Wait til I tell you!!

Oh wow the day 😮 what?

Ok where should I begin? Let’s start with this stress management class lol 🙄

Oh cmon we are not children, they spoke to us like children 🤨 even counting if we got too loud during an exercise 🤨… we are not 5!

And they say things we either already do – or kinda dumb things. So whatever

They were grief counselors – not really stress management professionals – so whatever

I guess they tried. Now I have even more work but whatever. This is my end of month! Do you want me to pass the audit?

Ok so then… I leave right after that waste of time… Race back to my location to meet this guy who setting up my phones… I thought was from corporation but was another major company…

I am opening up and turning on lights and he comes and rings bell… so I open door and OMG… do you believe in doppelgängers? 😮 omg

He looked just like country boy 😮 omg

Fricken life! What the hell

So all I could do was smile – it was weird cause he look just like him and his smile too… so I felt a comfort but then I dunno him lol … so that is really weird

I was probably a weirdo?? Because I stare 😮 I couldn’t get over how much he look like him!! I have never seen a doppelgänger until today 😮 I thought was just a myth what are chances I ever know a doppelgänger? 😮 but today I did 😮

So I stare with huge smile 🤨 I couldn’t help it! I can’t take my eyes off because I am studying his face because how is this possible? And then, I dunno … I just smile because I can’t believe it lol … what? Am I in the twilight zone?


So anyway – he looks just like him 😮 that trips me up!

There is differences obviously- country boy is rugged man man – hunt fish etc etc – complete opposite of what I am… And we are just different and want different things. I don’t really understand him so whatever. If it’s not right, it’s not right.

And this doppelgänger … he is softer, shyer – not a baseball player lol … but he’s definitely shyer – nice guy. Beautiful smile

It’s was just really weird and that pretty much fried my brain for the day mostly 😮

I had a stack of phone calls and messages to return omg … ahhh stress management … the doppelgänger did a better job with stress relief than the class did lol … because it made me not think of work for a minute 😮

So that was interesting day?? See what life does? Now why is life gonna go and throw that too … I don’t even know what life is trying to teach or say to me?? Can you just tell me??

I dunno. So… install again tmrw and I am not going to any classes – I can’t – I have way way way too much work!!

Ok what day is it ? Monday

Ok… so… hopefully this week is good week – please be good week … please don’t kill me 🙏

😮 it’s gonna kill me!! Omg


2 thoughts on “Wait til I tell you!!

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  1. We knew it will be mostly waste of time. Sucks. Probably they are good enough but their techniques are old school that’s why it looked like they were teaching children.

    I hope you have a very good week ahead.

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    1. The person giving lecture was former high school teacher so that didn’t help

      Well not much with technique … I already know to take breaths – or get away… I know balance and self care – I am very much aware of what I can or can not handle.

      I am pretty careful with my ownself… I am aware of myself and emotions and also how to release

      We went through the pandemic with skeleton crew (no pun intended)… but seriously … omg you do not know what that was like – it was insane so… whew!

      Yeah we know how to breathe

      Should be good week 🙏 I am going to hope for that too lol – is my end of month lol … every month the beginning of the month until the 10th … after the 10th then I relax lol

      I hope you have good week too 🙌 thank you!

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