Happy Saturday ❤️🙏 perhaps???



I dropped my daughter off with her friend today – they are going to Monterey, California for the weekend 🙌 … letting her have some life – I trust her ❤️ she’s an amazing daughter ❤️ smart girl and very responsible – there will be parents with her 😊

Ugh she’s old enough to have some life now 😮 … my baby 😮 where did the time go??

Ok so… I am supposed to meet a friend for lunch to catch up on life lol… normally he’s just normal friend – we be going to a restaurant

Which is fine… but lately I am extremely overwhelmed with attention!! I don’t know what happened to people – perhaps spring made everyone crazy??

Omg if I tell you all the shit – omg – every time I turn around!


It’s bad! It’s too much! I am way more quiet and reserved than people think I am… I like peace and slow – and I need to see who are and what want

My very best friend is a man… but he’s gay… so he is safe and non threatening – I never have to worry suddenly he gonna want me – I can just have peace with him … breath and not think about any of that. I trust him so completely – and he is an incredible person/human being – he is also Jewish ❤️ ✌️

Religion never gets in our way and meshes very nicely … his husband is also catholic and his husband grew up like me lol (only isn’t Irish)

But this guy I am catching up with is just a friend… we gonna talk over lunch and catch up.

And I am weird – so be careful 😘✌️ tiny little things will make me uncomfortable and sound my alarms 🚨

Ok so lately … I’ve been more visible 😝😩 ughhhh it just goes soooooooo bad!!! I am not that type!!!

Ugh ok

Well … I can not handle constantly being?? Asked out? If you know me then I’m ok as long as you don’t flip on me!!

I just need time

But it’s been bad all week! Even with that!! Omg

And then it’s starting to invade my life cause my coworkers are seeing it 😝😝😝 they tease me because is like all the time!! Ugh

Anyway… he make my alarm bells go off because he called me sweet pea 😮

Excuse me? Wait what? No no!


Careful there – I will back the F up if try to be fast or think I just gonna be like “oh ok” – nope 👎

Back it up and try again. Cmon 😩😩

Don’t go there – you have to spark my interest first – if you don’t and you do those fast uncomfortable things – you are doomed

I’m gonna be very skittish

You have to be a decent human being too – so pretty tall order – be emotionally intelligent not crazy … ugh men do not know how to do that 😮😮😮

They wanna come rushing right over and dive right in … nothing makes me back up faster

And what the hell??!’ I am old – stop ✋

I like peace and chill … you can not think you have a way in because are my friend – relax!

Just let me know you… you know me… then turn my head… take your time!!!


Also… please do not profess love quickly …can you please slow your roll? Thank you


And I just got called into work 😩😩😩

But yeah… slow your roll buddy! Careful – I be honest, say my shit, back it up and go quiet 🤐

So careful – step slowly and also carefully – please read the vibe or I will have to tell you

Ugh just treat me like a human being for a minute please – I really don’t like feeling like prey … maybe try not to do that?? Careful

Ok 😩… work calls – gotta go

At least there is sun today ☀️

Ok I have to go – is for a family … I be back at some point ✌️

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    1. Hahaha about a million years ago 😮😮

      Lol – he was very creepy

      But he is not the only one who is creepy

      He was one guy in country – not tons in public

      I do miss the middle of nowhere 😮😮

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      1. Yes he meant as term of endearment – but he does NOT know me for that!!

        He also lost himself there cause he think I gonna operate on his time … and suddenly he’s all tripping on his words, and has interest

        He could not handle me, and I could not handle him

        This one is a firm NO ✌️

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      2. I do not know who’s on first lol 😄😄

        It’s just a NO

        He handled everything wrong … calling me sweet pea – expecting me to be on his schedule – let me correct you… no

        And if don’t listen or hear – that’s immediate no

        And then ALSO … massive republican

        I can not – nope 👎


        Also had zero idea how to behave and not be creepy stalker Omg 😱

        Nope 👎

        Hell no

        Does that answer your question? Lol

        Also one more thing… I am different and I don’t trust and I’m gonna live with the peace I have and I am not willing to put up with stupid shit

        Also I need space – I am going to be stand off ish until I know someone. I will give chance but do not suffocate


        Yeah that’s a firm final NO meaning NO … nope 👎 no way – not for me – I’m out ✌️

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      3. Ugh no but Mr M won’t stop occasionally messaging either

        I can not handle – I just be quiet because I already say no

        No NEVER means yes or keep trying

        This one is another one 😩😩😩

        Yeah I can’t deal… I like my peace ☮️

        Ugh 😣 makes me want middle of nowhere so badly

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      4. Sandwich is strange though.

        Having lived in London when l was a young guy chasing a career as well as having lived in both country and rural and town and city settings – Sandwich is remarkably different for a rural town.

        London as a majot city was bustling all day and night seven days a week, the only quiet times you really came to know was atound 4am – 5am when the city whilst active went quiet.

        Sandwich is different, like now at 7.15 in the morning, very little traffic on the roads, the first traffic starts with the first bus at around 6.30am, although perhaps between 5.30 – 6.30 there might only be six cars.

        The town goes quiet from about 9pm and then is deathly so till around as said 6.30. The last bus in Sandwich is around 11.30pm and you might hear maybe a dozen cars pass you by from 9pm – 11.30. So from l would say 10.30pm – 5.30am it becomes almost a ghost town – 7 hours of bliss, BUT

        17 hours of bedlam when it’s busy!

        Hahaha, that’s the maddening bit it travels from 0-100 in noise then.

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      5. Lol is funny how you describe

        Lol London sounds similar to Vegas minus all the casinos 🎰 lol

        Las Vegas never sleeps

        Sac is alive in summer … half alive in winter

        My little town is not a tourist town but used to be tiny little town no one paid attention to… now they build and build and we become larger so is not so much a sleepy western town anymore

        My downtown of this little town… if you added dirt instead of paved roads – looks like the old west lol

        Sacramento too… there is a section called “old Sac” which is just that – definitely all old west!! Once a year they would truck in tons of dirt to cover the pavements and turn it truly like you stepped back in time and was 1850 or something lol

        It’s very cool – but very touristy!!

        I prefer the middle of no where OR a sleepy little town vs places that never sleep lol ❤️✌️

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    1. Yeah – haha that is a no go…

      First he call me sweet pea…

      And then I got called into work this morning

      He did not handle either one well at all

      So that’s a big giant no …Nope 👎 He is supposed to be a friend period.

      But he flipped it and did not handle well

      That is not happening – I will post about that whole thing shortly

      I had a nice day though – was sunny and beautiful (just windy and little chill) but I had sun ☀️ today ❤️❤️👏👏👏

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      1. Lol your seasons are so fast ahead of mine!!

        I am just getting out of winter lol – spring is just starting – no summer yet

        But I am happy to be coming out of winter that’s for sure!! Omg longest winter ever!!!

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