Better Off Dead?

I need things yesterday but everyone keeps having holidays 🤨😬😬

Yesterday was Presidents’ Day

Then today I desperately need something from another state (Louisiana) and evidentially it is Fat Tuesday Marti Gras… seriously is that really a holiday??? Evidentially it is 🤨

Tmrw is Ash Wednesday

Omg enough!! No more!! Please no more – can people please work tmrw? I need tons of things done and I am at stand still with holidays!!! have we not had enough? Seems like holiday holiday holiday Omg

Yeah and all I want is ONE week in March! That’s it … well actually add on the 4th of July and birthday celebrations and I’m good 🙌✌️

The rest meh, too many holidays Omg

I get none

But if is company recognized holiday – I get holiday pay and then I work so I also get paid again. Woo hoo!

But I also need things done – and I can not to that when everyone is on holiday all the time

Whatever 🙄

Today on way home I stop for bread … I put my phone 📱 down on the counter while I got out my card 💳 to pay…

The clerk says OMG that’s a giant phone lol … it’s because is 13 plus … and then I am hard on my things – they better be tough and made well – but it’s an iPhone so I have a huge otter box type case … even my daughter calls it a 🧱 brick

Was just funny how he exclaim and that was not even close to being on my mind lol – but yea it looks big if you point it out lol

Listen – I am older so I like the larger screen so I don’t go blind trying to read on tiny – plus I like the grip on the otter box case – I like my big brick phone lol ❤️

Also… many people died today … it was back to back to back

In my community … everyone knows you – they totally know you… so a disgruntled employee from prior staff is trying to tarnish location posting something bad about us – … is lies … trying to make people think we are bad but we are not

We provide caring compassionate and attentive service ❤️

Legal was informed and it was all gone and taken down by the afternoon

I have been through being judged before – sure come judge me

Our customer service level is expert – come see me – you will see

Cases are pouring in – so is having opposite effect than what they wanted 👏 is good and bad … good for numbers – bad because are 2 sometimes 3 of us 😮😮

Yeah cause I did word of mouth advertising – for free … we adopted a family for Christmas, I helped someone with something for free (it wasn’t anything big, but they had really tragic event so I help) they wanted to pay me… but I said – well you can pay me through word of mouth – tell people you know about our staff and our service … and he said he would

One time I had someone who needed a permit change from a funeral home which was now gone… absorbed into the funeral homes around it

Well they didn’t know who to turn to – so I said I would help .. I had them pay for the permit and I got it for them – not a big deal but was to him

So got him the permit and he asked … what can I pay you for your time and work… I say spread word 🙏 tell people about us – how we are there for our community – we are helpful and caring – tell people!! He say absolutely ❤️👏

I can’t do all the time but if is simple, the word of mouth / personal experience advertising is like no other

So here we go 😳

Ok life – have a little mercy – go slow

But yeah – go ahead … am respected so … sorry I already be there for the community and they learning … that’s how you bring business

Go ahead come judge me

When my city people come to my area lol … they all say wtf … is very different

I describe it like this… in Sacramento you are a tiny fish in a large pond … you get lost in crowd and everyone different and crazy

And out here … you are a giant fish in a tiny pond lol 🤷‍♀️ everyone is

Plus since is tiny – everyone knows you – if you been here for awhile you are known

But people are seeming to love us ❤️

So yeah I already got to the community with our service excellence 😘✌️ I am skilled there – actually know how to be there for people and build a businesses reputation in todays world –

Yeah that’s right 💋


Mic drop 🎤

Anyway – I’m good at what I do

💋 I am highly confident at work lol

But please keep in mind we have low staff and we work very hard to help as fast as possible – but this world has many people … so please we try our hardest and keep communication open – but please be patient

But yeah – I got skills 😘 I know my community – is different than city

Anyway … in regards to something else… I feel kinda proud for recognizing certain behavior before anything got bad. I learned from life 😮😮 look at that … I learned something life actually taught – probably would have been better to learn when younger – but ya know … better late than never … 👏👏 I saw the signs!! ❤️

When I go silent sometimes is because something too heavy … and sometimes I want to think for self and see what is ok for me… I want clear mind to think and then also heavy things do make me go silent

My job is heavy job so no heavy allowed when not working lol nope 👎

Ok well – it was Tuesday – Wednesday shall kill me

There is so much tmrw 😮🙏 Wonder Woman capabilities activate 🙌😘 🙏🙏🙏

Lol we shall see

I ordered Girl Scout cookies online … I love that I can do that – once again delivered – since I don’t grocery shop either lol

I always support them – because I was one of them ❤️

When I was a Girl Scout ….cookies were WAY cheaper lol

$6 now 😮😮 for tiny box of cookies


Well that seems like a very awesome song to end a Tuesday with – so I’m gonna go with that ❤️ 🍪

Wednesday is coming 😮😳 pray for me 🙏😘😉

🙏🙏🙏😳 just incase I need extra boost for all the things ✌️😘

Btw… here’s a story I almost forgot… there is this movie from the 80’s called Better Off Dead

Sometimes when the moment works and is appropriate – I will make reference to this movie lol – no one EVER knows my references except me lol – until yesterday when I made the comment $2 dollars lol

And suddenly someone said Omg I love that movie 😮😮😮 after all this time someone actually got my reference lol – how funny


Ps I’m not silent anymore ❤️

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  1. Hahaha l remember two dollars quote! I also remember from Robocop I’d buy that for a dollar! I have even used that line and unless people know the film, NO ONE knows and you look like an oddball using strange lines.

    Another fave of mine is “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” from Apocalypse Now except l change napalm with compost and my all time fave movie line is ‘l carried a watermelon!!”

    I am glad you are no longer quiet 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha that’s hilarious and totally true … I don’t mind anymore and just go around making references whether they get it or not lol … makes me laugh when something fits lol

      They usually never know my movies so I was shocked 😮😮

      You other lines I don’t know 😮😮

      Lol smell of compost in the morning lol – that’s a funny one

      I’m glad too 😊❤️ thank you – I feel better

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES!! 😄😄 💪

        But I also don’t consider it nerdy unless you are quoting things like maybe Star Trek (sorry Trekkies) or something on nerdy line

        I think it’s cool 👏❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Eh… somewhat

        I am pissed off at our vehicle repair place – but I will deal with them tmrw – do you want my business or not want my business

        Fricken chain 🙄

        They gonna hear it tmrw – be ready lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I also know what you mean regarding holidays and time off – there seems to be more holiday and special time off days than there used to be when l was a kid!

        But then there are some strange reasons being supplied for national days off these days – l heard recently people think there should be a ‘I am having a bad hair day’ public holiday … and it’s being considered??! WHAT!!?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. There are THOUSANDS more than when we were kids 😮😮😮

        I don’t really get holidays or special time off – I have to request …but I save all my time for my mom incase something happens

        Ya know I asked first… and been asking FOREVER for one week in March – is anyone considering that marker ?? …cause I would like the world to stop all together one more time or every March lol ✌️

        One week – as reminder to never forget that

        And one week to isolate together 👏

        My suggestion way better

        Bad hair day 🙄 get over self … that is ridiculous if is seriously considered 🤨


        But yeah there are an AWFUL lot of holidays this year – I’m kinda holiday’ed out??

        Although I am decking everything Irish ☘️ lol – I do love when saturated with Irish for little while … usually I have some Irish things I keep out all year – but I love making my house totally Irish ☘️ in March lol

        Funny to think back and remember March 2020 😮🤯

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Guess it depends on how good or bad the moments are lol

        But these 2020’s are slow as molasses!!

        Although I say that and time seems to scream by at this moment as we are inching towards March already

        Lol 🤷‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

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