Did you know?

Today is supposably International Happiness Day

Lol … I do not know who creates these ??

And who would put that out on a Monday??!! Lol

Whatever – there better be happiness today!! 🙏

Since that’s the subject – what makes you happy? What would your happiness be?

Yes being alive and family/ friends … those things – I already know those – but what makes you have happiness in general? Be specific?

Let go ahead and kick off a Monday 😮😳✌️🙏


I will report my happiness after work lol 💋✌️

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  1. I apologise for immediately lowering the tone but your question immediately reminded me of that Denis Leary sketch about what is happiness! 😉😉
    …. Happiness comes in small doses folks. It’s a cigarette butt, or a chocolate chip cookie or a five second orgasm. You come, you smoke the butt, you eat the cookie you go to sleep wake up and go back to fucking work the next morning, That’s it!

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    1. Hahaha yes ❤️❤️❤️

      This morning I walked into my office to find tons of chocolate on my desk from a family 😮❤️❤️❤️

      Guess what I’m shoving in my face? Lol ❤️

      It’s white chocolate but that’s ok… I need it – is Monday

      Morning happiness lol 💋❤️

      And you are hilarious lol

      Yes yes and yes!!

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      1. Yes ❤️ a surprise thank you just done for appreciation – it does remind you why you would do this job❤️ not that they have to get us anything… was very nice …

        I also had a woman tell me I made her feel comfortable and at ease through her loss and made point to tell me that. ❤️

        I had a mixed day today. Good and bad.

        I am was also working with this other funeral home – and the funeral director was shady AF!! Attitude and rude – I stay professional and polite always!! Always always always!!

        I’ve been working between him and the family and even worked all weekend with this case…

        Today for no reason whatsoever he called my company and told them I was rude and treated him really badly and he called the family and told them lies – that I was too busy to help them… I worked all weekend for them!!

        My boss knew entire situation cause I pulled my boss in on it because he was so rude

        But that made me cry today ☹️ I would never be too busy to help a family!! 😢

        My boss is now handling … and I’m not gonna get in a war because he’s an asshole. The family can believe whatever they wish, they are grieving and they don’t need to be in the middle of pettiness

        But I work very hard and I am always kind and polite – that was asshole move!! Dickhead

        He actually had to do work, it’s his case!!

        That place used to be part of my place – but evidentially they suck so badly my company sold it 😮

        Still that hurt – I work very hard for my reputation and I would never not have time to help a family!!

        He was shady AF! Capitol Asshole – rude ass man

        Those are the ones that make you question to stay ☹️

        Well that and being so buried with no help or staff – and I STILL make time for families and give my time up for them

        So yeah… that was my day.

        I had to not eat so many chocolates cause I felt weird – I did not want to be bringing on diabetes or anything lol

        I have survived the Monday … who was the person who put happiness on a Monday??… that should have been a Friday thing 💋 they’re fired lol ✌️

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      2. Thank you… 🙏🙏🙏

        That’s ok … there is a lot of good… just sometimes you run into bad too

        Yeah hopefully better day… I need some dark chocolate or milk chocolate for that

        White chocolate is ok, but not what I reach for to have comfort lol ✌️😘

        Hope your day is good too… we be rainy 😞

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    1. Yeah the little things in life ❤️ the moments and the activities we love and enjoy 🙌

      I like baseball ⚾️ Red Sox only though

      I also love reading & writing ✍️ posts

      I also love the good things/moments that pop up or occur some days 😊❤️

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