So had dinner with military Monday night …

Was nice. He cooked for me and was good… pork chops, asparagus (which I don’t eat but tried and I like it sorta) lol … and rice … was good meal 🍽️

I keep telling him I am picky eater lol … I do funerals – I like comfort foods and no seafood lol

But he did good, I ate everything

He had fire going and music playing and we able to talk. Music was good too – was stuff like Journey, or classic rock stuff

Was good talk – we talk about a lot and I able to state my concerns… and he his

Was really awesome dinner and time.

So ok fine … we will see… I will give him chance

When I tell my people yesterday … they were placing bets how fast he gonna ask me to marry him 🤨

No stop ✋ … that is not gonna happen

One stated that… and then they say within 3 months that’s gonna happen

No it’s not!!

One said it and the others were like – I will get in on that action 🤨 … stop ✋

So whatever – I roll my eyes at them

But then last night I went to bed at 8pm cause I was so exhausted from work and doing things lol … the age creeps in lol

Anyway … when I went to bed last night I just text and say I’m so tired, so going to bed. Have a good night… and I fell asleep

This morning there were texts from him at about 10:30pm…

And he say thinking of you, we speak in circles – can you call me in 5 minutes?

But I was already sleeping 🛌 💤 I was out like a light – no bomb or anything would have woken me 😮

Then he just said I know you are sleeping, thinking of you – goodnight

So I didn’t get those messages until this morning

So I dunno 😳

Ok I have to go to work… back when can

Omg my quiet nothing life … it is not quiet or nothing at this moment – how did this happen?

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    1. Omg the holidays – so busy!! Plus stuff going on in my own life and then at work… cases poured in earlier this week – today was first day was quiet

      Yeah after holidays – hopefully nice and peaceful

      There is always that week in March I always ask for – I am hoping one day we do that 🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Yes … I do know how to cook… I learned from my great grandmother and my grandmother … and my mom… then all the other amazing women in my life ❤️

      I like a lot of comfort foods … stuff I grew up on or am familiar with and makes me feel comfort ❤️

      I’m American so a lot of the dishes are maybe from other countries? But Americanized ?

      I love making lasagna, I do alot of chicken dishes and pasta, some rice dishes …

      When my daughter is not with me and I am by myself I make a lot of casseroles so that I can take for lunch and dinner

      I got sick of all the holiday dishes so thanksgiving we do turkey and fixings, Christmas is ham, and then for new years ….

      Years ago I wanted to master Chinese for the new year … I can make it perfect but better than a restaurant … so when I go to a restaurant I’m like meh I can do better lol

      I love to cook with music on – you zone with what you cook and the music 🎶 ❤️

      I also love to make desserts 🍨 ❤️ that was my first love … my specialty is cheesecake ❤️

      So yes I do know how to cook and think is quite a virtue ❤️ is lost art

      I’m picky though.. I don’t like odd vegetables like squash 😝

      I also don’t like Irish foods 😝😝😝 lol how funny is that – I do not like corned beef 😝 I find Irish food very yucky and bland bleh 😝

      Funny though because I am Irish – I do love potatoes 🥔 😘 I can make all kinds of meals with potatoes lol

      I am not familiar with Indian foods ? I have never tried – I am afraid of the spice ??

      I also really hate cilantro 🌿 😝😝😝

      In California we are close to Mexico … and cilantro is a thing… I do not like any cilantro at all … gross!!! I find it very disgusting 🤢 if has cilantro I won’t eat it – I won’t touch it – yuck!!

      I feel like cilantro – you either love or hate… I hate it does not taste good to me at all … it ruins the meal.

      My mother used to make a meal that she called American chop suey… is my favorite ❤️ when I make that – is pure comfort ❤️

      It is also known as goulash ? My daughter hates when I call it goulash lol … she says the name is disgusting but meal is good – she says I need to call it something else lol

      But yes for an American I think I cook well 😘

      I always love learning new foods and then trying to master them

      My grandmother made alot of Lithuanian meals … some I like – many I don’t lol …

      I don’t like mushrooms 🍄… or seafood

      She used to make this purple soup I didn’t like lol and it was stinky lol ✌️😘 I dunno what was cause was never interested in it

      It has to be delicious and you have to make me want to master it

      Do you cook?


    1. Hahaha yeah … I’m giving him a chance

      I don’t have any panic or anything with him and he’s very sweet

      I will post about it shortly – omg lol just wait


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