The Universe Speaks? 😮😮😮

So … I talked to him about my job – explained the high stress and also being aware of my own mental health and what is or isn’t ok for me… but I mostly explained how insane work is and how important is to me… how I am also “buried”

He told me his roommate was going to go on trip, but cancelled last minute due to Covid – I said oh? All the friends got Covid? …and he said yeah so none went

So today he texts and asks if he can take me to lunch – ok fine cause be good to talk.

So he comes to funeral home, says hello to everyone and we go out to lunch. Quick lunch, and we talk he tells me sorry he come on too strong and he understands and will not do that and let me have my space

So he is back peddling

I’m getting weird vibes ?? Red flags 🚩

And he keeps wanting to do things for me…

First he talking about my fence because parts are blown down – so he wanna fix that for me… I do not want that because he wants to pay for it

No because I am not going to be able to afford to have fence replaced and I’m not comfortable with him paying for it.

If need be – I have a man I can call and ask if he can secure it up for me with a hold up patch job until I am able to do. The man will charge me – but I trust him and he is not expensive and has helped me many times. He will make it ok until I can have him back to really do for me. And again, I trust him and his work and he never charges me much 😊 and is nice decent person

I just don’t want military thinking if he does things for me that secures me – no – we are not doing that!

He rushes and goes overboard … then back peddles when I go quiet… realizes he coming on WAY strong … he did apologize for that

So fine – at lunch I accept apology, but yes I am going to need space and I do have to pay attention to my own mental health… and he has no idea about my job … he knows what I do and has been to funeral home … but I don’t think he knows how it is?

It is not all about him – which kinda seems that way??

So whatever

Then he text me after work and tells me he misunderstood roommate and roommate has Covid 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

So he just exposed me and the entire staff! Omg if we fall – just kill me now!! Omg I work so fuckin hard 😭 and means so much to me… and I deal with elderly and compromised people – now I be in a mask for awhile and staff … and pray to god I do not get 😭🙏🙏🙏 please 2023 – please no

I’m a little pissed to be honest and I can’t do this – it’s too much

He went on talking about when could see me next

Instead of I’m so sorry I exposed you guys, I misunderstood … just a simple I’m sorry would have been nice

He wanted to know if I can see him soon and was telling me when his flights were and went I could match my schedule

Ok wait – you just told me that you exposed me and the entire staff to Covid and not say oops sorry? And then don’t skip a beat and ask when can see me ??

I have had breast cancer and it hits me really hard

Ughhh please 🙏 please 🙏 have mercy please

I will really cry on many levels – I can not fall at this moment – oh dear lord I have so much work and still month end

So next level stress

I can’t

Is does nothing but add stress and nope – I can not … nope not willing and nope will kill me so no!

I can not.

Why so interested in doing things for me? If I want you to do anything for me – I will ask you. I appreciate the offer – but feel like is more to secure favor or obligation than actually sincere.

I do not trust his sincerity

I am not into drama – this is drama … I can’t

Also just one more quick thing – I take care of myself just fine. I have made it myself all this time … don’t think I don’t have people who would jump for me in a second – I do.

And he call me tonight … after him asking me several times to allow him to fix my fence … I say no – that I can not afford right now… but he wants to pay for it – he wants to at least get estimate – ugh

Keeps trying to go to that convo…

So say I will think over night and let him know

I’m not comfortable with it…

And then he texts me again and says – don’t fret about it, let me know when I can get that estimate

So see???

Why push so hard to do something for me like that? Move fast then when that doesn’t work want to buy me? 🤔 I don’t like it

I am not comfortable

I don’t trust

Ahhhhh so I remember why I do not date – it is all coming back to me now!! Ahhh yes I remember now.

☹️ meh

I wrote that last night – I wanted to sleep on it before I sent it … I’m uneasy

I might call the other man I know who can at least get my fence to hold up and be ok for little longer 🙏 or see what he would charge me to fix just the sections that fell? As they fall I will fix lol

But if I call the other man I know maybe he can help me so this is not issue. He would do that for me. So maybe I will call him and ask him to look for me and see how much I have to come up with?

Also – I’m stubborn if I do or don’t want something – you can not make me do things I am not comfortable with – you are NOT gonna be able to have any control over how I am or what I do

That is not the way to handle a woman! If you want a woman to want you – let her be herself and let he be comfortable

Anyway – I have to get ready for work… with masks 😷 ugh – awesome … and I’m probably just run down and it’s in my head, but I feel weird – but we see let’s just hope

Omg I have so much work – please don’t let me fall – please don’t let my whole staff fall 🙏🙏🙏

I can’t right now Omg

I do not like the 2020’s – I really don’t like them

Worst decade ever!!! Too much stuff… Get ready for 2029… cause I’m sure it’s gonna do one hell of a goodbye 😮😮

10 thoughts on “The Universe Speaks? 😮😮😮

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  1. FFS!! 🤐 Really hope that you and your overworked team do not catch it, especially now of all times! 🙏
    I know the lack of any recogniotion of the dangers you were exposed to is frustrating but I think I’d be just as annoyed by the “when can we meet?” isn’t outomatically followed by a “oh, yeah, gotta self-isolate for ten days” 🙄🙄
    At least it’s Friday Eve! Good luck with the rest of the day!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No this is America – they don’t isolate for 10 days – only if you show symptoms

      It’s just since I work where I work – am careful – and my work load insane … I stay away from crowds and things and I can shut my door – but we were all exposed

      We going to be masking for a little while maybe 2 weeks? Just to be sure.

      But yeah – when wanna see me??? That is the last thing on my mind right now – where is the concern?

      Ugh I don’t even know what day is anymore – they all blend 😮 Just swirls of constant events Omg

      And this is why I love the middle of no where lol ✌️😘 ahhh that peace ❤️ I remember ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! I hate so much happening Omg – ok the world can stop for moment – I wish we could do that week in March 🙏🙏🙏 stop for moment

      Yeah I do mostly but I also have families to care for – is loss … there is very few of us… other homes would have to step in 😮😮😮

      Hopefully it be ok 🙏🙏 thank you, god bless you too 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am thinking about that idea. A week in march when the world slows down for a bit and enjoys the calmness of it all. I would probably write a post on this but before that I would like you to tell me all that you dream to happen in that one week. So I can frame my post better. It would be good to hear opinions from others as well.


  2. I am behind everything.

    So first, take deep breaths.

    Put you and your team first – put the people you see first.

    Push Military to back of the queue – put him on the back burner – he is causing you too much stress.

    The lack of empathy from this guy is fricking mind blowing and more considering the covid! The word fuckwit is springing to mind over and over with his blatant stipidity regarding him not listening to what his friend told him – you can see it – he didn’t listen to the friend – not just a case of misunderstanding – he didn’t listen. He doesn’t listen to you why should he listen to someone else?

    Okay, call the guy with regards the fence – you take control of that situation and don’t lose the initiative. Military needs to take a backseat for a while.

    Take deep breaths.

    Put you and your team first – put the people you see first.

    Push Military to back of the queue – put him on the back burner – he is causing you too much stress.

    Life’s too short for stress.


  3. I think you summed it up when you said it’s not all about him. I feel like sooooo many people think they’re thinking of you but they’re actually thinking of their ideal version of you, not the real you.

    Send you fence guy here. I’m ready to take bets on what day mine will collapse.

    I hope you don’t get covid again. I’s be PISSED about the exposure, even with the current variants being pretty mild. I’ve mostly, but not always, masking in public again.

    I agree with the autistic composer (above)… put military on the back burner. If nothing else, it would be valuable to see how he reacts.


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