Well, well, well…

When I was little … if I would say “well” to begin to explain anything – my father would say “well is a deep subject” lol

I finally got that cover letter – it is cute lol … they want to do the cosmetology … ok but that is not the position I am seeking and not my department… and they will require a mortuary degree – yeah that is not the position I am seeking …

But we get a lot of people wanting that believe it or not – do not glamorize it like on tv or something.

They want so badly that, they searched a cover letter – copy pasted and changed few words to fit them but left in the madlibs type wording like “company name” or whatever lol

That’s not what am seeking at all.

It’s not the movies


That’s not all this is. Maybe back in the day? Or at a privately owed facility but even still you would need licensing because you would do everything at a privately owned one. It’s not just make up and hair. Wouldn’t that be fun? But no.

There is a lot more than you think and is the embalmers who do that. So… you wanna do that? Not me! No thank you!

Don’t just dreamily look at something… if you want it, then look and see how – there is google.

Sometimes if you want something you must have patience and work towards it!


I did get that cover letter…

But is not my area or this job. Dreams – you have to work at them if you want them. And it’s not like the movies.


So… ya know… also be realistic

Is not so glamorous lol – is not how you think

Well anyway. Meh 😑

But ok … not really a hall of fame’er lol. But I will respond, let this person know what exactly I am looking for.

I got Girl Scout cookies this weekend – is their last weekend to be selling them 😮 … I was Girl Scout lol – I always support ❤️

My oldest came over to get some, and he said “what do the Boy Scouts sell? Cause the Girl Scouts got the cookies cornered lol, what do boys sell?”

Ya know? I have no idea??? What do boys sell?? Do they sell something ???

Guess you can’t compete with cookies 🍪 ❤️

I hate that they only sell for a moment every year!!

If I work by home – my commute is .04 miles 😮😵‍💫

I think of and just smile ❤️❤️🙏🙏


I do love the peace of my house 😊

It’s very wide open and flows nicely.

Here is a funny story lol …

So… I will be painting eventually but for now I figure out how I want to decorate lol – then I will be ready to pick paint – I do little by little eventually lol …

So here is a photo… this is my guest bathroom … I kinda like that mermaid theme… very much! So I have that statue … you see where it is in this photo…

My view is from the side and ya know, I’m a woman – I sit lol 😄😘✌️ so I just like her lol

And then my oldest goes to use bathroom and he say “mum she looking right at you when you going to bathroom” lol

So if you are a stander then THIS is your view :

I did not see that perspective until he tell me 😄😄😄 … but I also find that humorous so whatever 😘


Lol 😄 … it was so funny when he just show me that perspective lol

… there was one time when he was 4, we were at Disney… there was this ride called Alien Invasion … and he says to me “hey mum are you sure this isn’t scary?”

It’s Disney, how scary it gonna be? It will be fine, I said lol

Then they say heart problems or pregnant don’t ride and maybe not young kids – but he was mature and this was Disney …

It was only seat vibrations and things how bad could be?

Well omg 😮😄😄😄 it was bad – really really bad lol … I’m sure if you search YouTube you can see someone’s post – I don’t really want to ever see that again lol

He remembers lol – sorry buddy. After that he didn’t always believe me if something was scary lol


He does not trust my critique on rides since then…

After that we were gonna ride “Mr Toads wild ride” and he say to me “ is this gonna be scary?”

I say “no not at all” lol

And I would get the side eye lol 🤨 … I would have to promise lol

Also… my face looks very young.. it always has – I have one of those faces you remember from school… it just ages slowly – which is good – I appreciate.

Plus I have a young figure, and then old soul with young spirit so probably aids in making me seem young?? I don’t know??

So the theme this week is gonna be my age lol … because ya know, people don’t generally ask…

So I just don’t say, and my kids don’t come out to Sacramento where I work – they do not know my people.

So then when they question and I say – no one ever Ever believes me… they always shocked

This is why I get hit on by young guys – it is because my appearance is young. I don’t look my age which is good but also sometimes not

There are instances that I don’t like it lol … because everyone perceives me as young and inexperienced in life but they underestimate and perceive me to be young when I am not lol … so I do not like that ✌️

Most are just shocked because I do not look my age. … I always say is because when I was 9, I drank from the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine, FL lol – true story lol … so I just say that lol

I had fun with my friends last night though – they stayed til 9 – they had hour drive home.

I love the chairs and they bring me other things too ❤️



I have incredible people in my life. I’m very blessed and thankful ❤️

Also… neighbor guy is cool lol… sometimes he’s really social – sometimes he is not

On weekends, he will call me… hey there

He’s very sweet! I asked if he would want to walk with me to see the walking distance and time to the work here… so I would not have to go alone.

Well… instead he drive me in his pick up 😄 I already knew where was – I coulda done that lol

But whatever – was fun to go for ride through town lol – he show me different new areas that they building 😮 whoa 😳

My area very crazy expensive 😮… it’s crazy

The developers are just having a field day!

Well anyway – had a nice Sunday drive.

He’s very nice – he’s old … 78 I think he say – sometimes he doesn’t hear me well lol – I have to speak up and I think he reads lips lol

Very sweet man. He’s funny but I do not think he means to be??

So… anyway – this is my life lol … I kinda have a wonderful life ❤️


I am silent don’t forget – and I like to keep to self and do for self lol … but I have people who when I tell you they are amazing – it makes me cry because of their care and thought and they are very special

Don’t touch me too much in the heart because I cry ✌️😘 is good – but I cry

See how they my second family and then see how one is humble ? ❤️

I love my people ❤️

Lol … so I guess the “well” was a deep subject ✌️😘

If/when I leave… I leave them

So change is hard for that kinda but I know to do what is best for me and my family – I know

I be sad to leave them – they just touch my heart a lot so … I kinda love them lol


But in deepest respect way – because they are amazing people ❤️ all of them

But yes I know to make decision best for me – I know this.

Ok gnite – I be back shortly to read

3 thoughts on “Well, well, well…

Add yours

    1. Thank you 🥰

      It’s a really nice house. Really open and flows amazing – quiet and peaceful / just chill 😊 very nice flow to it- peaceful

      When people see my kitchen they die… it’s HUGE!! Soooooo many counters!! Omg I could cook for days and still have tons of counters open… also lots of cabinets and it’s just huge!! I could fit a crowd in there

      It opens right up to living room and then there is hallway and that bathroom… plus 3 bedrooms … one is mine and has walk in closet and bathroom

      My daughter has other bedroom (normal closet – no bathroom lol)

      And the other room is I guess office/ guest room?

      I have a built in desk in kitchen lol. I’m telling you people see that kitchen lol – it’s huge! Beautiful kitchen omg

      And then I still have a huge area with nothing lol

      I think I will do a dining table maybe? And a sitting area maybe?

      It’s a nice house 😊❤️

      I have to do little cosmetic fixes – paint and fix few things etc etc

      But is a really beautiful house!! Is all wood floors ❤️ I have area rugs. I like the floors a lot though they so beautiful!

      But again I also have fixes and repairs -which is fine too, because then I make it mine 😊❤️

      So far coming along nicely 😊

      Thank you very much 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds awesome. I thought all American kitchens were huge? What is the light like there is it bright?

        You’ll now make it yours with the little fixes and nice touches. Judging by the bathroom, you are quite houseproud [that’s a compliment not a naggle] I am houseproud, not obsessive, but l like my home to be clean and reflect me.


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