November weekend

So Saturday – I got my things moved ❤️ my oldest son helped me ❤️

And he came with me to get few things that I couldn’t do by myself.

Saturday night my daughter got sick? She started having fever and chills, being achy, sore throat…

I gave her chicken noodle soup and made another meal 🥘 and she ate that too and asked for more today. So she’s eating and keeping down.

Her cheeks were really flushed … no fever since last night when it appeared – I give her tea and honey sticks … as well as some meds…

Since this morning I have been taking her temp and is at normal temperature. 98.0 consistently … so no fever fighting anything – her cheeks are better – not as flushed

But she is still achy and sleepy and not well.

I have been fine and taking care of things … but I am little bit run down feeling … but mind over matter right? Hopefully the night does not take me down.

I was supposed to do more things today – but meh… she was sick- and I didn’t feel like running all around.

Ohhhh but on a extremely bright note…

I found the greatest invention ever!! What is that you ask?? It is a laser pointer … yes just an ordinary everyday meeting laser pointer lol omg ❤️❤️❤️

Do you know why I think this is greatest invention ever???

Because I buy Doby fun toys and things and he enjoys but mauls them or wants me to throw a lot but I can’t for long time with my arms. It hurts

I just happen to be playing with laser pointer and omg DOBY can not get enough of this little red light and it is hilarious lol ❤️

I can easily make him run all over the house and I have wood floors so he does the Scooby Doo run…

The run where he runs in place and his legs spin lol … Doby does that…

And his focus is so hard on that little red dot 🔴… that he slides across the floor lol Omg

We have an award winning Doberman toy!! Who the hell knew “a laser pointer” 😮 bonus 👏

I literally can get him to do anything and go anywhere and I want with that little red dot – it’s incredible lol

So that was a discovery this weekend 😮 I did not know that was a thing for dogs 😮❤️👏👏👏 it is so much fun for both of us lol ❤️👏

If I make it disappear under a chair he is sooo perplexed lol 😄 it’s just like best entertainment and fun all in one ❤️❤️👏👏

Fricken laser pointers ❤️ love them

I literally just googled laser pointer and Dobermans and it’s a thing 😮😮 look what I stumble on lol – fricken yay!! 👏👏👏 I’m really excited with it – we have been having so much fun with it this weekend since I discover lol …

You now hear 🏇 galloping all over my house 😄😄 so hilarious!!! I will have to take video!! Is so awesome 👏👏❤️ he’s just so into it lol

I better stock up on replacement batteries … and more laser pointers lol … I should get colored ones 👏👏❤️

It’s just so much fun!! He’s so crazy over it lol

Literally beats every single thing I have ever bought him!!!!! 😮

Dobermans are really funny lol ❤️ ALOT of energy but very hilarious lol

Here are some funny things I came across this weekend …

Or a laser pointer 😄👏❤️
Damn right! Lol

Kidding … sometimes he’s an asshole but he’s awesome ❤️❤️❤️

And then… the head tilt with his little face – he looks at me and does that – just take my heart ❤️

And then clothing that seems perfect for any occasion lol…


And then lastly – the shirt I should buy to have for my funeral lol …


Oh yeah… and the guy who seems to like me …

I am also not sure how to read him.

He is flirty. Careful but flirty – he does not over step yet so doing well…

But I do think he throws little innuendos… I’m totally not sure – he is funny so I can’t tell? Is very subtle. Like testing waters

We just see – I keep it very level out of caution ⚠️

But he is funny and flirty.

And then one more thing…

I jump a little earlier – meaning take a step towards new change 😮

… as long as I can avoid getting sick 🙏🤞

I do kinda feel myself falling… but maybe because is just night ? Maybe if I just sleep?

Ok and this is holiday week… Thursday being Thanksgiving 😮😮

Ok let me sleep – gnite

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  1. I hope ypur daughter feels better and you don’t get sick!

    Why/what were you moving?

    I had no idea dogs like last pointers! I play the same game with cats… not all see/react to lasers but Tiger, Tigeroo, Mabel, and Beba love them! This is my fave… more comfortable to hold, inexpensive, blinking/solid modes (and one does a bonus rapid blink), and the outer buttons are silent whike the middle has a soft clicking noise (so you can click-train, or turn on/off without audio alert:

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    1. She still not doing well.

      I’m ok at moment – just feeling little run down but not over taken by sickness

      I only have 3 maybe 4 days this week?

      I had NO IDEA it was a dog thing either… I’ve only ever known it for cats 😮😮 NO IDEA was dog thing too – none of my chihuahuas ever could be bothered lol … but Doby is all up on it immediately!! Gets him all riled up lol – I have to video this!! Lol

      Oooohhh I like that!! He hears the jingle of the one I have or the click of the button and instantly starts looking for the red dot lol …

      I like that this one will stay on without holding the button…

      Is there a machine that will just do the laser for me ? Lol he wants to play with it constantly – all other toys are boring now lol

      Thank you for sharing!!! I will order that for someone’s stocking ❤️


    2. No not moving out or anything – just moving furniture around and bringing in a solid wood desk with hutch and curio cabinet

      I could have moved furniture myself before cancer – but I still would have needed my son to help with solid wood desk & hutch… but I needed him for both


    1. Yes! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽

      Hahaha you still have ❤️ I bet they awesome! Enjoy your Thanksgiving 🙌

      I have Turkey in fridge thawing – it is 10lb breast just me and kids and if neighbor stops in.

      I already have everything ready to go

      Hoping to NOT be sick this week 🙏🙏


      1. Oh, that would suck if you’re sick!

        I was going to treat myself to an El Pollo Loco family meal but now I’ll just have whatever the neighbors are serving. They’re a super nice family – the wnd big hispanic family to take me into their fold.

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      2. I bet their food will be amazing ❤️👏👏

        Way way way better than el pollo loco – I had that one time – I did not like it at all!! Not one thing. Even things I would normally like – I did not like there


    1. I wish… nope not a 24 hr thing – she up all night.

      I keep checking for fever – but I am keeping that at bay…

      Lots of tea and gingerale – honey and crackers (saltines …just to clarify are not cookies lol)

      I have cold and flu meds and giving her those – she highly congested and still with the pink cheeks – also using Vicks

      I’m ok at moment – knock on wood. Little run down but think I can force it. 🙏

      No congestion on me and no fever – not achy…

      Just run down and kinda tired ? But so far I am ok 👍

      Ugh another reason I do not like winter lol 🙄🫤

      When I was a kid I dreaded winter!! I always ended up in hospital … I used to always always always catch strep and it would close off my throat – I was in the hospital every single winter as a kid … ugh and I remember how bad that strep was – I almost died a few times then (maybe twice)

      Ugh sickness and hospitals 😝😝😝😝 and winter … I am NOT a fan

      I finally had my tonsils out at 25 … yes I said 25!! And after that I never catch strep ever – and I don’t get sick like used to.

      When I do though – it takes me down!! It’s just not common that I get sick -since I had them removed

      Ugh winter

      I miss summer!!

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      1. Oh No, sorry to hear that! 😦 Well, you’re doing all the right things, so, hopefully it will pass soon! With all the focus on covid these days, we forget that the flu is rampant and no walk in the park!

        I feel your strep pain and share your aversion to hospitals! I used to get it so often that sometimes, it seemed almost a permanent ailment. And then suddenly, maybe 17 or 18, it stopped and never had a recurrence since! (Touch Wood!)
        Hope your lil one feels better today and that you manage to avoid catching whatever it was!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes… I am glad she doing better also..

        I am trying to take easy but we see … I just have to make it through today and tmrw … then I have 4 day weekend – Thanksgiving is Thursday … I already have everything ready ❤️🙏

        Let me just make it past Thursday 🙏🙏🙏 then I can take easy-ish for 3 days if needed

        I just don’t know I can make it but we see 😮🙏

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s a new word for me lol … flagging

        I am going to use that now lol ❤️

        Yes – I will … if I think I just can not make it – I will be done ✔️

        I just have a lot of work and yes it will be there for me always – I just have to get through some

        Ya know – is the business

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    1. None of my chihuahuas cared about laser pointers in slightest or anything like that

      Doby can not control himself with little red dot lol 😄

      I had no idea was a dog thing… thought was for cats…

      But he goes insane for it

      I bought him a laser pointer machine – gave him early Christmas present lol

      It goes in cycles and then stops when it stops he comes over and asks me for more – wants me to turn back on 😄😄 it’s the funniest thing!!

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