I say it twice because Monday had 2 sides… one sucked … and one did not.

I don’t even want to talk about the suck! I’m done with it – not my problem anymore…

Guess what? I got the job 😮😮😮 I’m leaving 😮😮😮 … omg I’m leaving 😮😮😮

Well for another 😮😮😮 and I don’t have to deal with bullshit anymore

The bullshit is NOT at ALL from families – I’m just tired of supporting a coworker and doing her job, as well as many other things – I’m tired of excuses and I’m tired of doing everything and not being appreciated – I’m out ✌️ peace ☮️

I am gonna miss my location and this community and it’s people – but I am done with the bullshit

Omg – I’m leaving 😮😮😮 I’m actually leaving 😮😮 I’m getting out 😮😮😮😮

I will be free from these things 😮😮

The day has come 😮😮😮😮

I have to do a letter of resignation 😮😮😮

No more massive pressure or doing anyone else’s job. No more excuses from coworker who could care less!! No more being under appreciated – not my problem anymore!!

I am giving respect and doing a 2 weeks … but that’s it – and then my start date is May 1st!! 👏👏 … so I will have almost a week of not working to get my own affairs in order and then I start new job 😮😮 I’m actually going to have SOME time off – 4 days – but woo hoo!! 👏👏

Ahhh the weight off my shoulders!!

Sorta … I’m sad to leave the location and MY community – I love very much so that is bittersweet

But I’m leaving for more money and better conditions 😮😮 they are gonna flip

But they just hired some new guy they paying $72000 to run – so have at it … it’s too little too late – and anyway it would be same … they would make him be in meetings all the time and not be available and I would still have to do everything anyway!!

Enjoy… not my monkeys – not my circus anymore

… I really do love that location and the people… but I can not take the pressure of having to literally do everything!! And then not making much to run that entire location!!

My current coworker is young and she’s always calling out or some excuse why she’s late or has to leave early and I’m literally doing thousands of jobs but not paid for it!! So F that! Bye 👋

I can’t even take a sick day or a personal day!! My time is not my own and I have zero help or support

So yeah – I can’t do this here anymore and I do not trust the company to raise my pay or appreciate that I have held this up since last July!!

I am sad to leave my community and go to another

But excited for new adventure, making more money, having ONE job, and working with people who actually care and being a team, not handling other peoples things

I hope this be good move 🙏🙏 I do think is, I will be away from doing literally everything!!

Tomorrow I will be turning in letter of resignation 😮 so tmrw will be little nuts 😳 little nervous how that will go down …but I’m sure be fine.


Soon maybe I will have my life back 😮👏❤️


2023 gonna change it all up 😮😮


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    I know it was a hard decision for you. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. And like you’ve said, they don’t pay or reward appropriately.

    I’m happy for you!! Good luck!!

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    1. Yeah, I get comfortable… I am comfortable in my community, and comfortable in the location & distance from me… and also what you know is more comfortable than what you don’t know 😮

      I want to always love and that job would kill me if I stay. I really think it would. And it’s not worth my life figuratively or literally.

      No they do not pay appropriately at all. And that’s how they can’t keep good people 😮

      And life is about trying new things and experiences and finding what is best.

      But it is very hard to me because I do love this location and area very much.

      It also sometimes brings me people I know 😮 … that’s a little hard … and then sometimes I don’t know people …but they come to us because they know me 😮😮

      But this be new adventure – and I think will be better because I won’t have the weight of the world on shoulders ?

      The money also helps – right away brand new be more money 😮

      I don’t want to wait around hoping it will be better – I’ve done that before ✌️


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