Here we go again…

Cmon – killing me!!!

Do I live in California???

Ok so here we go again

I still believe spring is coming!!!! Ugh please winter!!

My weather is killing me!!!

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      1. 😄😄 well we are due and seeing as the otherwise of the world was shaking there for a minute …

        Our plates will be moving again soon 😮😳 we are over due 😮

        And ya know how the world works … everything always all at once lol ✌️

        I am aware where I live ✌️

        I hope not but like I said – with all the shaking on other side of world – plus all the rain and flooding … get ready 😳😮 hopefully there be mercy 🙏

        We shake every day lol 🤷‍♀️ usually too small to feel

        But I am very aware where I live

        Why I do not live in San Fran (ie shakey town) or LA which will also be danger

        There is a massive fault line running right up California and we have a few other decent fault lines

        So yeah – I know my area we have fault lines and deduction zones – they just do not know how to predict way to save lives

        Is same as death – you don’t wanna talk about it … but ya know it’s coming 😮😳😘

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    1. Tap for details … so you can see how bad it’s gonna be, and how many weather alerts lol 🤨

      I could turn off notifications – but then I would have no idea … as it was … I was not expecting any storms this week – and we had storms all week long Omg

      I don’t pay attention unless the weather annoys me… or they bombard me with warnings lol 🤷‍♀️

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  1. Half the state is now out of drought, with the rest moved to very low levels and expected to be out of drought after spring thaws!

    Stay safe up there!! I need to turn on the news to see how it’s going in the local mountains. There have been warnings for avalanches & increased damage due to rain making snowpacks heavier, and floods/mudslides due to snow melting.

    Last night I saw vid of people who’d shoveled their driveways, only to have the road plowing leave 10′ snow berms between their driveway and raod – so they’re still stuck!

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    1. We having mudslides up here too – and water levels are high and we have flooding yet again

      Will rain all day today… omg 😱 I just looked at our forecast 😮😮😱😱😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

      Is all rain this weekend and next week – we are gonna just be under water 💦

      Omg – we better have zero fire issues (directed directly at weather and PG&E!! Mostly PG&E …. Murderers) and I do not want to hear a single soul say “drought” !!!!

      Omg my forecast 😮😩😩😩

      Can I please have spring omg


    1. Oh it’s not gonna happen for a long time 😩😩 I just looked at my forecast!! 😩

      Rain all weekend AND next week!!! 😩

      Do you have sun???? And warm? Is it spring where YOU are?

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      1. We are having spring since early Febuary. Which is usual spring season for us. Apart from those 2 gloomy days during one hailstorm happened, it’s been a good spring season so far.

        It has started to get warmer since last week which is a sure sign that summer is on the horizon.

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      2. I am jealous! Lol … I wish for spring and summer – but currently we have more storms – pouring right now

        I can still hear birds chirping – so I’m pretty sure they wish for spring too!

        They are probably also complaining about the rain with their squawks 😄😄

        Your winter starts very early though 😮 I was still in summer last year when you were entering winter 😮

        Today is not as cold as it has been… we were in the 50’s overnight and our high today is 57 so… getting better in temps

        Bad rains today – Sunday, also Monday and Tuesday and then I think we dry out for minute and more rain next Sunday – but we see

        The winds have also been bad

        I am ready for spring and summer – I’m gonna be sooooo happy ❤️👏

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  2. I love that nearly all of CA is out of drought but, yeah, it’s enough already!!

    I was dreading the possibility of being asked to ho to the office Tues… 40miles and an hour w/o rain. Fortunately, I never heard back, so I’m not going!!

    STAY SAFE!!!!

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    1. Well we have today … rain… tmrw … rain… Thursday … rain

      Then nothing for at least a week after this … but I’m hoping it’s done 🙏

      It’s just never done this winter 🤨


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