Lovely Day

So wanna see why I stay?

I have these families who are amazing … I don’t know how else to say…

I had a woman who lost her spouse and she call me today and said she has been thinking about me ever since … she thanked me for being so kind and helping her … she was little lost when she came to me … but I made her feel welcome and cared about

She got a beautiful urn and on the side – I bought her this matching remembrance ornament ❤️ I was so excited to give them to her

Anyway … she asked if I was at funeral home … I left early today to grab my daughter and then work from home – I have to do some classes and I can NOT get them done at work!! 😬 everybody is looking for me or calling me!!

I said I was at home but if she wanted she could swing by… she said ok – I just have something for you… 😮 I told her she didn’t have to get me anything but she wanted to – said was just a little something …

So she came over my house – and stayed for a little bit and we chit chat – I might go hiking with her on Saturday 👏👏👏 yay!

And she give me this:


It’s so soft and cuddly – she said “I didn’t wanna bring flowers because I know you have those everyday” then she said I have such a youthful spirit this made her think of me

I love soft cuddly things and stuffed animals lol 🤫 I’m supposed to be grown up but I love it ❤️

I am touched she think of me and went out of her way ❤️

How I leave and walk away from families? That’s really hard to do 😮

And then after she left – some young boys came over and asked if I want them to do my yard – why yes!! Yes I do!! 👏🙌

They gonna go get their stuff and come do my lawn

Is this a Monday? Cause besides a wardrobe malfunction – it’s been a pretty amazing Monday

This Monday should have been the happiness Monday lol 🙌

And it’s beautiful today ☀️❤️

Tuesday and Wednesday gonna be rain – but today Omg “beautiful” ❤️

Thank you Monday – sometimes you can be good ❤️👏

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  1. Those boys have a good heart 🙌🏽. It must be so painful to lose a spouse but I hope she can carry on with happy memories. I think she felt extremely comforted by your actions. God bless you 😊🙏🏽

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    1. Hahaha yes the boys were awesome – high school kids starting their own lawn business – I was probably their first customer cause took them a long time to do one section but they are sweet and did amazing job – I did pay them. Yay!! I didn’t have to do it 👏 – and my yard was looking needy lol

      It was extremely nice and awesome of them 👏👏👏 I will support young people looking to start a business – yes totally 👍 👏

      Yeah she’s amazing – she reminds me a little of my mom and dad … she is sweet and kinda quiet and timid – was really lost without him … she was panicked at first – but I answered the call when she called – and made sure she felt supported and cared about… he was her world their whole life together … so she was lost … I kinda held her hand through all of it and made sure she was ok – I gave her my cell if she ever needed someone

      Well she never forgot that so… I have a new friend 👏❤️

      Those moments after a loss are awful – I’m glad and honored I gave her comfort ❤️

      She made me feel special today ❤️ that was really sweet

      Is those reasons why so hard for me to leave … I love to help others through grief … I know I make difference that way. I love to make a difference for someone ❤️ “purpose”

      And those things pull me back and keep me with death

      This is more than just a job because you have to have heart, compassion and empathy to help people. You actually have to care. And you have to care for all, no matter who they are… is quite amazing to provide peace to someone in those moments

      That’s also why not many really understand what we do. We are end of life. It can be terrifying or just devastating

      Sometimes in life people cross your path for reasons – maybe put there by someone you lost? So you be ok?

      Life is sometimes enhanced by people you come across

      I comforted her… but was an honor to help her – she very much so reminded me of my mom – I knew exactly how to give her comfort and what she needed – for me those things give me purpose and I appreciate life and people ❤️ to know that I helped someone through something awful

      I do love what I do on those terms.

      Sometimes we have mean awful people – but ya know – that humanity sometimes – so whatever – is balance and you do your best to help and serve others

      I am always happy because I do know the power of a person in the life of another – I know the difference I make in those moments ❤️

      … to make a difference in another persons life could make all the difference in the way their life goes and the way they heal. The way they see. Those are impactful moments – I am very well aware ✌️

      It does take a village and also caring ✌️

      If the world could just be like that with each other!!

      Some bring us thank you’s – like she did… I’ve also recently gotten chocolates lol ❤️

      It makes you smile, to bring a smile to another 😊❤️

      Yeah satan didn’t crush me lol ✌️ neither did the world – I keep my own spirit ❤️

      But that also causes me problems in other areas such as dating lol ✌️😄 🙄

      I have a comfort and a personality that instantly puts most people at ease – all the time not just in death

      Makes impact ❤️ I love impact ❤️ I know impact – I am also lucky to have had others who have impacted my own life ❤️

      Like I said sometimes in life you cross paths with people for a reason 😊✌️

      Life does work in mysterious ways and leads you to where you are supposed to be.

      Sometimes it pushes 🙄😄✌️

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    1. Yes… more days like that are needed 🙏

      Today I have interviews 👏 hopefully to find new people 🙏🙏

      Let’s see how this goes 🙏🙏🙏

      Stop the insanity! Lol

      What was that from?

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