Borrowed Time

Ok under no circumstances are people to die in July!! Just like Fridays… same thing goes for July!!

July has the 4th… my favorite because I love the fireworks 💥… it has already started – people lighting them off last night.

Then my birthday – and my moms birthday 🎂 I just own July ❤️- so keep it awesome, can we try to do that?

Today I gonna spend entire day with her and I gonna bring cupcakes 🧁 for her birthday 🥳… is not til the 15th, but I won’t be here – so I do now… she won’t remember what day anyway ✌️

She pulled through. It was nuts – highly emotional – one minute she on deaths door, and then next she ok. She has declined. Is weaker too. But I do see her leaving. ☹️

My sister better hurry up and get her act together

I’m still working on things there – but today is for my mother ❤️

Thank you all again for your warm wishes, messages and thoughts & prayers ❤️

I thought we gonna lose her – they tell me get here immediately … 🤷‍♀️ soo ??? Thankfully miracles happen 😘❤️ I’m am so lucky – I do believe there are times that if you pray hard enough and focused enough – god has mercy so ❤️ thank you

There was some sort of Devine intervention because I did not lose my mom – I get to have her ❤️ I know I am little selfish for wanting her, but I just love her and it hurts so badly to lose her.

I can not imagine a life without my mom. Even though she not there like used to be.

I don’t think she want to leave either.

Anyway- thank you ❤️ … I get to have my mom for little longer … borrowed time

I will tell you sister story soon – that one gonna be bumpy… so today I just wanna enjoy my mom for a moment ❤️

Sometimes life does give you blessings ❤️✌️ savor those!!! Those moments pull you through the tough ones – remember to be thankful ❤️

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    1. Yes she is looking and seem to be doing ALOT better …

      She had blood in urine today but maybe that is just because of blood thinners – they gonna stop those for few days and she should be ok 🙏

      We spend day together today and celebrate our birthdays 🎂 ❤️

      Blessed to have moments with her ❤️ thank you 😊

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    1. It has been wonderful that I have time with her ❤️ we had nice time with her friends and cupcakes 🧁

      I am very blessed for these moments – and they funny and good at this moment – not like before

      We still not totally out of woods – today they found blood in her urine.

      They show me… it was a lot of blood to be a dark red. So they gonna stop the blood thinners for few days – that was for the clot… but blood thinner make her have blood in places she shouldn’t have blood??

      That just makes us worry. She look 100% better though ❤️

      And I blessed to be with her ❤️🙏

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    1. Thank you 🙏 ❤️

      I am very blessed to be able to have these moments ❤️ very thankful for them… I know they numbered

      But thankful for all these moments with her ❤️

      Had a nice time today ❤️

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