To every season

I have a handful of people that I love very much with all my heart ❤️ – I trust them with my life, totally.

One of them, who is very dear to me. got diagnosed with MS today. 💔

So. 💔

He’s one of my confidants and an incredible friend 💔 … yes it’s a man but it’s different, just pure honest friendship – so am little crushed

Ya know, when I let people come close that thought enters my mind…

Because one way or another will hurt… they either hurt purposely or life takes them away from you 💔

So ya know – I think about loss a lot – duh ✌️ I see it every day. 💔

He’s younger than me by like 2 or 3 years. But he is a really smart and funny man. Many are intimidated by him 😄

I work with him at moment.

When I do the hiring … I have them meet ME first 😄😄😄…

I make you feel at ease and comfortable… I am gentle and instantly put people at ease… so technically I soften you up lol

Then I have them meet him 😄❤️ … if you can pass by him – you are golden! Lol

He’s always on his shit – knows everything … nothing gets by him and he’s very inquisitive. He’s really amazing … as a human being, he is phenomenal ❤️ you don’t find people of his caliber often

He’s not and never has been intimidating to me. we clicked right away.

He’s an amazing man. I tell him that all the time, just to be sure he knows 😉✌️

He means a lot to me because I can trust him, he is one of the few I truly trust. 💔

He battled cancer in his childhood ☹️… beat it by 17.

And now Multiple Sclerosis 💔☹️

I wish I could fix everything 💔

He makes me laugh a lot – he has incredible sense of humor that clicks with mine and we think the same.

I worry because he will slip away too… just like my mom. And to watch that is excruciating. 💔 especially when you care about them.

But is life and life happens for reasons … things that are meant to be occur … do for reason… something is meant by it.

A lesson or something? Or preparing you for

what’s to come? Or building you to be strong?

My lesson is probably to learn to control the bleeding heart thing. – no idea how to not feel that. Is life – so until I figure out – gonna keep making me go through it

So there was that today. 💔

He is very dear to me… some of my strength and healing is because of him.

Anyway – let’s speak of something else because that keeps making me feel sad.

I looked at 2 places today… one was a house… the house was wicked cute… totally loved the house itself – but I did not like where it was and would not be ok location for daughter and work.

So I say no.

Then they took me to see another place … but we didn’t even go inside … it was awful right away and I just called them in their car and said “you don’t even have to show this one to me, it’s a no”

Did not like immediately … area/place etc – hated everything about it.

Anything you could HATE about a house – was that house… was awful. Total waste of time to even drive there. Nope. I didn’t even want to see inside. We didn’t stop.

I want to like and be at peace where I live… I didn’t like it and there was zero peace.

Work was fine

Funny how work is being chill… but life being all crazy. 🤨

Well at least work not being insane because I need balance somewhere.

Adulting kinda sucks sometimes.

I do not like this week.

This is all part of life – but I just do not like the sadness or loss.

I guess you do need that though…

I didn’t fall asleep at 6:30 because was a lot going on tonight 😮 I am fully exhausted 🥱 😴

There is a lot going on currently in my life 😮😮

Ok I have to sleep – I’m soooo exhausted!!

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

11 thoughts on “To every season

Add yours

      1. So far so good… is soooo wet this week!! Raining ☔️ soooooo much

        Is just raining and raining and raining

        I will need boat soon 🛶 lol

        We don’t have much rain so the ground isn’t used to it… and we flood 😮 you should see the lakes on the roads!!

        But yes … little kinder – just alot wetter ✌️

        Ps – come summer they still will cry drought lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes thank you 🥰 and here is Christmas week 😮 omg gonna be crazy lol

        We have Xmas party on 23… I be with all kids on 24, 25 & 26!! I have Christmas Eve and Christmas off 😮🙌

        Hope you have a wonderful week!! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 week 🙌✌️

        Finally is here 🙌 been killing me!! I shopped way way way too early. Some presents were given early because I could not contain myself lol

        Tmrw is December 21… winter solstice so that means we be on way to spring 🙌 – on way out of winter! Just a little longer and we have spring 🙌

        Gonna be great week 🙏🙏🙏 and maybe moving in 😮😮 omg 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is so great that you will all be together for a good spread of days!! 🙂 Hope that you all have a wonderful time!! 🙂 I wonder if you’ll get some blue lights for your new driveway hehe 😉

        Enjoy quality time with your family Trisha and I wish you a very merry Christmas and hope the new year brings you every happiness and very little hassle!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh yes … my daughter will be my plus one at the Christmas party lol

        And then we all together for Christmas Eve and Christmas ❤️

        Then if tmrw goes ok – I be moving in house 😮😮 omg 😮

        Hahaha blue lights… well slowly improvements be made – have to stabilize first, after such large purchase 😮😵‍💫

        But next Christmas oh yes lol 💙

        The house is blue too 😄😄 like a blue gray 😄

        Thank you 🥰 … I wish same for you- hope you have wonderful Christmas with your family and friends … and Happy New Year too … we are making it through the 20’s 🙌 🥂 … I hope your New Year also brightens all year! 🙌

        I hope it’s an amazing year 🙏🙏🥂 to 22 😘

        Totally wonder what’s coming lol ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Lol … yes

        Because is further and further away from 2020 lol ✌️

        Is going to get better and better ❤️

        And you still have to enjoy life sometimes, are alive 🙌 even if isn’t perfect

        So yeah 2022 / it’s an even year … isn’t even good luck? 🍀

        2022 is a water tiger? Strong self esteem and confidence so … sounds like maybe powerful year?

        Fun to see what happens. What will go on this new year? 😮😮😉

        Liked by 1 person

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