Only half way through my emails and Monday has killed me!! 😮😮😮😵

Not to be overly dramatic but whatever…


Ok – whew … Monday Omg why you kill me?

Alright breathe

I be back tonight Omg

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    1. Oh I need more than that lol … I cry on upper management earlier 😮😮😮

      Cause was handling issues from workers, tons of new calls and then someone’s resignation that effective immediately

      So was crazy amount of things

      They be funny with me and joke but then as I let it all come out of my mouth I burst into tears for no reason other that sheer crazy emotion build up from saving the location whew

      So yeah maybe more than a weekend ??

      More than a week – I don’t know how long lol my work mind is mushy today

      And they wanna make sure I am ok

      I am fine. It’s Monday – creeped up on me like that

      They like go home bring your emotional support to work lol

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      1. Ah well – ya know – such is death 😘 ain’t it all?

        I was just hit with some huge whammies that didn’t see coming – right off the bat, the minute I got to work.

        Was like deer in headlights was crazy! And then they like meeting … and blowing up my phone – so

        They call me and asking questions and I answer fine – wasn’t until they stop and say “you ok?” and then flood gates opened lol

        And then called my boss and said – I called Trisha and made her cry – help lol … make sure she is ok.

        I am ok … it be fine … was just Monday … got defeated for one moment ✌️😘

        I’m not working now so … I am here … little man – he is just so awesome ❤️ I love him

        I come home – let him out … feed him … play for little while … then he just wants to sit next to me ❤️ I think he entering my wave length lol – He being extra sweet and loving 🥰

        My little emotional support ❤️

        Is almost like he knows ❤️ he just chill and wanna be next to me 😊❤️

        Definitely my little Anubis ❤️ my little god of the dead ❤️ I come home and he makes it all better ❤️

        Rough Monday – but that’s ok – start out rough – end amazing … eyes on Friday lol ✌️😘 … and maybe some wishful thinking 🙏

        Ok so … batter up Tuesday ⚾️ whatcha got? Lol

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      2. I remember the singer but not that song. I know there was one with that title from early 90s maybe? OK just YouTube’d the Howard Jones version but didn’t recognise it! Geez, you are on form with 80s music!!!

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      3. Hahaha yes – 80’s always dear to heart ❤️

        Loved that decade of music and grew up with it – was my total baseline for music lol – when it came into my life and wasn’t my parents music 🎶

        My “coming into own” music … what shaped me musically lol ✌️

        Is one genre I know very well lol ❤️

        I’m not sure I know the 90’s one, but probably lol – I will google later 😊

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      4. Talking of weird 80s coincidences, I was in a thrift store earlier and someone had obviously got rid of a part of their youth – it was a stack of vinyl singles .. Nik Kershaw, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Howard Jones!

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      5. Hahaha omg that is so funny but also could be estate sale? That happens a lot

        I still have my stereo from Christmas when I was 13 ❤️

        Is very basic… but I got that turntable lol – or record player if you will lol

        Oh the treasures that are out there ❤️

        I have some records still … not ones I want to publicly admit too lol ✌️😄

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      6. You are very funny lol … how you know I don’t have that front and center in my house lol ✌️

        Actually is set up in garage – still works ❤️

        They don’t like it – makes a loud crackle when you turn it on – and you have many dials 😄😄😊❤️

        My garage has all my woman cave stuff lol 😘✌️ 🤫

        I save many things – am sentimental ✌️

        My Christmas ornaments are a treasure and I have my old high chair which went through 6 children 😮😄✌️ antique right there lol

        I have old rocking chair – many scrapbooks … a cute little table I had as a little girl … and many little life knickknack memories ❤️ or reminders

        My little treasure trove lol ❤️✌️ 🤫

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      7. Haha true, yes, I should not have assumed that it was tidied away somewhere!
        It is wonderful that you have so many of the important things from childhood! I wonder if your kids will ask for the high chair if/when they have kids of their own! 😉

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      8. Most I just have from when we clean out my parents house. Some things are museum worthy so I just keep ‘em plus have sentimental value

        And no on high chair … is old and not match todays safety standards lol Is all wooden and carved though – quite beautiful ❤️ is out of commission after 6 children in different eras ✌️

        That is tucked away.

        Is just few special things that are still nice 👍 things that been in family like heirlooms – Or – things I really loved ❤️ is not a ton does not take up much space just a corner – but I do have that stereo all hooked up and ready to jam lol 👏🙌 … has record player – tape deck – AND radio dial … which you have to go slowly to catch the signal just right lol … is not massive high tech lol

        Just memories or sentimental things ✌️😘

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