Packing and purging

I’ve been working on purging things and getting ready for the move.

I’m a little shocked how much stuff accumulated over past 2 & 1/2 years 😮

I have all that survival gear for living in country lol … I prepared for everything lol

Fires, floods, loss of electricity lol … snake bites – thankfully once I got all that stuff nothing happened 🤨😄😄 which is good, but I was prepared

I have a lot of cooking equiptment… I love to cook so I do love those things ❤️ I like to do fancy or big meals on Fridays

I just didn’t realize how much there was 😮

And then clothing – that is an issue … I am going to have to donate a lot. There is too much clothes

I have work clothes – which I do need for work…

I have winter clothes – which I hate lol ✌️ not a winter person and will probably donate a lot of that!! Bleh – winter 🥶 😝

And then thousands of summer clothes 😮 because I love summer 😮… is my season lol – I like the heat and breezy clothes ❤️ I will probably donate some of those too

I also have obsession with swimsuits 👙 … every single year I have to get a new one … is my thing

Some women like shoes or purses – I like swimsuits lol ❤️👙❤️ … I will probably donate some of those …because there is a lot of those lol – more than one person should have 😮

Also… my holiday items have grown… some Valentine’s ❤️… a lot of Irish things for St. Patrick’s day ☘️ … little bit of Easter 🐣… huge amount for July 🇺🇸 lol, that’s my season sooo much, I do own that month ❤️🇺🇸❤️… Halloween 🎃, Thanksgiving, and of course a lot of Christmas 🎄 stuff … wow that stuff multiplies 😮 and I don’t really buy things 😮 – I guess maybe some 😮

There is just a lot of stuff I didn’t realize I accumulated 😮

I have really loved living in the country – it has been great healing for my soul ❤️‍🩹 … it has kept me safe and secure and just been wonderful and amazing – I love it very much ❤️ it has given me great peace ❤️

My new house is not in the country… is in my small California town – but it’s private and also beautiful – so I hope to have great peace there too ❤️🙏

I will miss being so far out in country a little because the beauty takes my breath away ❤️

My soul healed being there – so little sad to leave

Is moments of bittersweet – I am excited – but I still have a great love of the country – I have a beautiful, breathtaking country 🇺🇸 – it is magnificent and soul healing ❤️

I have felt loved and protected here ❤️

I am about to have new journey 😮 so that is pretty deep

It was the country and the people (aka angels) who came into my life with peace ❤️

Thank you for being my angels ❤️

So now I kinda set out on my own 😮

As I clean my house out is just weird – has been my respite for awhile now ❤️

I’m ready for new things little by little – but I am stronger than yesterday ❤️

Little steps at a time


To new year and new adventures 😮🙏❤️

Off to bed because is work holiday so I make double time tmrw because I still work 😮 – instead of Friday – they give us holiday pay on Monday and we CAN NOT take Monday off!! Whole weekend of death just happened – we have to work!!! Don’t know what corporation thinking but whatever 🙄 bonus for us

Ahhh corporations 🙄 but whatever go ahead pay me

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