I’m gonna take a chance and I have connections – of course it’s in funerals … but lemme see

I’m gonna try something and it doesn’t hurt to try

I just can’t handle all the work they keep putting on my plate without any help. I am so burnt out

Everyday I feel my blood pressure and feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack because I can’t keep up – I don’t take breaks except to run and grab my daughter from school … I run that entire place and I do not have strong workers with me – is new – has learning disability and drinks a lot (not at work that I know of but 🤷‍♀️) they can not be on time for anything to save their life … so I am exhausted

When I don’t have daughter I’m in early and leave late

I just can’t and for what they pay

And I spoke to someone who has been in my company for years and years – they are the crême de la crême … is who everyone turns to and also does training … they literally JUST started paying them what I make 😮😮😮😮 I was shocked

So much – they have a second job working another 40 hours as a caregiver … so 80 hours a week – no days off 😮😮 that is not making sure you keep the talent you have or making sure your own family is making ends meet 😮😮

So if I stay – this is it… they don’t care- will always be high turn over and no support

So do I have courage to leave – we gonna see

Today I paid a professional to set up my resume to be current – and professional … so I will get that back in about a week.

I’m doing something tonight though with something – so we see

At my location we did interview a LM position and I really liked the guy and I would have support – he seems great!

But I am not gonna stick around for years hoping for a raise or appreciation sooo 🤷‍♀️ this is a corporation so they line their pockets and don’t really care otherwise or there would be better pay and structure

It’s too much – I am admin but I am literally doing everything – my mind is literally like MUSH at end of day and I don’t know if I am coming or going

Alright so let me go do something 😘✌️

When I was married and in domestic violence … one day a woman showed up to tell me about their affair …

It was then that I sat there and cried and thought ok … if I stay this is it and this will be my life …

Or I get out and change my life … he gave me freedom to do that with all the affairs so yay!! And never once have I missed him. I actually hate him but many more reasons than that

So I got out and here I am, all changing and shit lol

I’m learning – I have history of abusive things … so I just have to get better at that and recognize whether is human being or situation or work place

Ok lemme go do my thing 😘✌️ 😮😮

Ps – I still be hidden ❤️✌️ and still help people ❤️👏

Ok well here I go 🙏✌️

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    1. Yeah, is hard though … I want to stay because I love being right here in area… but is costing me alot in money and life.

      So I’m gonna see what I can do? We see 🙏 I also want it to be good fit and something I can still juggle

      So we see 🙏

      I just can not keep taking on jobs – I struggle with the ones I have!! Is just me in admin!!

      I can’t take that kinda stress level all by myself and for so little. I can’t. I need balance and do not have balance


      1. Thank you 🙏

        They will – it always does – I’m on the life rollercoaster🎢 of the 2020’s lol

        Just learning but I got this – I always do 😘✌️

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