Misc things

Ok… so… I have things I do not like.

Certain things make me highly uneasy.

Alright so all that stuff happen yesterday… and then it’s fricken very very hot 🥵

I work in the funeral field so- is not easiest job, mentally, physically and emotionally

Keep those things in mind for moment …

I … surprisingly … have had stalkers before so… terrifying … it makes me feel uneasy and nervous – I handle myself because I do not depend on government to help – I don’t trust them – I will not turn to government for help

Was married to satan – had stalkers …

Totally keep to self now – easier … more peaceful and less issues … nice 😊… I have a lot of peace now in life that I did not have before ❤️ mostly – but I try to make it that way?

I work very hard all day … and it’s hard business!! So sometimes I just wanna come home and just relax not have to do anything or talk

I don’t mind texts too much and the people I love, can do whatever ❤️ …

But I just like peace not things that make me feel uneasy.

I also live in this town, and work here – now my entire world on my doorstep 😮

I am not sure how I feel about that and forgot the second reason why I go silent – all the stalkers were here in this town.

In big city – typically is not bad problem …

Little town little more nervous … I am under half a mile from where I work. 😮

So I dunno

That happen yesterday – I work today … and get home and think – I am NOT answering door for anyone!! Nope 👎

Instead he calls – nope I am not talking and don’t come over – no no no

Ok boundaries!! – please respect boundaries

He’s not doing that or being respectful.

Oh and then also… people keep calling or messaging me if I want to sell my house ?? What the F is this? I just bought it !!

I know some things about my house now 😮 it was made for a blind man to live. A woman moved in with him and cared for him – eventually marrying him… and she get house when he die

Then she got sick- and she had people come stay, take care of her and stand on their own

She die and house bought by someone and then me.

So no wonder is so huge and open … is very open floor plan and kitchen – is big looking with lots of light – also high ceilings

Doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp but DOES have this handicap bar going up my front steps – I have 4 steep steps to front door

Ok things making more and more sense.

How much willing to pay would determine if I want to sell – they could not afford my price

Ok well I worry about stalker people

But is ok ….am used to … not the first time – that was at age 16? So yeah always and still

I am homebody type – I like peace away from world at home. Mostly… sometimes I will feel life – but I also love the peace ❤️✌️

At work / I shine really good ❤️ pretty strong BECAUSE I have incredible team of rockstars behind me ❤️

I am not some meek woman with low self esteem who has no one … I have full life of people I love and are supportive so I can be picky ✌️❤️ I am never alone with them ❤️

I chose to be quiet and keep to self ✌️😘 it is not because I have no one

Ok I am sleepy I have to sleep 💤

Good night 😴💤🌙😘


4 thoughts on “Misc things

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    1. Is cool to learn history! And there are little details about the house that make more sense when you know – so kinda cool

      This morning one of my peeps is going to my favorite coffee place before work ❤️❤️❤️… so all of today be amazing! 🙌 … “how to make day start amazing”

      She coming from far so she able to – but normally I don’t get this treat ❤️❤️ totally excited – for coffee lol ❤️✌️

      See I told you 111 is special number! Yay Thursday 👏

      I just have to keep the momentum lol 😉✌️🙏🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No just the coffee ❤️👏

        Since I am in California I do not get to have this coffee often so I am soooo excited ❤️👏👏

        Gonna be good day!! ❤️✌️

        We don’t really have time to eat a lot at work – we jump right in 😳 sometimes lol

        Liked by 1 person

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