When I was 5… lol

I had many things I wanted to be…

An archeologist, an actress, ballerina, nurse, news reporter, singer, work in Santa’s workshop, teacher, etc ❤️😄✌️ lol

I also wanted to work for the Egyptian historical society or a toy maker – like in the movie “BIG” with Tom Hanks ❤️ 🎹

I had many things lol


You know, the normal stuff lol 😘✌️


I like this question ❤️ funny to imagine back 😄

Happy Friday 😘🙏❤️ please god!! 🙏

2 thoughts on “When I was 5… lol

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    1. Yes exactly!!! 😄

      At 5… I had a million things I wanted to be lol

      But I think my main one was archeologist… I find that fascinating STILL!

      Would dig in sand box and pretend was on expedition for some great find lol 😄

      I was fascinated with history of people, and also Egypt lol … dinosaurs too, of course lol

      But I was totally sure I was Cleopatra reincarnated in the wrong culture lol 😄😄

      Again I was very little 😄✌️

      Plus my dad have every National Geographic magazine and I watched ALOT of National Geographic documentaries and things lol – anything on Egyptian History I was glued!!

      But it’s true – is what a child sees, learns or is exposed to ✌️

      I once told my parents I had to stay up late to watch this Egyptian documentary lol … (this was before you could have whatever you want on demand)

      If was a documentary of some kind OR a reenactment of some religious figure/story … then yes I was usually allowed to stay up and watch because was educational – so yes fine – I will take that to stay up lol ✌️

      But I was totally fascinated by Egyptian history!! Still am ❤️ was incredible culture and with women pharaohs ❤️👏

      Funny how kids are, and what makes impression 😄✌️

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