Rain cont…

It did not rain on me 😮 the whole commute the ground sorta wet but not bad

They say storm 🙄🤨

Lol … just if you gonna tell me a storm – I mentally prepare lol … and they under deliver … I get all excited and then there is almost nothing

It’s cold 🥶 … right now is about 50 degrees … just that overcast that is entire sky is gray … just one of those depressing days – is cold and gray lol

I should not complain

I just need a place that has constant temps all year … preferably warm – I don’t care about seasons … my body just doesn’t like severe fluctuation in temps and weather lol

My breasts ached a little but not enough for a storm lol … my weather detectors 😄😄

Ok I gotta work – bye 👋


Lol… If I was a flower… I would probably have to have full shade because of my sensitivity to sun ☀️… but I would want mostly sun ☀️ 😄😘 … so my flower would lean towards the sun lol

It’s that Vitamin D lol 😘✌️❤️

Yeah … I’m spoiled by the California sun 😮 Californicated lol


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  1. Yeah, gray and cold skies are depressing somewhat. And if there is a forecast of heavy rain and almost nothing closely happens, it’s too bad because they hyped us up 🤣. It’s almost touching 42° Celcius here, too hot. My weather app says it can go to 45-47° Celcius as soon as next week. I am gonna need to refrigerate myself.

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    1. Yes they are… sometimes is ok – but I like better when is warmer not cold.

      It did end up “drizzling” all day.

      They say rainy tmrw but I don’t believe

      Oh yikes you hot like my summers right now 😮😮 🥵

      That’s 107F (42C) 😮

      I know that feeling of needing to refrigerate lol

      We still currently in spring – we have not made the switch to summer yet. This year is odd?

      Ours is still coming 😳😮

      Well stay cool and drink lots of water!! 💦

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