The humanity

Ok so… I am not really sure how I like the world right now? So much fighting always over everything – and just people suffering

I saw something that when they got to border they were asked which other country would you like to live? 😮😮 can’t even imagine the heart wrenching emotions holy moly how awful!!

So see … and then on top of that to leave behind someone you love because they have to fight – or to make your family go so you may fight and they be safe 😮😮

So it just bothers me a lot – breaks my heart they have to be forced like that 💔 that’s so wrong

It’s just ya know – kind heavy … is always in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

My grandmother is full Lithuanian … my GREAT grandmother came to the United States when Lithuania was still part of Russia / Soviet Union

Around 1913 ??

And then it was what? 1918? They free?

My family is from Kaunas – I don’t know them. I only know the last name lol … are you curious? Lol

I see their faces and I can see my grandmother and great grandmother lol – that’s kinda trippy

But anyway…I dunno 🤷‍♀️ my life keeps going so I will just tell you the events …

Ok well – I work alot and I am quiet … you see me coming in and out or leaving but – I pretty much hmm I stay hidden lol 🤷‍♀️ I am elusive 😄😘

When I first move in there this man who live next door and he’s really nice – maybe my parents age-ish ? So 15-20 years older ?? He’s very sweet…

Every garbage and recycle day, he puts my cans down for me and also takes them up before I get home ❤️ I have given him delicious oranges 🍊 to say thank you

I am either never around or around when have daughter – I would say I am ghostly lol 😘 just a quiet neighbor … seen occasionally briefly but not really heard from … yeah I am elusive lol

Yesterday he call me to say hello and to talk about heat and stuff lol

And then he call me again today to say he left some mandarin oranges on my front porch for me – the bag was too big and he would never eat them all he said – please enjoy lol ❤️

Also the solution I gave him yesterday was no go because we fricken live in California where they consider certain things seasonal – as if they had seasons or something in this area 🙄 annoying but whatever

My solution was one of those portable radiator heaters for time being at either Home Depot or Lowes? But like I said is seasonal item and we in spring not winter 🙄 whatever

It’s been cold at night 🥶

I have an extra one I was not using so I let him use as long as need… I told him to just beware because it was shorting my ?? Circuits? I kept having to go to fuse box 🤨

Anyway.. he’s funny – I’m not sure what to make of him just yet… he’s very sweet kind neighbor

He just has the one name I have a bias against lol .. is Satan’s name and all the others I know with that name hmm well is questionable!! I give chance as person because that is not fair for me to associate all people with this name lol – but we see

The name DOES put me on guard and I am extra careful lol

But he seems nice -so we go with that lol – he’s very sweet so far

I have a question … about yard care…

Ok so… I can’t not yank anything – so I am worried if I do gas mower I would not be able to do by myself ever … I don’t have the strength in my chest and I just couldn’t

So I worry how I would start it.

And given this stupid war – gas maybe not best choice?

But then what is my other choices? Ok well I could do electric 🤨 … is it bad of me to make a face? Just because I be at mercy of the charge 🤨 … and my yard is large

But with electric I just push a button right? And it has to be cordless charging electric because I’m not gonna walk all around with cords – nope

I could get one from turn of century 1900 lol … with bag and powered by me – but I sort of see that going very badly so I just won’t waste my time or money

Another option is to just keep having someone do for me lol… which I just like a lot lol

But ya know .. do myself 💪 – should be fine

But what think on lawn mower ? Considering all aspects – it has to be easy because of my chest – so please keep that in mind when recommending lol

I could do some plants and things ?? Maybe?? I will try one at time – because I am plant grim reaper

There is only one plant I have kept alive for 2/3 years and that is the aloe Vera plant 🪴 lol – I am allergic to it – but I keep it alive lol ❤️

It somehow likes me or I care for it decently ? Not sure? But it never dies and gets bigger 😮

Well anyway.

Ok well today I am being lazy 😮😮 I have tons to do but my body is just like nope 👎

I just wanna be lazy!! But then part of me is annoying and makes me feel like I must do things ( which I should – but eh I’m not really motivated at all!!)

Because I know week gonna hit hard – I wanna soak up all the energy possible

I should do things – I might – we see it’s already afternoon and I be lazy lol – I found a latch hook and got absorbed with that and also watching a mindless show

Neighbor guy see me this morning before shower 😮 🧟‍♀️ lol oh well whatever … I have no bra on because I am at home and I was hurting with the bra

I am not modest, because nope not really ? Is not body image – I’m fine with body ❤️ love own body

But is more I dunno… protective maybe?

Bra has been hurting lately? I have not put a bra on all weekend and 🙌 😮 omg so I kinda like that – doesn’t hurt and is good

I kinda don’t wanna wear a bra ALL the time but nope no way … must at work or outside of house nope nope nope

Technically.. can go completely topless like a man if I wanted – and not be arrested … because the way our law reads … it states showing areola which I do not have 🙌 hahaha ❤️❤️ I do kinda like that I can get away with something on a technicality lol – that’s a little humorous lol

I like having the option – but I would never lol

We see what I say in summer 😄 I’m kidding maybe

Ok well whatever – I think I will shower

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  1. Cordless mower might be best for you Trisha.

    Petrol is an expense no one needs at present, cables can get underfoot. Alternatively perhaps easy option is to utilse a gardening service anyway who have all the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Does the bra hurt because it is the wrong fit or for other reasons? I ask genuinely, l used to be a Bra fitting specialist for a high street ladies fashion chain but of course that was way back in the later 80’s and things have changed considerably. But l have an interest in bras. Do you use a bra fitting service, that might help you also ease with the pain and discomfort.

    Bras can be the most annoying garments when they cause discomfort to the wearer.

    Obviously to not wear a bra is the best way, as it allows more freedom and circulation so l can understand your desire to do so when you don’t. It’s all about finding the right balance.

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    1. Lol … currently using a yard service cause is easier for me at present moment

      And to be completely honest – I probably be slacker with yard work lol 😉✌️ it would be little hard for me and I will be slow … for now I let professionals do. But to save money I do want to do myself even if I am slow and awful at it lol

      Well I do not know regarding bra?? My right side is bad side – it’s just odd always? It was never same after surgeries – is where all cancer was … I have a scar that starts in center of chest and goes all the way across breast, straight to underarm… that side had 2 lumpectomies and then finally had to just do mastectomy – so little ?? Just beat up I guess ? Looks good they rebuild beautiful

      I do not know how to use a bra fitting service lol

      But that would be good idea – I will google

      For maybe the last week & 1/2 … I dunno first my scars were bothering me… but that’s not out of ordinary but was not usually daily – now is daily as soon as I put on bra – probably scar tissue so it gives me this ghost itch?? Oh it’s a severe inside itch and I can’t not scratch because is in area I have no feeling and the scar itself give me quick electric sensations … it drives me insane until I take the bra off

      I probably need a specialty fit or custom because of that side – is different from left.

      lol yes I also like no bra but I have to be careful just with lifting things or whatever

      I sorta found a possible solution lol … I am currently testing out…

      But I was going through a box for something and there were all my bikinis 👙… one is perfect 👍 both in look and hold!!

      Only one issue … so it’s a bathing suit bra “Type” bikini …

      It might have a couple tassels ( but that goes with the tassels on the bottoms and is one of my favorites so I can not cut them)

      I’m pretty sure I can hide the tassels tmrw… pretty sure 🙏

      So far this seems to work ok?? It is not bothering me like bra

      So this will hold me over at moment – but do I have to “go to” these bra fitting service places?

      Because there is the cancer but also I do slightly have scoliosis… but you would never know … is slight curvature – they found that when I was in junior high … maybe 11? They just watched me and it’s been fine but …

      Don’t laugh… if I bend over and let my arms hang down… one side of my back is higher than the other … it’s kinda cool … you would never know – until I tell or show that.

      Has never effected me 🤷‍♀️ except that

      So you have a lot happening with that right side … and just fit in general I suppose

      I have never really worried with whatever before.. would get my size and be done .. easy… comfortable and fine

      And then life happen so … yeah I dunno 🤷‍♀️

      They are like breasts but different a little firmer than normal pillow soft breasts (sorry for that description but yes)

      Mine are still soft .. I but jelly like, I can tell they are not me… their temp sometimes does not adjust same as my body does??

      They do not droop or anything at all … they look good and normal for more part lol

      But yeah I will probably want custom fit – I don’t know how to do that and is that gonna be weird? Lol

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  2. If l was you Trisha, l would do some Googling in your area and see what is available. I think you are in CA, but l might be wrong, so the search l performed showed me LA, but l don’t think you are in LA. Is LA part of SoCal?

    The service you are looking for is Bra Fitting Specialist/Expert Bra Fittings – mostly the service should be free, but it’ll depend perhaps where you go.

    But they would be able to suggest to you also alternatives.

    Most bra fitters can measure you fully clothed, some might request you remove clothing from the waist up, others may simply say that wearing a bra is okay. It all depends upon the fitter.


    With regards the garden, how about choosing baby steps to begin with and then progressing to bigger stuff? A gardening service has all the tools and they take the expense from you regarding maintenance and updating and repiars and so on. try shopping around for a good system or even asking some of the neighbours who they use or suggest.

    When it comes to the time that you want to do some gardening, identify what it is you exactly want? Low maintenance gardens are ideal especially for those short of time and not garden orientated. Lawns are easier than huge ornamental gardens.

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    1. I am in Northern California

      Southern California is very far from me

      I am where there is the great redwoods and wine country … Union Pacific railroad and gold rush things

      So Cal is Hollywood/LA/beaches/theme parks etc lol

      LA is Los Angeles … that is Southern California … that is a good 10/12 hours from me by car lol

      Hmmm I will google but I dunno how at ease I am with that lol

      In this day and age I can’t just scan with the phone or something?

      Women do this??


      I don’t know if I am ok with it?? Man or woman? I’m really private and quiet currently – that sounds slightly outside my realm lol

      I don’t think I want that… there has to be a bra company out there for cancer people that specialize specifically with certain issues?? There must be I really haven’t looked

      It just really started giving me issues recently

      I’m gonna have to know people before I whip ‘‘em on out lol ✌️

      Oh I already have someone doing my lawn 😄😄

      I have a guy who does the funeral homes – so I pay him to come do my house – and then all the neighbors liked them and I got him tons of work lol

      But yes currently I have someone I trust handling my yard things 🙌

      That was like my first order of business lol

      I am in California and there is ALWAYS a drought … some people do terrain like rocks and low maintenance things … so I don’t know – the lawn is beautiful though – the summers are really hot …

      I would love to have strawberries 🍓 but they are too hard – I try already – it did not work out 😫 I was disappointed lol

      I have one aloe plant which is my claim to fame because it stays alive for me ❤️ now I kinda love it lol

      But yes I want strawberries – but they are very hard – I have not mastered lol


  3. Just on my way out, would this help?

    At Last Bra & Lingerie and Mastectomy Boutique
    Lingerie store in the Arden-Arcade, California
    Local shop since 2006 offering hard-to-fit & plus-size bras along with undergarments in many styles.
    1329 Howe Ave Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95825, United States
    +1 916-480-9501
    Woodbridge Office Park

    They are more of a specialist, l remember reading a post where you visited Sacramento meaning l guess it’s not a thousand miles away 🙂

    Hope this helps out, give them a call, they might also be able to suggest someone closer 🙂

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