All hail the weekend lol

We had hail today 😮

Northern California hail – which was hilarious – you could hear the hail pummeling my roof and windows 🤨

Well Doby had never heard before so he’s all alert – and like I must go outside and investigate lol …

So I let him out and he got pummeled with hail and was like wtf is this?? Omg his reactions are hilarious 😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️

Was all new to him and he did not know what to think – he look so confused – lol hail lol ❤️ ahhh life’s little joys

He’s such a funny little man ❤️❤️ he makes me laugh all the time ❤️ I am just gonna call him a man since he’s a DoberMAN 😉❤️ and the way he learns and accepts … adapts to me and life ❤️ he’s amazing … why animals are more loving than humans 😘✌️ although sometimes I still get stalked by dogs too lol 🤷‍♀️ I have gentle spirit so I guess that pulls them in? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

So yeah still winter up here – but I think Mother Nature is drunk or something cause … enough already!!!! C’mon!!!

But I was entertained by the hail – that was pretty funny – he got pummeled and then was all confused lol 😄😄😄 yeah buddy – welcome to the world ❤️

He is animated 😄 👏👏

He is crazy energy … but he’s pretty awesome ❤️

See right there…. “Enhances life”

He enjoys life with me ❤️ or seems to anyway lol … I love when he experiences things – I always know if he does something bad because he will be quietly sitting in his crate lol – then I am suspicious – ok what did you do? Lol … he has a little conscience ❤️❤️❤️

I love him ❤️

** disclaimer – songs are NOT meant in weird way – just that he brightens my life and I love him ❤️✌️

Ahhh I just go away from world this weekend. I needed to just have that. Too much things and is end of month. So I just soak in the peace ☮️ …also – is cold rainy hailing weekend so I am also in winter hibernation lol 😘 … fricken Mother Nature

Totally waiting on spring – it’s taking forever / soooo over winter things – please stop ✋- I’m good on winter

But is nice to soak in peace ❤️ … cause you know – here comes Monday! 😮

Ok … Monday comes 😮 … nothing I can do… sometimes is like freight train coming right at your face 😮 it will be fine

Here comes the train 😮

Choo choo 😳😮

But I’m sure will be fine – just have mercy on me for Monday lol 😘✌️🙏🙏🙏

Ok … go ahead – bring it 😮😮

30 thoughts on “All hail the weekend lol

Add yours

    1. I am so jealous lol

      My favorite is summer ☀️ ❤️❤️ I own July – that is my month lol

      Yeah it didn’t last very long but came on pretty strong and fierce 😮 was cool – small lol … but cool

      I don’t mind them small so they don’t destroy my roof, or car or whatever

      Small is fine with me. They were too small to throw at anyone’s head except when falling – like little daggers falling 🔪

      I am sooo ready for spring – omg I need sun and warmth!!

      You are just a step ahead of me in seasons… also hours lol … you are already in Monday – where I am in Sunday still lol – that always delights me lol so crazy

      We have time change here but not so drastic

      You have a wonderful night 😊✌️ pleasure blog meeting you 🌙

      Oh wait – enjoy your morning ☀️ keep up your studies lol 😉✌️


    1. Haha … we already had cicadas in 2021 😮 I got a few more years before they back again lol ✌️😘

      What else you got? Lol

      But yeah – can not imagine what is next up! 😮

      2020’s are like that 😮

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  1. I came back to post this comment because my place also had hailstorm today. 😂 What are the odds. Absolutely amazing to have hail in early March. So I just had to comeback and comment.😂🙌🏽

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    1. Hahaha omg that is so crazy!! Ahhh see it’s March … even Mother Nature wants us to remember global things in March – message from her regarding her power ✌️

      I’m pretty sure it’s a sign we should take that one week in March I always talk about lol ✌️😘

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      1. Ugh we have freezing cold temps and is periodically rainy – mostly overcast … once in awhile the sun peeks to tease me but never stays 🤨

        Is very cold – especially at night!!

        More of that tmrw too.

        I need sunshine so badly!!!

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      2. We had clouds off & on today but mostly sun. Yesterday (Sun) was unexpected light rain. Rain is expected again Thu so it will prob be cloudy for most of the week, highs of 6q, lows of 51.

        Yesterday I couldn’t tell the time by instinct because all day looked like dusk.

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      3. Yes – is freezing and dark all the time with wetness 😝😝😝

        Oh you do not understand how badly I just want warm ness and sunshine omg …

        Where is the global warming? Did we reverse it?

        Our lows in 30’s/40’s

        But was dipping into the 20’s there for minute 🤨

        ** I could never be an Alaskan 😮😮😮

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      4. I follow a blogger who’s on the US/Canadian border in dome plains are of Canada. She’s happy when temps go into positive numbers. She’s had many days around -20F!!

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      5. Yeah I would not survive … I would have issue with the extreme cold – I would have the heat cranked and never leave the house lol

        Maine was like that – practically freezes your eye balls!!

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      6. I once worked for an agency based in MA. My rep said, “I’ve run the heater for 2 weeks and just got upstairs to 30F.” Yet he couldn’t understand that I wouldn’t accept a job there.

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      7. Yeah Massachusetts can have pretty cold and brutal winters – no thank you from me also!! Lol

        I love Massachusetts very much – but from afar 😘❤️

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    1. Ha! Nope – right away had my ass handed to me all day long

      Was only me there ☹️ and was crazy constant all day long and none was MY job!!

      I get nothing of my work done!! Cause I have to do everyone else’s jobs

      I can’t NOT do that cause is not the families fault and also my name is on this funeral homes rep… so I kinda have to. I don’t really have choice

      And last week, the person who approve our checks was sick- so that didn’t get done and we didn’t get paid …

      I could request a check to be cut – but there is always issues doing that… I’m not sure they know what they doing – I am afraid that if I ask for check to be cut – I would get it after the next paycheck rather than just wait and have it in paycheck – so that sucks

      I’m getting kinda tired of the stress and the shit and no help. And now no pay. So little frustrated today ☹️


      1. Yeah – there should be … but there should be a lot of things

        I am exhausted from just today

        And see by time weekend comes I am spent – I just can’t

        So overworked underpaid or not paid, little to no support

        I do think I have to leave soon… it’s alot

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