The Walk

I had a wonderful day ❤️👏

Early in the morning, it was FREEZING 🥶 and looked gray 😝… the forecast had said partly cloudy …

I was meeting them at 10am, in their area of town. By the time 10am rolled around, it was beautiful and SUNNY ☀️… still little crisp – but absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!! ❤️

❤️👏 god I have missed sun and warm sooooooo much ❤️ I feel like it’s been sooooo long ❤️👏👏

Please stay!!! 🙏🙏 tmrw they forecast little rain 🫤 not a atmospheric river so I guess that’s ok – but omg have I missed the beauty of a sunny day – like you don’t even know ❤️👏

Crazy the little things that we just love so much ❤️ … and totally appreciate!!! Lol ✌️🫶❤️

I have MISSED sun sooooooooo much!!!! ❤️❤️👏👏👏

Ok back to the story 👏…

So I meet them at 10am at a walking trail that had little lakes and streams and wildlife ❤️

I was early – I am always first there. I wanted to make sure I could find it. I was 15 minutes early… Then one other came maybe 10 minutes early… and the other was right on time.

I was so excited … their losses are only 1 day apart!! 😮 I knew would be good for them ❤️👏🫶

They are like the both sides of me lol … one is happy bubbly no matter what, sweet dear and happy – she had a wonderful life – was loved very much and he didn’t want her being sad. Finish life, be ok, be happy for time had.

The other is very personable – little shy, emotional … still hurting … but she had no tears today 👏❤️

(Just shoot this back to me when my mom dies 😮 – remind me of my words lol ✌️🫶)

I think we were all pretty excited for the walk on such a beautiful day ❤️🫶

It was such a beautiful peaceful day – we walked all around – I didn’t know how long the trail was but I also didn’t notice either – we chatting and laughing 👏❤️ we talked about who they were, their lives, my life, our houses, the area etc – just everything – was awesome 👏 they were not alone and sad … and made new friends ❤️

Our on our walk, there was a man speed walking and he stops us just simply to say he is just blinded by us 3 women lol 🙄😄😄 ok but we laughing – he was wearing a hat that said Italia – I noticed that right away.

But one of my girls did not pay attention to the hat and says to him – are you Irish? Lol … and he was like what? No lol – it was really funny she not notice the hat – he looked Italian – but growing up I was around Irish italian and Russian – so maybe like an accent you just recognize sometimes? Was the area my grandparents lived in ❤️ … the city had a little Italy ❤️ I see that hat right away lol … he did look italian, and had old school italian swagger – he had to be from the east coast!! Lol … well Italy 🇮🇹 – but also the east coast … he seemed like an east coast italian ? A familiarity ?

He was very sweet and funny 😘 just funny that he he do that – and he was animated 😄😄 like we all so brighteningly beautiful (yes I made up my own word lol) because he acted like our beauty was blinding him lol

He was so funny and so were the girls and then they pointing at me lol … and then one is like – I know he isn’t looking at us, and the other says yeah he would need glasses 😄😄 oh cmon

It made us all laugh and smile, and made them feel good 👏❤️ thank you Mr Italy that was funny and cute

We laughed and talked the entire time 👏

We will do again in 2 weeks – they now have each others number so they can chat or whatever 😊❤️

I have my daughter next weekend, and one of them is having house painted, so we say 2 weeks – I am really only avail on the weekends.

Our walk was an hour and a half 😮 I can feel it in my legs 👏 I miss walking ❤️ I have people to walk with now 👏👏

And I introduced 2 people in a relaxing chill funny awesomely sunny environment lol… enjoyable moments away from any heavy life ❤️👏

I think is benefit for all of us ❤️

See … you can make tiny differences in other peoples lives – you don’t have to do on large scale… but tiny little things create the moments in life and you never know how life gonna brighten 😮

See “magic”

Woo hoo!

Plus every little thing can make a difference to someone else. “Impact” ❤️👏

Be the change you want to see in the world 😘✌️

There was this gigantic box on my porch when we got home

Doby always thinks packages are for him 🙄😄

I had to order a drain snake – cause I have to fix one of my drains – is slow to drain.

But THAT couldn’t be this GIANT box 📦 😮

Check it, this is the box:

This is the ONE thing that was in the box:

😮😮 what the hell? Waste … waste waste waste!!! Wow!!! If I had known this tiny little thing would come in a GIGANTIC box – I woulda gone somewhere else – that is awful … hello Planet 🤨

Holy moly … that is ridiculous – shame on shipping department, and shame on companies for doing that!! I usually do not ever order from Walmart but I needed that… I did not know would come like that or I would have gone to the store myself! I was trying to be convenient for myself lol – lesson learned – damn

Then my oldest came over to try to help me with my washer which is giving me error code 🤨 so I have to open bottom panel which has the tiniest fricken nuts and bolts and you have to be on the floor to try to get in – omg it’s awful

Maybe I just do new 😒

I have a back up sorta – is a small tiny one I had in middle of no where – but it only takes few things at a time so I wash all day long lol meh … 2023!!

We could not get it – but he try for me.

Then he left and I sat down … Doby came over with his cuddly heat and we fell asleep ❤️ he is just the sweetest! My little Doby ❤️

And then my girls texted about how awesome it was and pleasure to meet every one … and my day is done ✔️

Can you tell the sun is back?? Lol woo hoo ❤️❤️❤️ 👏👏👏 it’s like you breathe again … totally NEED sun!! You can NOT take away the sun that long!! That was terrible – now is amazing!! Please stay!! 🙏🙏🙏

Not a Seattle girl lol 😄😄✌️ I would die

Definitely California girl omg

8 thoughts on “The Walk

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    1. Haha yes 👏 Great Day ❤️

      And the washer isn’t all bad – if I don’t figure it out, I’ll get new, so that will be nice also lol 👏

      Just pain in butt that it giving me error code 🤨🙄 they do not make things like they used to!! That’s for sure!! 😉

      Error code 🙄🤨 lol

      So it’s either gonna work or it’s done ✔️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gah yes they are too smart these days and frustratingly refuse to work unless the computer resets!! 🙄
        Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and good luck tomorrow! 🙏🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha – I did look up my error code – it’s the computer brain of the machine 🙄

        So lookin like new lol 💋

        Ugh – I just didn’t wanna plop that money at this moment cause I don’t like that lol – I have fence to fix!!

        But whatever – computers 🙄 – I’m not gonna F around if not gonna work – and done ✔️ lol ✌️

        I will be washing for rest of weekend lol 🙄

        Thank you 🙏 I am excited 👏 also kinda ?? I dunno? Bittersweet cause I want the one I have – I just can’t afford and not willing to give my life to a corporation that doesn’t care – sorry no 👎 You either know what you got or you don’t lol ✌️😘

        But yes thank you very much 🙏❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You are very welcome! And yes, you have given this company blood, sweat and tears and everytime they have made improvements, they have slowly rolled back. You have nothing to lose by seeing what else is out there! 🙏🤞

        Liked by 1 person

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