Last Day

It is the last day of extreme heat 🥵 almost there!!

As we burn up!! Last day of extreme heat

Ok have to go 👋

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    1. Yes – we go from 106 yesterday to 89 today 😮 check that drop ❤️

      Still smoky fire growing in size 😮

      We have 2 locations right there by fire – we on alert this weekend- in case we have to haul ass up there to do removals 😮

      So hopefully that does not happen but we see – fire has tripled in size and no containment 😮

      But yes – yay for now ❤️👏

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      1. At one point, during the rain, my appsaid it was 66 outside. Totally wrong it was nearly 80) but for a second I was thrilled.

        When I got to my dental appt, 1:30, it was 97 and the “teaser” early sprinkles just started. When I got out, 1hr later, it was 85 and the real rain was just arriving. I loved it@!

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      2. We did!! The hurricane from South America gave us sime clouds and rain. Only 0.2″ but that’s the most we’ve had in ages!! It was warm BIG drops. I played in it for a bit.

        But lots of dried cat food was left wet and there were a TON of flies today. I was too tired to sweep it up so they’llbe back tomorrow.

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      3. Oh wow!! We would love rain up here!! We are not so lucky – but temps did drop so that is really nice ❤️

        Can only complain about the smoke and fire ✌️


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