Fire, Heat, and Urns?

Disclaimer – Not about work ✌️ well … not really 🤷‍♀️

I am in Placer County… this is very close to me – WE CAN see the plumes of smoke and the smoke, settles over my little town depending on wind which is 6mph of hell heat…

So not really helping 🤨

We are safe and not evacuated – we should be fine – just Smokey … I am about 35 minutes away from the fire so hopefully they get it contained quickly 🙏🙏🙏 … it’s not very far – closer to me than Sacramento 😳😮

It be fine.

So … I’m exhausted. Tough day – had good coffee to start day ❤️👏 my favorite ❤️

And then we jump right in. Just a lot of things going on as always!!

Just rough day with work, not crazy things

Ok so… besides work, I am being anti social when not in work… I’m not answering doors or phones sorry. No.

When I come home I do not want to deal with extra stress – no thank you. I just can’t.

Ok so I’m doing this:

We sell little URNs ⚱️ … like that!! 🙌 … they just don’t charge your phone lol … you could probably drink from it lol

But I bet that would work?? Cause he weird and creepy so that should solve it??! I wonder 🤔

Now I am very very curious and want to test this out lol

This would have to work? It’s really creepy and weird so it could actually work 😮 and I have little display urns …

Huh – why I not try before? I just have to carry small urn with me at all times lol

It could work … but in my case – what I think in my head never works in this area of life … I will think be ok and isn’t … so… what would probably happen is it would be some sort of conversational piece and then I am stuck

But could work? I’m very curious lol

I also know that curiosity killed the cat 🐈‍⬛ soooo 😮😳 … but you don’t know til you try so we see?

I still feel uneasy? 😮 but we see – I’ll get an urn ✌️

10 thoughts on “Fire, Heat, and Urns?

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    1. Temps are really HIGH for one more day – Friday last day of heatwave … but still high just not deathly high.

      And everything in drought so already dry to bone 🦴 … fire burn right through it and fires move fast anyway – and hot winds are dangerous

      We are very similar to Australia – they are similar with heat I think? I just don’t know their humidity. But I think they are dry like us? Just different terrain ? They similar with the fires 🔥 we help each other ❤️

      I hope they do get containment soon🙏🙏

      Should be ok – I have friends all in this area of the fire 😮 some in the evacuated areas

      They evacuate because of how fast a fire can burn 🔥 – do not lose your life because you didn’t get out – they try to keep people safe but some still refuse to listen

      So in the hands of god 🤷‍♀️🙏🙏

      The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire 🔥

      (That’s a song) cause if they don’t catch it – it can get out of hand REALLY fast!!

      Fire is very deadly!!

      One more day and then 90’s … whew 😥 🥵 🙏🙏

      Send some of your rain 😉😘✌️ we really need it!!

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  1. Hahahaha l love the urn, that has so much versatility – try it 🙂 Have a row in your window near the door. You could develeop a make believe hobby of ash creation and incineration. Try it, it might be a lurning experience.

    I hope the wind stays where it is, but we have so muuch strange weather.

    Last week we had blistering sun and humidity, now it has rained here for two days solid??

    Is that right about the lower back? I mean what happens when you want to get by someone and you don’t want to bump into them? I had never thought it was an offensive move, is it?

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    1. Hahaha you are so hilarious 😄 a lurning experience lol

      I might actually just see ? – would be kinda interesting lol

      I would like some rain!! 🌧 just some to put out fires ✌️not really wanting floods

      It’s not that big of deal to me… but some will make it sexual and pass their hand down the curve from there 🤨

      Men can be rude

      But I am fine with politeness – as long as they not rude

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      1. Yes your area needs some serious rainfall. I don’t mind it raining, but we have from the sublime to the absurd in a raindrop’s breath. Now we have flash flooding, sheesh!

        Yeah do it, do it do it – my mind would be quite impish with it, like having the ex’s names on them hahahaha – like not really, but things like,

        …… labels that read as …. “She failed to put the cap back on the toothpaste” ‘whoosh!! She is now ashes!

        Hahahaha Oh this is such a fun game, yours could be .. ‘kept on leaving the toilet seat up!!” Whoosh now ashes!

        I would never slide my hand down on a ladies’ back without her permission, mine is just a courteous and gentle ‘excuse me’ wihout appearing ruse style of thing.

        You could write a book, 101 uses of ashes and their urns!

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      2. You are so funny! Having ex’s name on lol … nah I don’t want that karma 😮

        But I will maybe try and just see if works? I am rather curious now

        Some people respectful – some people are not. 🤷‍♀️

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