I just had 2 young men come to my door, when I opened they say – “Hello we are local missionaries going around talking about Jesus Christ, is that something you are interested in?” 🤨

Nope thank you bye 👋 and I shut door before they say one more word. Nope – I don’t wanna hear or discuss Jesus Christ 🤨 rude! At my house!!

That’s a rude to come to my house. I know is their job and their church makes them do that – but it’s extremely rude to invade my personal space and privacy with that. I find it very rude – I don’t bring anything to your house – don’t bring it to mine.

So rude and disrespectful!

I need signs!!

I’m done with these solicitors selling stupid shit 🤨 and people coming to my house to speak of Jesus Christ – nope!! I’m very offended coming to my house with that. Rude

Sorry I know are Jahovah witness – but that is rude to go to someone’s house that you DO NOT KNOW … that is very rude and pushy! Keep that to yourself cause that will turn me away every single time! I don’t want ANY religion shoved down my throat and don’t come to my house with it, unless I invite you!

So I definitely need signs 🪧 🪧 🪧

Here are few I have found…

I also found a lovely doormat since I do not have one yet… this one looks perfect!! … I kinda really love this doormat lol – I’m thinking “yes”

… and I live in an old West Country cowboy town … I think this is probably my favorite sign and I love wind chimes lol

But this is what I will probably end up doing …

So yeah – I don’t want to buy anything and I don’t wanna hear about any religion!!! Just sooooooo rude to come to a house of someone you DO NOT know!! On their ONLY days off with that shit- So incredibly RUDE!!

What will happen is I won’t be able to decide on one sign so then I will get many signs … and flags – they had no solicitor flags for your yard too … private property – no trespassing lol

Lol … yeah please don’t come to my house with that. This is my space – so yeah I’m gonna plaster signs !!! These people better read my signs!!! I wanna make sure they do not miss my signs!!!

Stay away!!

This is a reason the country was nicer – none of this stupid stuff!! There was peace and silence and none of this crap!

Ok so… signs signs everywhere signs lol


Ugh annoying that I even need signs!!! Totally need signs!!! Not gonna deal with this all the time – nope 👎 stay away please. You are recorded on my video surveillance lol – I do have that. Lol

So whatever – I’ll get signs

Ring at your own risk lol – but don’t unless I know you or invite you.

That’s just not welcome to my home. Please leave me alone.


Omg that’s like the longest intro ever!! That’s what it used to be like back in the day lol 🙄✌️

But yes – please just let me be.

Isn’t it cool when you can relate to a song… sometimes not til years later? Lol you can always find music 🎶 well usually lol ✌️

Ok well gnite 🌙 💤

I might be back to read shortly – probably yes

I have to do one more thing but I am just being slow.

Oh yeah… I also need some kinda window film for my front door…

So that is awful, people can look right in… so I need something for that!! I love the light that comes in but I also like little more privacy!!

So ok – making my fortress lol 😄😘✌️

Ok I probably be back ✌️😘

14 thoughts on “Enough!!

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    1. Maybe Moron – I didn’t give them enough time to explain – they look like men in black with their suits

      Nope. Didn’t matter which they were. I was not keeping that door open!! Nope 👎

      Yes I like your sign… do you only have one? Does it work? … but I also don’t wanna miss Girl Scout cookies lol just incase they come to my house.


      1. Yeah… suits = mormon. Intentional typo in your comment.

        I only have 1. Seems to work well but I honestly don’t pay attention. It’s a eye level.

        I also disconnected the doorbell.. that was because it was a horrible & startling buzzer.

        We don’t get door to door girl scouts around here. I’ve never seem one. I don’t even see that at stores anymore.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Huh ok I dunno

        Yeah I haven’t seen any either – but I still hope lol

        They are at the stores here … is all over for this year though


  1. Yes you do need signs, and something for that space in your front door. Privacy is must and people need to respect it to be honest. In defense of those people they didn’t really had a choice perhaps because they get sent by higher ups. But still privacy is must.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – I know is job or others make them – is their orders or whatever. It’s kinda creepy and ya know I can still throw out “Covid” lol ✌️

      I just would like privacy, safety and to not be bothered with things when at home. Is my peace, so don’t appreciate

      Yes so I will have signs and I was looking at these pretty window clings that look like stained glass – that would be pretty when sun hits it ❤️

      I love stained glass ❤️ we see

      Yeah I’m just really private, guarded and I need space from the world when at home. I just need one place to be away.

      You are very kind 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Not hidin nothing!

      My home is my place to get away from the world – is one place I can run to.

      So yeah… I don’t like any of that coming to my door. At home, please leave me alone.

      I want one place to get away, I paid enough for it.

      I have rough job with rough weeks – I just want peace and solitude when am at home. Totally need peace from the world.

      So absolutely I am not hiding nothing lol

      They do get to me… I don’t invade their space on their time off at their home. I would appreciate the same. ✌️

      It’s very rude… it’s a constant stream of salesmen and religious people 🤨 so yes I am fed up! I would like to relax when I am at home.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do get it, they are called Hawkers here and l am not as polite. l challenge their beliefs wish them a nice day and then say goodbye and only rude if they insist which some do over here.

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