This is why…

So… today I tell someone who I have dinner with and immediately they ask if I sleep with him … when I said no… they said “Trisha that was your Christmas gift” 🙄 whatever

I am very happy and at peace with my decision totally. If man can’t deal – not my problem… move along then …

Adonis… ok well – too perfect … c’mon … don’t trust any of it… hot man, in town for few nights… of course he gonna impress and put in effort 🙄

A man can tell you anything he wants about himself … if don’t know him. I do not trust in general, and not just looking for sex – that would NOT be a problem to get if I wanted to 🤨🙄😑

As a matter of fact… here ya go… this is what is like to be woman…

Went to another location today outside of my funeral homes… these other funeral homes were having their Christmas party 🎉

Other corporate guys were there too

And I was in office with one of them when working… funny and flirty – the others were in other room and would come to check messages

When you catch me in my funeral homes – I am in my element and you can just see my personality – which is also why I like being hidden away – my personality draws people

Anyway… so another young cute one – but cute in different way lol … still no

Same thing… ask me what is to do? And this one asked me to dinner 🙄

So see 🙄👎 that is why you give time to know someone.

Also… for me sex actually means something and I do not want just anyone … no I am good… I handle my own self just fine and peacefully ❤️

Also I keep my balance because if we being honest… I am not emotionally ok with having sex with someone I don’t know. I already know I would not be good… so if the man can’t handle and isn’t interested then bye 👋

Mentally I know what I can and can not handle. So I would rather know someone and actually have it at ease – I can not do any kinda games or let go like that. Not the girl

And then that’s something … ok… so… I have curves – I am a woman and I like the curves – I know where to accent and what to wear tastefully (unless I’m at home lol then it’s whatever I want lol)

But I do like curves – always – have them and accentuate them lol ✌️ whether in dresses, skirts or pant suits – always curves lol ✌️

Then I look young and then the red hair is always a thing 🤨🙄

Also… I am afraid of leaving death because then I know I leave myself open to more of that… that is not what I am looking for and too much all at once overwhelms me.

Then… I always look nice or put together when going out … like to match and things

I do not look nice for other people… I do that because “I” feel good like that. If you feel good then you on it. But I do not do that for other people

I am not ok just letting go with JUST anyone. Nope. I’m not that type and ya know… I prefer peace and also if a man is worth it … it won’t be issue. if can’t have patience then don’t want.

I am fine taking my time for amazing…

Just because someone is good looking or does or says all the right things doesn’t mean they are worth it.

I have heard all of it… and unless I hide away, happens a lot !!! So I like hiding away and having my own peace

Patience and peace so…

Is not missed opportunity. Isn’t worth it to me unless patient then we see.

They just see what they can hit.

And also “communicable diseases” lol … yeah I’m not messing around with just anyone! Don’t care who is… could be President or a king – still no

People so quick to do… I am fine on own and way way way more peaceful – when someone is worth it – then yes, I would be ready.

Otherwise NO!

I tell you … don’t approach unless serious ✌️

I just don’t have the mental ability to sleep with anyone and not know them. So I will always not be ready – until someone can step up

Know my worth and then I add tax 🙌❤️✌️

Also is my body… who I share with is up to me. And after what have been through – it not gonna just be “some guy” … nope no thank you.

I’m not doing ANYTHING that’s gonna bother me or not let me be at ease. That goes for everything.

I just bought my own house… I already have children, I treat myself quite nicely … so I do not need a man… I would like the companionship – but eh… the peace is more to me…

If a man comes along – great – we see who he is

If not – oh well.

I only want meant to be and a good decent man

But I’m not settling for anyone!! Again don’t care who they are or think they are.

Sex will be emotional to me first time again so… I don’t want just some random person. I want to be ok and at ease – I won’t unless I know them

Is just my decision and what I know I’m ok with. I like to sleep at night not add to any stress

I only want what adds to my life – that does not add anything to my life without knowing ✌️

I wrote this last night but fell asleep and didn’t finish. But here is the explanation ✌️😘

2 thoughts on “This is why…

Add yours

    1. Thank you 🥰❤️
      Well isn’t that I do not miss – totally do!

      I’m just not willing to get another Satan, or some kind of disease, and I just want peace and none of that is peace

      But open… sorta – ish … to get to know lol … sometimes lol ✌️

      I just want to enjoy life and be at ease and I’m ok with peace.

      I just don’t want to share with someone I don’t know.

      I am fine by self or whatever. I want peace.

      I always want to be at peace with who I am. I know what I am ok with, and I know what I am not.

      I really really still need peace in my life.

      Thank you for your support ❤️❤️❤️


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