Leave me alurn…

I’m so tired … but I want to tell you something…

Ok well remember military – omg he does not let up…

This morning he asked me if he could stop by my work…

He want to know if he come by cause he said he has something for me …

I told him – “nope, not today… I am exploding and nope not today”

To which he replies, pick a more pleasant day and I’ll slip by … and then says – I pray for you 🤨

Whatever 🙄 – the answer was NO

So then tonight –

Let me just tell you right now… if you know me … you absolutely know Friday nights are for my kids – period … and don’t bother me unless emergency or if I invite you

What does this asshole do ? Always texts or tries to call on a Friday – NOPE 👎 not answering – declined/ not read

Who you think you are? Rude! Fridays are off limits – anyone close to me respects that!! So check yourself Asshole – immediately upon meeting him I say that … everyone knows that – I am very upfront with that. That is for my kids!

Anyway… tonight he text me and say:

I’ll be around most/all of tomorrow. Let me know if you schedule will allow me the 5 minutes to thank you for something. That’s all I am asking for.

And then continues and says he hopes St Patrick is shining on me

What the fuck?!

What could you have and what do you want to thank me for? What?

I feel like he’s attempting to manipulate

Yeah – I am stubborn and firey …

I have told him we exploding – if knew me – would know I need time to self … and also Friday nights are always a no!! I won’t answer at all on Fridays

And ya know Asshole step it back stop forcing yourself… holy shit

I can not handle this right now – please leave me alone

I do not want to be forced upon and I feel like that is what he is doing – he just forces himself

I feel like he is trying to manipulate but he is not sure exactly which tactic … it is because I do have a soft kind heart so he knows that – so he figures he can manipulate that if he can reach my emotions

Pffft … AS IF! See what you don’t count on is a firey stubbornness … and I have massive guards up with him – no way will he reach my emotions!!

Pushing yourself on me IS NOT the way to get to me … holy crap?

Obviously he does not care I am exploding and did hear me say that? Just wants to force himself

I do not like that at all

It does make me nervous too cause ok what kinda situation is this gonna be ? Please do not stalk

Please leave me alone

I want some time off from the world

He makes me feel INSTANT stress ugh cause it’s always something I can not – instantly I am tense

He can’t have any empathy or understanding – only what he feels HE wants

Yeah no buddy

… remember the contractor? That I told you about yesterday – or whatever day it was I mentioned…

Well I was supposed to meet with him to discuss fence and things … but I am exploding at work so I asked if could take rain check

This week was overwhelming and emotional

There were moments I cried 😮 so I just want some time… I told him it was rough at work and apologized but I needed some time, could I rain check?

Anyway … the contractors response to me was :

Ya of course, I totally understand. Whenever you want me, I’ll be there!

😮😮 THAT was really sweet – I didn’t have to explain and he didn’t just try to force anyway – he didn’t make me feel bad AND accepted what I say without any kind of judgement … and allow me to have my peace… so I like that!! I felt that was very respectful. 😊

He does know what I do and can give me that understanding 😊👏 I appreciate that sooo much

But military will not let up. Ugh

I have told him I just can’t see him. I just can’t

He does it ALL wrong!!

I won’t be ok with him because he can’t hear anything I say and understands nothing – no empathy or compassion for others

Yeah no I can’t do that

So how do I handle this? I feel I tell him no and then he just reasks or finds SOMETHING he just HAS to see me about or talk to me about

I feel like he wants to figure out how to get to me – he is not going to do that.

I told him from beginning exactly what my issues were and none he has respected or thought of at all so … buddy is barking up wrong tree

He can’t even respect Friday nights

So I dunno .

I’m too tired 🥱 my brain is too fried – but I want to mention because – what do I do? 🤷‍♀️

Ugh 😩 I do not need this! Please just give me peace ☮️

If you can’t give peace – I don’t want you …

He is not understanding me at all – please leave me alone

Anyway I am frustrated to deal with this

He is total Trump’er how do I stop it?

Ok I need sleep!!! Good night 💤

And ps … I just gonna add my favorite SNL skit cause makes me feel better ❤️

Every time I see it – it makes me laugh – I could watch over and over and still makes me laugh lol ❤️


21 thoughts on “Leave me alurn…

Add yours

    1. Well I didn’t say F off lol … but I did say it was too much for me

      I told him he was trying to make me someone I am not and I was NOT willing to live his life or be replacement

      I also said I didn’t like his negativity towards others, I felt he didn’t even know me or listen or understand

      So yes I said all those things! I said many things

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      1. Yes, maybe that’s it – it would certainly knock the Princess effect off his gaze. he sees you as a Princess not as a woman, he doesn’t listen. But sometimes people need to get the picture.

        Me l joke when Suze loses her temper and the air turns blue, “l like a woman who can talk dirty!”

        BUT, many men who have a strange view of women don’t especially those who are looking through rose tinted glasses.

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      2. Well Irish princess lol ☘️ 😉 damn right lol 💚

        Hahaha that’s funny – yes I can have quite the mouth if pissed enough lol

        It’s funny though when you say “talk dirty” – I think something else lol 🤷‍♀️😄

        I don’t think he’s looking through rose colored glasses… I don’t think he see me at all – only my outside … he certainly does not understand my inside sooooo 🤷‍♀️ he doesn’t even try or think of that – only his own agendas or motives – nope 👎 … next

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      3. When you say you think of something else when l say talking dirty, well l am thinking that way too 🙂 Which is why l joke about it when l see a woman swear like there is no tomorrow – or as my father used to say women who talk like sailors!

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      4. Hahaha my people used that terminology too lol

        I am from east coast … New England /Massachusetts mostly … so yeah piss me off enough – you gonna hear the masshole lol 😄✌️

        I would put a sailor to shame 😘✌️

        That how you know when I am mad lol … I swear

        But I am not mad too often and I am quiet and private with it ✌️ except here lol 😄😄

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      5. Nope not us lol … we are having another atmospheric thing 🤨

        I’m so jealous!!

        Rained ALL day long!!

        Will have break tmrw …

        And then Tuesday Wednesday rain …

        And then rain on Friday 😞

        So hopefully that is it… but I will think that and then no – it’s not 🤨

        I am hoping 🙏 I’m really tired of so much bad weather 😝😞

        I am Californian so I am complaining lol ✌️ I need that sun! And warm ness

        I want to hibernate with bad weather 🐻

        Let me know when the sun and warm comes out – then so will I ✌️

        I just hate it – they seriously better not say one word about drought this summer!!! Not one word!!!

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      6. Hahaha they always say drought 🙂

        We were to have no rain today, now it’s rain. Rain for this week is … Wed, Thurs, Frid, Sat and Sun. Tuesday so far looking okay just overcast and yet we are also to have sun on Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sun a real hybrid mixture this week.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yes – they do!! They had better not say that THIS year – I do not want to hear that after all this!! Lol

        Hopefully this is final week of rain!! 🙏🙏🙏

        You are similar to us this week – some days are different – but with rain this week 😞

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  1. Have you thought of just blocking him? I believe you already told him it would not work. You have to think of you and only you – and of course your kids – but life is too short to always wonder when he is going to reach out. Just a thought.

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    1. Yes … I know … but I am afraid of is just showing up if can’t reach me… whew 😥

      He can’t even respect my time or my job so… why would he respect my space?

      I am little afraid of him because I think he’s off his rocker ??

      I agree with what you say… absolutely.

      But I also care for my safety so 🤷‍♀️

      I do think he stalks so I am nervous about it

      I don’t trust him at all …not in any way, shape or form

      Ugh 😩

      So … fine wanna see me – come see me… do not think for one minute I won’t be on fire. Because he can not respect so I now have attitude ✌️

      But still he just persists

      This is not new thing ..: which is why I stay away from people – I can not handle space invasion 👾 like that


  2. You should probably take some time and talk this while you can nicely. I think more it drags, the more complex it gets. I wish you a relaxing weekend. I think the one week off you want is coming. Maybe sometime in the future governments will realize they actually need it. 😄 ✌️

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    1. Yeah – maybe I go full on swearing because he’s not hearing – I have told him … I can not handle him. Flat out

      So my mouth gonna be filthy for a minute – I am pretty mad that he can not respect my space

      Back the F up off!!

      I already tried nicely

      Welcome to being a woman

      He has zero thought – only motive

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