one… I do believe it could have been when we went to Carlsbad Caverns 😮❤️❤️👏

      But anyway … we woke up really early to hike and do things … and her and I walked down to the public showers and toilets – they had a men and a women’s 🚽 🚿

      But when we got there – ewww no!!!

      And my mom hilariously commented “ugh some people” 😄❤️ the way she said it …and was one of those you had to be there to fully experience the hilarious ness lol 😄❤️

      I had a WONDERFUL DAY!!! Was amazing day ❤️

      I hope you also experience WONDERFUL day!! Lol ❤️🙏


      1. Haha it is funny how certain phrases instantly transport us!! 😉 She was right though! Some public toilets – even in corporate offices – are so disgusting that you cannot imagine how those folks live at home! 😮🫣

        Glad that you enjoyed your unexpected free day! It’s Friday, so, almost weekend!!! 😊🤗🤗

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      2. Yes 🙄 but in todays world – if they have a home 😮😮

        But yes some are atrocious 😮 and you just like – nope I can hold it lol 😄✌️

        Ahhhh so many changes 🙄

        I am enjoying my weekend thank you – I hope you are as well!! 🙏

        Is beautiful day today!!! ❤️👏 ahhhhhhhh out of winter ❤️❤️❤️ oh life is sooo much better out of winter!!! Lol ✌️😘

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    1. TOTALLY DID!!

      Tomorrow also going to be a WONDERFUL DAY!!

      My world be brighter and brighter!! Every fricken day since Tuesday 😮 lol

      Today was amazing though 👏 omg my world ❤️

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      1. Thank you 😊 ❤️

        Yes!! I feel that.

        I am sad for location but the burden lifted is intense!! 😮 whoa

        Did you feel my vibration waves radiating over there? Lol

        I can just breathe 🧘‍♂️

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