Old Sac n Stuff

So … ran too late to go have dinner last night … so instead we met up in Old Sac today (Old Sacramento)

It was nice – I’ll show you photos 😊❤️ I love Old Sac ❤️

But first… lol … so he pulls up and I do recognize him – it has been 3 years …

He’s young… 36… so anyway… he looks same, little Covid extra pounds on him but generally same… is very much a cutie

This one is a sweet one, very sweet… kind, gentle – not an asshole lol

The only thing is… he is little maybe shy? Not totally confident? very very sweet, and totally not an asshole – we had a fun time walking around Old Sac

But I am confident one, I am firey? Maybe electric? Lol … I am energetic and just full of life … but I am definitely firey 🔥… meaning I have a sweet disposition but also I have a quiet forwardness and confidence. I tend to be a whirlwind – is hard to explain… I am quiet – but I just have a spirit

He is not as confident, energetic or full of life. He’s very sweet … very kind… gentle – just maybe follower? Not take charge type?

So my thing is… strength and protection and life?

I do not know if I got that from him – he kinda let me direct things lol … which is awesome… but I also do not always want to direct

I do not always want to be in charge – I like to feel protected too… I did not really get that. And there was not that electricity? So I don’t know.

Again he was kind and sweet, he let me control … yeah that’s the thing – I do not always want to be the one calling shots … also don’t be an asshole … but be strong in confidence – I want to feel protected and secure

I wasn’t sure he has that feature – he seemed very out to making sure whatever I wanted. But not like what do I want… more like just let me have all the control lol – I hate to say it like that because I do not want an asshole … he was definitely not that. I just don’t want all the pressure lol – nah

I don’t want to always be in control – I want someone who’s going to also take control and also just be my equal? Not always let me run the show.

I am extremely confident woman .. so you can NOT be scared of that. I am not scary at all… I am also gentle and kind – I’m just really confident …

You can NOT fear that! Just be normal – don’t worry … I laugh a lot and joke a lot … I have a gift with people in general making them feel at ease, and if I have to take charge, I do… but I don’t always want to do that

Very very sweet guy… just a little shy and timid and not very full of life? Very very sweet – good person – nice man… I can not express his sweet and kindness because he definitely has that!! ❤️

And I definitely don’t want asshole… but again I also want to feel protected and secure and not always have to run the show.

I would hang back to see if he would, but he really just let me decide everything and make all the decisions. Omg lol

I do want an equal… I do want a fire …,I didn’t really get that feeling? I’m gonna need you to light my fire


So yeah lol … I dunno – I do like strength of spirit and confidence. I know a man can have that and not be an asshole and he doesn’t have to be perfect or anything…

But I want to feel safe, and secure… protected? So I need strength and confidence to match mine. I want to feel like woman and ya know be swept 🧹 so … I dunno… you just have to light my fire 🔥

I don’t know how to tell you to do that. And you have to be careful… because if you make it too hot – I might be cautious so … fine line lol … you can go slow and still make it hot – you just have to know who you deal with, and not be an asshole lol 😘✌️

Come at me slow… but definitely show me confidence. I also like kindness and stuff … I don’t know – see this is really hard 🤨

And no offense … can they be a little older please? … totally like and appreciate 30’s but that’s kinda young for me… I really am not overly comfortable being really old one

Well anyway… on to the photos ❤️🙌❤️

We didn’t go here – but this is the California State Capitol in Sacramento ❤️

The Sacramento River
Also the Sacramento River

Trees were in my way… but this is the Tower Bridge … we did not walk to other side for better picture… but is a stunning and beautiful bridge!! You should see it at night!! 😮… they used to (before Covid) shut that bridge down and have a Farm to Fork party – all the fresh produce and things from the Valley ❤️ – this bridge also opens up to let giant boats through lol – is quite the site!!

The Ferris wheel is a new addition – this was not here before … but looks to be permanent? As well as the following pic which is a merry-go-round lol

Those 2 things are new… not sure when they added these?? I haven’t been to Old Sac in awhile – even though I work not too far away lol

The next photos I am going to add are of Old Sacramento building and streets ❤️ kinda take you back into old west little bit …

The Railroad Museum is amazing – but we did not go in… I have been there a million times – is better with kids – but the place is amazing – you will see Thomas too ❤️❤️❤️ the history is incredible… ❤️ All about it’s creation – all the diverse immigrants who helped build that and what they went through – how they lived – it’s amazing ❤️ you should see the locomotives 🚂 😮😮❤️❤️❤️


Very unassuming building for a Supreme Court – is no longer a Supreme Court … is the Old Sacramento Visitor’s Center now.

You used to be able to go down there but is boarded off now… is just a tiny little section of what used to be Sacramento … Sacramento used to be 10 feet lower… but they raised the city due to winter flooding

I did not take photo of the courtyard sorry – they also do underground tours of the original Sacramento ❤️

Sacramento History Museum

There is even a bar called O’Mally’s … but they spell it different … It SHOULD be: O’Malley’s … they forgot the e before the y!!! But I guess is someone else’s version

I do know – there are several spellings and versions to this last name… 🤨 just looks really wrong to me lol

Cool little bar I suppose … it’s just all green with the Ireland flag and USA flag… has leprechauns and fighting Irish little knickknacks 🤨🙄 green lights … lol just a lot of green lol 💚💚💚

Anyway… that is Old Sac… is beautiful – taffy shops – food… drink … omg the most amazing toy stores!! Omg … you can not let me go in there!!! Just don’t… and omg do not show me magnets – toys, magnets or beautiful things just don’t – you will lose me in these shops 😮 don’t – I have to look at everything

This is only just a very small slice of Sacramento omg I haven’t even shown you all of it… that is just Old Sac ❤️ so tiny – there is still Sutters Fort, many many things – just in Sacramento … I also have Gold Rush areas near me which are also quite fascinating!

Is a beautiful State Capitol! ❤️ you should visit California when stupid Covid is over!!

All the photos are mine ✌️

This is NOT my video – but this is someone else’s amazing video of Old Sac ❤️👏👏👏… they did amazing job with that!! I do not know them but great video!! This is Old Sac 👇❤️


Is really awesome ❤️

So that’s what I did today 🙌

Beautiful amazing sunny day, historical stuff ❤️❤️❤️ was entertaining no matter what. Had a nice time

I did like the guy… he was sweet and cool – great guy… heart of gold. Down to earth. He just seemed very young

Someone gonna have to step to me with confidence, but don’t be an asshole or come on way too strong!! I do not know how to tell you

I don’t think I have a type? I dunno? 😮 but I do need strong and confident – yeah I kinda like that- but again – not an asshole…

And I love sweetness and humanity… I do love strength too 😮😮 not like muscles, more like spirit and mind? No I am not a hippie!!

Be confident and let me enjoy being with you – make me want you! So ya know – no one does that


Anyway… California is really incredible and large and has a lot of pretty awesome stuff ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you to:


For the awesome idea to exit this post with lol 😘👏✌️

Come to California lol ❤️ … just wear a mask, have your vaccines lol… don’t bring Covid!!

Or just wait lol … until you able to … here are photos and things 🙌❤️✌️

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  1. Sorry the lunch wasn’t more balanced. I hope he was being respectful but it sounds like he’s not a leader and/or is introvert.

    One of my favorite tacky souvenirs is from Old Town… a shot glass on cowboy boots… maybe with a cowboy hat (I can’t recall). I told the person “when you see a cheap souvenir and think, ‘who’d want that POS?’, that’s exactly what I want!”


  2. Some great shots in there Trisha, l don’t know why so many people say America doesn’t have history? it does, it’s just not really old old history like some countries but it’s still great history.

    Do you think your date felt intimidated by your sassy confidence? I like confident women, Suze used to be very confident – the cancer took that away from her. I am hoping the time away in Australia will restore that to her.

    I wasn’t originally going to say anything here, but l wanted to.

    I think that sometimes men are not sure what to do with a confident woman – and l don’t mean this from an asshole point [not me l mean as in others who we look upon and think WTF asshole!!] I recently saw a programme over here one night and was astonished at how selfish the younger male generation seem to have become.

    I know at times l can be old fashioned [and awkward and inappropriate maybe] but l have never been an asshole. This programme was about dating couples and as l watched l couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to the male race? Many were selfish, others arrogant and rude? Some were not even polite to their dates.

    So your date was at least polite, but maybe your confidence, your natural zest and sass for life was overwhelming to him? You did say he was younger than you. what was it 12 years. There was 12 years between my wife and myself, she was 12 years younger than me.

    You need someone with the same amount of fire and sass as you but in the ying and yang of balance and at times that can be hard matches.

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    1. You like to spark shit lol ❤️ you are awesome 👏 kinda like banter so I like that…

      Ok so let’s see…

      New England area has most of history – but before the English and immigrants from various places came over … they took over the history before them… we have native Americans too ❤️ there are some incredible places for that too!! ❤️ we do have history – it just not grand like yours 😘 😮

      Ours is breathtaking in another way… yours has grandeur

      Mine is people- just people lol …grandeur in another way – some sites are still breathtaking!! You should come see lol

      Nope… he laughed the whole time, we had fun… I make you feel at ease – I’m not pushy just jokey

      And I also feel that if can’t be self then not worth it – if can’t be free … totally not worth it. I’m good then.

      Well hold on though – I am confident in areas… mostly comes out here and at work – cause I’m done with the shit 😉 at work I am all work though.

      Things can be traumatic and cancer was a traumatic event for me too – also adding all the death and issues with ex, I went through at same time, so it compounded

      I am confident in who I am yes absolutely. I’m gonna be who I am … so if not a match with that – I’m fine with it. If can’t accept – isn’t meant to be

      Omg lol let’s not talk about how young he was. 😝 omg – I had no idea … at least 15 🤦‍♀️ ugh

      Nope – I am not gonna have anything with problems … so either meshes well and we enjoy life completely – or no

      Pretty simple

      Otherwise – meh.

      You just have to be very very careful!! Know someone first.

      Yes attraction a thing – oh hell yeah lol … but… what you see is not always what you get and there are motives and stupid shit – ugh so whatever

      They don’t need to be like me – I would prefer they be themself – I want to know who is around me. I do not want motive or someone like Satan.

      I provide for myself… so quite frankly I want peace – I would love the added bonus of someone to have fun with, enjoy life with… but something is important to me very much – and if their soul isn’t good then they can’t be a match so… I want peace

      What man gonna give me that? So we see lol 😘✌️

      If no man does, I give to myself then – because why waste my time, when I can enjoy life myself as it comes … because you can plan life or want life … but ya know Covid – so who knows life?

      I don’t mind taking my time… because I don’t want anything bad so… ya know peace or nothing. Lol

      Hard core 💋✌️

      Whatever – I really just enjoy life with whatever sorta …

      Guys are all about sex all the time … so ya know I just hang back – I’m good – it’s too much and like all the time always …

      I always need time so … I’m not too serious with anyone because no sparks my interest BY NOT doing that lol – show me you think about other things or nope lol

      I just wanna be myself and have fun, enjoy life in the moments I can. If a man can’t love me for who I am – then why would I want them?

      So yeah that’s my big thing – plus guys are Assholes lol kidding – I know not all lol ❤️

      But single ones lol 😄😘✌️

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      1. The Americas and the Australias have an old style colonial charm to them and l think many people look at these and think that because they are not like the charms of European history that they are not worth that much.

        I lived in Australia and grew up with Australian history that yes is and was younger than European and British history but it was still history and l loved the rusticness, l should imagine the Americas is very much the same. I was never that fond of British history as l found much of it quite pompous.

        Mostly l am referring to the snobbery of history and not so much the historical value or the culture value.

        History is history whatever a person thinks – there is old and ancient and young and new.

        My yesterdays have already gone, they are now part of my own history. I have found people who don’t like history don’t displike history they dislike their own history and want to erase it fast.

        But l love history for the rawness of it.

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      2. Well even before that we have the Native American history – many different types of tribes all across the United States

        Like said not as grand as your history which goes back millennia and more 😮

        Ours probably does too – just not same way

        Ours is more fascination about how they lived, the things they created, how they made their homes and things – is pretty incredible ❤️ also they knew the earth ❤️

        Definitely rustic lol

        We don’t have overly deadly things like frogs 🐸 or spiders 🕷 … we have black widows and maybe a few others but they don’t bother unless provoked …and no poisonous frogs

        British history is little bit pompous like you say … really proper with your kings and queens… a lot of unrest through the ages, due to class or religion 😮

        But it’s your history but also the magnificent architecture you have!! The way your people lived and now especially in America … everyone from everywhere … so my family is European decent

        Mostly Ireland but there is other places too

        As with everything – it’s all how you look at it!! 🙌 and I’ve never seen yours – it seems so grand and great!! Awe inspiring 🙌

        Oh I love our history – quite proud of it

        Nothing to be disliked or erased – I can’t erase Satan history – was lessons learned ✌️ we can’t erase Covid either – is good to learn from past and also fascinating

        And crazy too look back and see how was

        When we have people over 100… I always imagine all the things they saw within their lifetime 🙌❤️ can you imagine that?? Insane!! What a lifetime!! 😮

        I just love all history – if history is involved I am captivated ❤️

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      3. It seems a shame that many younger guys are displaying assholish behaviour, it is an arrogance, but is that now the norm?

        I am l think 9/10 years older than you, so there is a generation between us, our thinkings and thoughts but you are still a good confident generation, you grew up in the 70’s and truly appreciated your younger teenager years in the 80’s, but you grew up with values, you know what you want from life. I grew up with the same core beliefs and values.

        I think a lot of the young of today have these huge expectations that we – you and l – didn’t grow up with.

        i don’t know, l am fairly modern thinking but l do know and not jumping on labels, but autism at times can throw a spanner into modern thinking and thoughts by simply stating the obviousness of things at times – observations and thoughts – can be seen to be slightly different to other folks.

        I just think – well the times are achanging as they should of course, but l am not totally sure how the race of genders and the equalities required for each gender to be seen as balanced and fair and equal are going to pan out in the future.

        People are changing, their views, their histories, their thoughts, their outlooks.

        Not all guys are assholes. I sometimes wonder if the word ass is feminine or masculine? If a guy is an asshole does that mean that a woman can be one too, or is that when the word bitch comes into it and is applied. Maybe it would be better is guys were Jerks or jerkoffs. I seem to recall a joke when a female friend l had said she thought the term was Jerk for aguy and jerkette for a female.

        Dang, l will probably be pondering on this all day now.

        I agree however Trisha, as much as it might be nice to have a man in your life, the chap has got to be everything, just not a jerk. but you don’t want him to be cynical either. I think cynicism is the term l would use to replace asshole, bitch or jerk and jerkette – is it is arrogant cynics?

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      4. Yes they have the world at their fingertips – exposed to everything at early age – used to instant gratification “immediate with world at fingertips” – work ethic is not as strong, kindness – humanity … no one listens and society media driven lol

        We don’t need no education lol . I just think of that song because another brick in the wall lol

        Like molds by media – technology driven

        I do appreciate modern conveniences… but it went from 0-60 pretty fast lol

        A woman can be an asshole too lol … a man can also be a bitch lol 😄😄 😮

        Ohhh does that make women assets? Lol 😄😄❤️

        He doesn’t have to be everything – he can be himself … but I just have to know he has a heart and is good – that’s all pretty much lol

        I just wanna enjoy life – it’s very hard to find people who do the same

        Unless they my funeral people but they are not my type – I just fit with them ❤️ because they do know how to enjoy every moment even when horrific – there were several tragedies today… we cry together because sometimes is hard and touches you- your heart breaks for them

        But we still make each other laugh which lessens the load and we are there for each other – tightly!! I have the most amazing core team

        Now can I get a man like that? Lol point blank … even in the darkest hour can make me laugh or laugh with me … “balance”

        Also attraction lol just that fire? Or electric?

        So bundle all that up … and then I want one thing. But my want is not an easy want. Well though – I suppose my want… which I am not saying … I would have to just trust this person. So … we see

        Doubt it cause that’s a tall order lol 😘✌️❤️

        So I just enjoy life anyway – what will be … will be

        I’m pretty “whatever” lol laid back? I am Californiacated 😄✌️

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      5. But women are already assets anyway, aren’t they? Men would be lost without them as would children. Assets as in the nice asset and not the slang term for asses 🙂

        Wasn’t there a TV series with David Duchovny called Californication?

        I know what you mean by ‘wants’ though, and sadly no, in today’s world our wants are not easily found. I know what l want, but l very much doubt l will find it not with the person l am today. I am somewhat cynical to relationships now, l still love women, but not sure if l would want a relationship as in full time. I love my independence more and the only thing l truly miss is sex.

        The latter would make me sound like an asshole – l am not, l am not out there eyeing up every woman l see and thinking of bedding them – l mean that l miss it on a more sensual and deeper level – good sex with the right woman, friend and companion is ideal – l am no longer in my 20’s and 30’s and no longer have that mindset. But l just miss sex for the skin-on-skin sensation and connection with another warmth. I am like you in that sense, l want it to mean more – it must be deeper for it to be deeper. But l am in no rush to meet someone to sate that desire.

        But covid put pay to that in so far as meeting new people as did other commitments to helping friends, it meant my life to a degree was put on hold.

        Friendship is very important to me and whilst companionship can be rewarding and fulfilling, l am still in two and maybe three minds what l want from this area of my life.

        I may never find what l am looking for. But l am happy with who l am and that is cool too.

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      6. Lol… not sure about a tv show… but definitely a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers lol

        Well I am similar … I would like someone to come home to and really enjoy life with… and not have massive issues or problems

        Also I am not stone lol… I also miss sex … totally … but am not willing to just have that without a connection and I want to be very careful with who I give myself to. Because that’s pretty big to me… and people don’t seem to really take that seriously

        I agree with you on the good sex with right person!!

        I miss sex for ALL of it lol 🙌 but I just prefer to be careful … emotions are tied to sex to me so I can’t … not just freely. But I do miss that with a person lol …

        I want the emotion with that too – so I’m just careful

        I am also not in a rush for things – if happens great, if not oh well

        I don’t feel like Covid put my life on hold – it didn’t for me… it gave me a moment to breathe … and then kept me safe at the funeral home, as well as working… it helped me get through things – gave me little tiny bonuses along the way… like highways and having Covid with my family giving me longer time with them ❤️

        And before Covid – constantly people ask me out 😳 … Covid gave me excuse to isolate which I was already doing – it just made world do it with me ❤️ and then it was better

        Covid let me relax with that a little – it’s been a crazy ride that’s for sure!!

        I still get asked out a lot, but I just keep distance – the right one will give me time and make me want to see them or be with them.

        I would definitely love a life partner to enjoy life with and be there for each other

        But I am also happy either way … I would prefer to just cherish and enjoy what I do have – when and while I have it and just enjoy life – if someone comes into my life and fits that then ok I am game.

        I agree too lol… is good to be happy with who are 🙌

        I miss sex but if isn’t what I want then I don’t want it… I can’t do the same as everyone else … emotionally I seriously can’t – so I just do my own thing until someone special comes in my life. Is easier for me that way ✌️ I am calm and there is not drama or demands or bad emotions… I have peace… and I can’t go there yet because unless I trust them – I’m not ready

        Not closed to it… but very careful. Is better because I couldn’t handle another Satan or bad experience.

        I built my own self to where am… so also don’t want that ruined either.

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      7. Yeah I think that’s valid… I definitely think of Red Hot Chili Peppers and not a tv show lol – they should have asked or paid royalties

        Must not have done very well – but I also don’t like that actor… so I would have ignored anyway lol … that’s not my type of show… I like realities or comedies, or documentaries, or autobiographies – anything baseball lol

        I don’t remember the show but again – not a show I would watch and don’t like that actor – 2 strikes already lol

        Red Hot Chili Peppers had nothing to worry about lol ❤️ 🤘

        Who won??

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      8. Which is how l feel. Covid put me on hold, because these days l am very quiet in comparison to dating before when l was a bit more active, these days l am not out there. Plus, also, l have not dated anyone for a very long time ……… a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time!! Must be nearly 10 years, the whole scene has changed.

        But also, for me personally, no different to you either Trisha, we are the same, a person must take the time to know me – my good, my bad, my ugly my fugly, my imperfections and so on, first l want friendship then something more. But the other thing is that l am on the spectrum and that has both advantages and disadvantages too and a person must get to know that too and because of THAT it makes my life a bit more awkward.

        I do odd things, l observe and sometimes say what l am thinking and people are not always prepared for that brutalness of truth, l can upset people at the drop of a hat with my honesty and the way l look at things.

        Plus, for me the real difficulty especially as l have gotten older is that because it is so important to have a relationship and a friendship and a companionship all rolled into one person, l can’t have all three of those separately. So for instance Suze is my ex, we have no relationship, our companionship is only made up on friendship now.

        But l can’t have a relationship with another person whilst Suze is my true friend, it would feel wrong and disloyal … for me it’s way harder than it is for others, but to a degree albeit with differences – you and l are on the same page – we don’t wish to rush in and whilst we still believe in people, we both know that there are some real asshats out there.

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      9. Lol … today one of my coworkers was trying to tell me who someone is… and they say to me “you know the one who is little insane?” Lol

        So I said “oh yeah that narrows it down” lol – it was just funny

        But we are all odd so whatever – lol … I don’t mind your truth …but I will also share mine too lol 🙌 – that is not a bad thing.

        Ohh … well I thought you guys came back together? And you always so sweet to her. So you have friendship – and she’s kinda a companion … but no relationship🤔 lol


        Well… something is important to me for a pretty huge reason – so … obviously you can’t really promise anything because life will just decide things for you anyway … but what I want is important to me …so I would just prefer to hang back and see if anyone worth it

        I do agree friendship first … I want to know who they are as a person? If there is a vibe? And also know me… cause they gonna have to let me be me. I don’t want to lose who I am again so …

        Yeah … we see – whatever – I try to avoid the asshats lol – that is a funny term


  3. But Suze might be traumatized by a lot of things – cancer, Covid, your split, there was alot all at once also.

    So it’s ok if her confidence is not same… just different stage of life and let her heal how she able – she will have to find herself again

    However she wants to be.

    You shut down and then just heal – you are little beat up after things

    All those things have emotions so ya know is hard

    I am only confident in little areas … I am confident with men because I know their motives.

    I am confident at work because I have incredible support – I have a family with them – we have the strongest core team. I am apart of this incredible team so ya know I am confident and I handle.

    I am confident as a mother – because I am a good mother… I love my children and would lay my life down for them.

    I am not confident when being hit on or with anger … I go sheepish and I don’t want to be there – I am quiet and I observe so ya know

    Sounds like she just needs to heal for herself – but again let her be how she wants at whatever moment.

    Give her love and let her feel safe and loved … for her ❤️

    Confidence comes in different ways too

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  4. I have done the best l can do for her, l wrote about it all yesterday. She is way better than she was last September and come a long way since. She is off to Australia for the first time since July 2019 and a lot of stuff has happened in those 30 months, to visit and stay with her daughter’s family.

    It’ll do her the world of good.

    Suze’s confidence was never like yours or as l believe yours to be based upon what and how you write and express yourself, she was shyer, a little more introverted. more introverted than me. I am not an introvert l am an amibivert l can ‘swing’ both ways pending the people l am with, l think l read the company l am with but l can make mistakes and read it wrong at times like we all can.

    But Suze was l think quietly confident. She expressed her confidence in a different way as indeed you have finished your comment with.

    But several incidences altered the way she looked at life starting with sexual harassment at work, to post menopause in 2015 and the same year her daughter moved to Australia, to the unknown virus in 2019 that nearly killed her to the cancer, the death of scrappy, the pandemic – so much has happened in a short space of time – that is enough to knock the wind from most people.

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    1. Yes that is quite a bit to have happen – life will try to swing you around like a rag doll sometimes – it does change your spirit some.

      I think Australia will be amazing for her!! To see her daughter even ❤️ be with them – totally world of good – a recharge 🙌

      Yes I do believe that’s exhausting emotional trauma.. is a lot of devastating or scary stuff

      I am both introvert and extrovert also… sometimes I am really quiet – with my people I am not.

      We spoke of this before lol… you moved alot like I did – which is why we can do both

      If wasn’t for that – I wouldn’t probably be so social? I don’t know?

      A conditioning ? Moving all around, making new friends everywhere and fast… new alot so was socialized. Constantly! Plus I was/am a girly girl lol … so… was social butterfly 🦋

      I am not that way now. Just peaceful after so much – I like the peace of everything at moment – I am tired – I just wanna enjoy life so… just kinda confident with who am for own self

      I am social though and people drawn to me instantly always!

      Also life gonna do things … so you have to learn to roll with it – or try too… but can be overwhelming

      Life can beat your spirit down / but it can also lift them up ⬆️ just takes time

      Is always just a moment and things pass… you still effected- takes time and you bounce back a little different ✌️ you learned lessons or had life altering experiences

      Humans are resilient though – the mind is an incredible thing! You just grow from things – and there is no right or wrong way to heal ❤️ or how to be for that matter

      How are you doing? You went through a lot too

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I am doing okay, thanks for asking Trisha 😊

    My confidences are great, l feel good for being alive and l am eager to move forwards in whatever direction l need to. Like others l have worries and stresses, but in all – l am pretty cool 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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