Just done

So… this morning … I had a stupid spam call from fuckin New York 😠 at fricken 7:30 in morning California time – check your time zone if you gonna scam shit… idiot

Check your shit – you dealing with California – New York – fricken 7:30 AM!!!!! I am in the middle of school drop off and not a time to call me while in parent traffic

So I let it go to vc mail to F with later …

Once I was done with my parental responsibilities … I took “show my caller ID” off … cause bitch I don’t want you having my number – rude ass New York at 7:30am

One thing if you family, friends or work – I do not mind… but a scammer – yeah bitch no!

So assholes have a number you can not call into – so I reported them to the FCC… so F you scammers

Gave all information and attached the vc mail

Bite me

Done with shit

But anyway … my entire point to that story is removing my caller ID – every single time I do that … I forget to turn back on 😄😄😄

So when I call everyone – they always answer cause we in funerals … but they act all suspicious lol – it’s really funny and little bit entertaining – am I bad for that? I do get enjoyment lol …

Cause when I call… it just announces me as “No caller ID” lol … I forget they can’t see my number or name and don’t realize until they act all weird lol … it’s a little humorous

I have to remember to always turn that back on

It just makes me laugh a little 🤷‍♀️

I fixed it – so no more fun lol

Well whatever – my spirit is off currently

I am tired. In all ways. Every day more and more apparent ?? So I dunno?

Spinning wheels and we see


But I want something that is good so I will take time. I want to be sure

I can’t help it – I have to be that way. With everything 🤷‍♀️

Time and time again … I saw the signs


Also… I think someone likes me 🫤 but I’m not sure – I’m just getting vibes …


I just put Marky Mark there cause yes – I always had crush on him – he’s a Boston boy ✌️❤️ East Coast’er ❤️

But really is more this way:


Ok so I’m not sure what I think about that – we see there too… he’s on better footing than most because of one thing we share in common so 🤷‍♀️ … he is taking very easy… no fast movements – but I don’t know??

My senses are really high right now – balance is off

He is kind – I don’t know him – but he’s kind.

But aren’t they all especially when trying to catch attention

So 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know

I miss the middle of no where – I spoke to someone today who knows an area that I know really well … and it was funny – we were laughing with stories and reminiscing and discussing history of places in the area we knew… it was just nice.

They knew my middle of no where 😮😮❤️

I wish you could take my house and place it in the middle of no where ❤️


The first music I ever heard that was not my parents 😮❤️ ahhh madness ❤️

My moms not doing too good either – that breaks my heart a lot 💔 I’m gonna lose her – yeah that makes me cry – don’t touch that subject currently – I can’t


I know that’s coming 💔 but my heart still bleeds

I know is life – it is just my mom though 💔

I don’t have her now really – but it’s my mom. So that is just hard – I don’t have her, yet sorta ??? She’s going further and further away and it’s taking her 💔

I know I have to lose her – I know it be ok. But no it’s not.

Ugh … here comes 2023 – god help me!

Also since I’m blasting somewhat…

Are you fucking kidding me with Trump?! – how much more Koolaid people gonna drink – Jesus

I can’t even!!!!

What a joke – disgusting

Fuck this broke ass shit – get the F out with that Trump shit

And the world should be very concerned – you have seen him!!!! You know who and how he is… I don’t care if you don’t like what I say … oh well whatever – I am entitled to opinion – whatever ✌️

New England’er heart so whatever – you gonna hear about it 😘✌️

I’m tired of both sides – get over yourselves omg

Can we have someone who is NOT a criminal and bad person? ..and can handle the job?!! Holy crap what a shit show

Ugh whatever just figured I’d throw that on cause why not? I hate the guy – I can not stand him or any words that come out his mouth – I can’t stand his voice or anything

He is also like satan – I can not even handle his words whatever they are – just go away!!

Ok I’m done – f that crap 💩 are you serious?


Ugh do we really need to see this again – omg this will go all bad 😮😮

I’m just so done ✔️


I am independent – meaning I will listen to those who can be civilized intelligent adults … I do not care what political party you are with – I am going to look for who I believe to be best suited – that is NOT HIM!!!!

Anyone else but NOT HIM – isn’t there something in constitution you protect against criminals becoming president ? Ahhh the American system – watch your step on that.

Ugh 😑 whatever

What year are we on?

God… I just want to make it out of the 2020’s without stupid unnecessary shit!

Repeat song above ✌️😘

So best for me to just leave it at that – you know how I feel 🙌


20 thoughts on “Just done

Add yours

    1. 🙏🙏 but I expect to have some pretty big ups and downs … is still within the 2020’s decade – I got what? 6 or 7years to make it through Lol

      But my mom not doing the greatest and she’s getting worse and worse – it’s taking her – is like ticking time bomb – so there gonna be things there

      But I am making one massive change which will be for the best so that should help 🙏 I’m just nervous with things I don’t know. 😉 lol

      But my life will be good always even with ups and downs because I am away from Satan so my life is grand and amazing now always even when bad ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I admire your optimism, I do! And you are right to be optimistic, look at everything that you have done over the three years I have ‘known’ you!! Life will always throw ups and downs and as long as we can grab more of the former than the latter, then that is for the better! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yes – am flight fighter lol … I run away from everything but fight to survive lol ✌️

        Well yes and as long as you can see life for simply what is and enjoy the small moments when you can – that makes a difference 😊❤️

        When you appreciate the moments that you do have … I also survived a round of cancer already too and Satan so … totally know how to appreciate my time for what it is ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. See, that is another silver lining! 😉 Talking of which, we just got confirmation that both kids are coming “home” for Christmas, so, some of your good vibes have rubbed off on this side of the world! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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