Impress me much?

Hello Saturday ❤️🙌

Ugh – I am expecting many to pass away this weekend ☹️ … I got warning from a few – so I am going to soak up the quiet moments off ❤️ because they may be few.

So I’m just gonna soak in as much peace as possible – like recharging 🔌 lol ✌️

… ok and really quick let’s go ahead and mention Doby lol ❤️

He has such a quirky little personality – Omg the boy has energy for fricken days!!! Dude

He is sooooo on total routine lol … omg it’s so funny!

Usually if is workday, my alarm goes off … I go make coffee because yes ☕️… he goes outside – it’s usually really cold or raining 🤨… he doesn’t like that so he is fast lol 🙄😄

He jumps at the door like a bunny rabbit if I take too long to come over lol … and he is bigger so is funnier 😄 … aren’t you a little big for that now dude? Lol

He is too large to fit under my bed anymore 😄😄 he is only medium smallish side … but is funny cause he will still think he is small 🙄😄😄

I have a curio cabinet that has a mirror at his level 😄😄😄😄 that is funny to watch!! He thinks is some other dog OR he likes to check out his moves … cause he does this thing where he puts front paws 🐾 down – and butt up … like he gonna pounce … but then he will sit there for a minute while he checks himself out in mirror lol … and he jumps all around lol

Anyway… I shower, then he knows is breakfast lol … and then he always has to go out after a meal lol

If I am making my own lunch or whatever meal in the kitchen, he literally likes to be glued to me 😮 … has to be touching me lol omg

He leans on me or must touch me – he will just stand there or sit and make sure some part of his body is touching me ❤️ awww 🥰 he’s glued ❤️

My big little baby lol 🐾🐾❤️

Lol – love his little quirkiness very much – but I will say … sometimes I do like a moment of space ✌️😘

You do not have to constantly be with and touching me lol 🤷‍♀️ I got you dude ❤️🐾❤️

After work, he goes out while I change and then we play for little while or if is nice day take a small walk … then he eats …

This man CAN NOT play after eating OR drinking … he needs to chill and relax … he doesn’t eat fast – he is a slow eater – kinda dainty lol …

But then after eating he’s like “ ok let’s play “

No!!! Man must digest because ugh he pukes cause he just ate and gets too excited 🤨 so we have a 30 minute break after eating for HIM

And water 💦… I have never seen a dog inhale water … and then he just sits there and burps lol

But if he gets all excited for playing after drinking – is same as food… so we have to rest and get out all the burps 🙄 omg

He is not a barker at all… only when he is scared or is displeased by something lol 🙄😄 but he rarely barks ❤️ he likes quiet too ❤️

At night he will snuggle up – yup – right up on me lol … at 9:30pm exactly every night he will tell me it’s time for his bedtime lol …

😮😮 what child does that? This one evidentially … he loves his routine lol ❤️

So he goes out and then I tuck him in my room and he sleeps and I come to bed later lol – I have to do stuff … but he’s funny with it lol

He does not sleep in bed with me… he has his own bed covers and teddy bear 🧸 – I teach him no on that cause I do not want to create problems in that area!! No thank you

He is fine with that ❤️

But yeah – the man has a routine lol ❤️

* side note* … on the weekend – if I don’t set alarm and sleep longer – he wakes me up within half hour of normal alarm time lol

🙄😄😄❤️ sigh

And then – I had handled other things … I just said I can not balance with a relationship at this moment in time

I just can’t do heavy and needy – I just can’t

And I also feel he doesn’t know me at all, he only thinks of himself and his wants and needs … I do not trust.

And he say to me during that convo – “oh so you just don’t like affection then?”

Ok well yeah sure read that however you want

Affection for who? Him?

And then he try to make me feel guilty – but I don’t – I gave my time to learn who he is … I am not comfortable – and even when I state what is wrong … he does not understand

We both speak English – but we do not understand each other … 2 WAY different people

He is gonna want control or to figure out how to control …

And I am not that woman – I want nothing to do with being controlled. Nope 👎 don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya 😘

But that makes me caution ⚠️ WAY high!!

I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

I don’t think he accepts defeat well? He is a Trumper and I don’t think he is used to not getting his way?

But whatever – I’m stubborn and that is not what I want … I also cherish my life and my spirit so 🤷‍♀️

Nope! He does not understand me at all or listen – so absolutely not.

Yeah nope 👎 get back

So yeah – but he keeps messaging me saying hope you are relaxing

Yes I am thank you – by myself

So whatever … ugh 😑 not tryin to have drama 🎭

I want peace and to enjoy life when able – not looking to add stress or bullshit – nope 👎

And then another thing – he does not see who I am at all because all he keeps saying is things he THINKS I wanna hear ?

He keeps mentioning how beautiful I am – ok fuckin take that away – do you know who I am? I think the beauty blinds him and he likes having arm candy – yeah no – not a trophy sorry 💋 – try again

I just get the feeling for him is superficial and he doesn’t just be real – I also feel he attempts to gaslight and manipulate – but that is sure fire way to make me not listen to you at all…

Yeah not the one for me

So yeah – that’s gonna be a thing lol 💋

Also I am not candy 🍬

So correct that if you gonna approach me and think you gonna catch this!

See the issue is … I don’t NEED you … so you have to make me WANT you … I’m not gonna want you if you are a jackass and think you can control lol … yeah lol … that is not gonna work for me – I do not want that…

So … whatever

So – there is my life currently lol

And I have a work call so – I be around periodically as I take in the peaceful moments when able 🙌 🧘‍♂️ ❤️

Yeah I’m not doing motives sorry – and if can’t hear anything I say or understand it – nope 👎

Negativity negativity negativity

Nope 👎 correct yourself 😘

Unfortunately someone will have a pretty high bar to jump… cause I’ve known sincere love and I have sincere love in my life already … so fuck that other shit… when you can be a person then I am cool

But treat me superficially and I am not. I will mirror how you do… so you wanna play me like that.. then yeah I’m not gonna listen to a word you say 😮😘 not worth my time or effort – too exhausting – next

Also – I do not like attention – only if I command it – then it’s ok lol ✌️ but I only like attention if is for work… or there is some reason or cause for it.

I do not like superficial attention … everyone be superficial – show me you can be different so 🤷‍♀️ whatever

Like I said – I don’t need shit … I will only want something so … yeah – he has no idea how to handle or read me!


8 thoughts on “Impress me much?

Add yours

    1. Yes that is true …

      With my friends .. I want them in my life, and is ok that I need them because I trust them…

      But if I don’t trust someone I won’t want to need them for anything or have them around me. I’m gonna be highly cautious

      Lol … he just a ball of energy/full of life

      I’m way slower … but that’s alright – he is always excited about the day lol ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Doby surely has so much energy 😂 I love the energy he brings to your home. Also I think animals are very good with routine so they pick one and stick to it. That kind of explains his behaviour.

    Also I thought it’s already over with him. So I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I hope it’s fine.

    God bless you 😊🙏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he does bring energy lol

      He has a sweetness to him and he’s always so excited for Fridays – just like me … he adores my oldest, because my oldest immediately plays with him when they come over on Fridays ❤️

      I think he waits all week for Friday – just like me lol ❤️👏

      I also very routine 🤷‍♀️ creature of habit lol … he has adjusted to me and the household really well ❤️❤️ I was nervous in beginning because he is not a breed I know or am familiar with

      He is like my energetic shadow lol ❤️

      And in regards to the guy – yes was over at beginning of February … I stated my issues and said I just am not ready for a relationship because I can not balance with someone who is needy and I can not hold up someone else’s mental issues nor am I willing to sacrifice my ownself or everything I work so hard for – I’m not dealing with bullshit

      So I say that… I told him I felt like he was love bombing and also trying to make me be what he wanted and fit me into HIS life with no regard or concern for mine.

      He say he would back off and leave me alone

      He was and has been little condescending… he texts me every so often and says “I hope you are relaxing”

      Yes I am or I am trying to …

      I can not juggle him and I don’t trust him – I don’t think he cares about anyone other than himself and I am not doing that again – nope 👎

      I feel like he asks if I am enjoying relaxing but is little condescending because he does not understand at all

      I do not want my life all stressy and he making me very stressy

      And he always texts me when I am with my kids – and screw that… my kids take priority so if he is trying to see if I will respond when with them – the answer is no – they come first

      Most of the time I just say silent – I have said my peace and that’s it. I just want my space – I’m good

      I don’t think he hears that.

      It makes me nervous and I don’t trust him so I just stay very quiet 🤐

      I also hope is fine – I do not want to be stalked right now – please god do not make me live a horror story!! 😮

      So yeah there is that 😳

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think if it is indeed over, he should stop messaging you, isn’t it. And I hope he isn’t a bad guy who would stalk and create trouble when clearly told that everything is over.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes – he should. I already tell him I am uncomfortable and can’t not handle relationship – done and end of story

        Well … you hope … but ya know – like I tell you – “the world we live in”

        I don’t trust him, I don’t believe him and right there is a no

        All he sees is what I look like and that’s it – what attention that will bring for him… so I don’t know if he gonna just let it be… I hope so – but I don’t know … cause he hasn’t so far and I just be quiet

        I do think he is a satan …so no way am I touching that!! Nope 👎

        Liked by 1 person

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