The “deets” lol

You know how it is when you really like someone and then can’t stop smiling ? Is like that but not with a person 😮😮😮

Oh there is such a story… I don’t know where to begin…

Ok so I will start with condo drama… so the loan I had was requiring the HOA’s terms and conditions document – but they refused to give over… so the homeowner tried and they still refused, even the homeowner 😮😮

And then it just snowballed …

Then the city got involved and now there are lawyers – yeah I don’t wanna have to always battle HOA shit. (Home Owners Association) 🤨🙄😑 and the expensive too.

So my realtor messaged me and said everything that was going on … and I just took it in at first.

Then I just decided I don’t want that.

So I called her and told her – I don’t wanna move again so where I pick will be it for awhile – at least 4-6 years. I want to love where I am and what I have. I do not want hassles only peace, so if not peace then I don’t want. So have to love it…

A few nights ago I sent her an email with a link to a house pending in my area that was within my range – all by myself … I said … I know this is pending but is within range and would be something I could consider and this is why… and I give big long explanation of why lol ✌️

And then she tells me of a house – 723 ❤️

She ask me if I wanna see – I said sure – she asked if I want to see today… I said sure lol …

So she gave me address and we planned to meet at 12:30

Well I didn’t want another situation where I didn’t like at all… so I drove by at 10:30a – just to see what I was in for …

Right away just from outside – I fell in love ❤️ it’s perfect!

You walk in and to one side is laundry room leading to garage… and to the other side is the most beautiful huge kitchen 😮🙌❤️ I love it!!

Do you want to see? It’s not the Taj Mahal or anything lol but I love it …

That’s the kitchen and wraps all around – is huge and beautiful and even has a desk space area ❤️

Plus area for bar stools 😮❤️

And all appliances come with 🙌

Everything been redone – hardwood floors throughout – no carpet 🙌❤️

It has a great room which is huge! And then there is another hallway that goes into “3” bedrooms 😮

2 regular bedrooms and then a master ❤️

The regular bedrooms have regular closets, and the master has walk in … there are 2 bathrooms – the kids bathroom has a tub and master is shower only … at least I do have one of each

Kids bathroom
Master Bath
Master shower

But I said – how much? Lol cause hmm too good to be true? Don’t make me fall in love and then pull rug out lol ✌️

So it’s a lot… will stretch me to absolute point. I am not sure if I can swing … but I know the owner of the property personally, is very good friend (but I don’t see often – they just know me and who am)

They said “if there was anyone I would want to have this house – it’s you” 😮😮 ❤️❤️❤️ they watched me go through some of the stuff. And they also know who I am as person.

So I have to go all through all the loan stuff all over again because is different type of property … also that yard is huge 🙌❤️ I have a side yard and then a whole other yard behind 😮 big enough to even place a small little house if zoning would permit lol ✌️

I could just have my kids all the time ❤️🙌 even they were smiling lol – they didn’t come with me but saw the photos and the outside of house and then of course my excitement, which I was speaking a mile a minute with a huge smile lol ❤️

The road is on is peaceful, huge street too, in peaceful awesome area – so close to things but yet peaceful ❤️ so um yes 👏 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I want it… that’s the one. I want soooo bad!! ❤️❤️❤️

It’s so big ❤️ and the yard ❤️

Yeah I kinda fell in love too much … it just clicked even before seeing inside. That’s the one!! Thats the one that I want 🙏🙏

I am very particular and this one has a sense of peace AND privacy ❤️❤️❤️ so yes I would really like that one to work out 🙏🙏🙏

I do not want to get to excited because there is a discrepancy between something filed on property records – but was done years and years and year ago – like 30-40 years ago so 🤷‍♀️ Certain paper work was never filed… so we gonna see

Because I want that one – I won’t find another I like after that one lol … I already did the dream thing where you imagine what you gonna do lol 😘✌️ … sold … hook line and sinker 🙏🙏 oh please 🙏🙏🙏 ❤️❤️❤️

** on a side note : “Our House” was the first piece of music that I heard beside what my parents listened too … Beatles, Elvis, John Denver, Neil Diamond etc… I was 11/12 when I heard “Our House” for very first time.

I didn’t know there was other music outside what my family listened to – I was very sheltered!!

It was Christmas time and my best friend got a stereo and we were checking it out – and I was like “what is this new music” lol and then it was all over lol ❤️❤️ You can thank Madness for that lol 😘✌️❤️ they started it 😘

On work front – I am checking out more and more … because of exhaustion … I still work hard but not constantly like before. Just tired and little too much drama stuff.

Yesterday I was just extremely silent and withdrawn…I just need peace sometimes. Space

I just need time to absorb everything.

It was dark and poured rain all day long today!! 😮 and is crazy windy 🌬

Going to be stormy all week long …

And … I know about the huge tornado in tornado alley 🌪 😮😮 200 miles they say 😮


Ok I will be back later ✌️

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