😩😭 night is sooo bad 😩

During day… I can handle – I still sleep… and Fever breaks for a little bit during day.

Every night is worse than night before …

No matter how much medication I take… night is bad!! 😭 that fever spikes hard and I can’t control my temp – I totally watching my oxygen and that keeps saying fine

My face hurts ☹️ like my cheeks and under eyes, my head still throbs… I can’t eat anything … I am not sure if I am hungry or not?

I will think I am, only because I haven’t eaten – but I have no drive to eat… I will take a few bites and nope – I can’t. So I don’t eat 😭 I just can’t

I take meds – but at night it doesn’t matter 😭😭

It’s still gonna be freezing sweats and high temp and miserableness

Wtf!! And I had vaccine so… wtf is this? And won’t get bad my ass 🤨 😩😩😭 … it’s bad

So then would I have died without vaccine? Cause every night I feel like death 😖

My family thinks is bad because of cancer 😩😭

It’s nighttime now 😩😩😩😭 … it’s always bad at night 😭😭😭

I am running fever and hurt and can’t breathe only because my nose is plugged (I have to mouth breath) and it’s night time 😭 so I know will be bad … 😭… I am sick and delirious with fever and pain 😭 so I cry little because I don’t want this (only when is really bad) 😭

Ugh night 😩😭 I don’t want the night – it’s night! 😭 when is going to be over? How long this last?? ☹️ I want to be done with it 🥺

My head is pounding. I have to sleep, but I know gonna be bad 😭

Shhh just let me cry. I know is only because am so sick

During day I still sleep a lot but I think “ok maybe I getting better?” And then nope – at night everything spikes!! 😭 it’s sooo bad at night 😭 how does it know it is night?! Why does do that???

I am taking meds, vitamins and drinking and still coming after me 😭

Please be careful and not catch this!! Please mask 😷 💔 you don’t know how will take you down

** I am venting because I am sooo miserable 😭

My mom is doing ok thank god!!! But around her we remained masked ❤️🙏

There is drama at work of course but I am too sick and out of state 😮😩

Ugh 😩 night time

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  1. I meant to message you last night – just checking and sending good juju.

    Please keep in mind that breathing isn’t the only thing that can send you to ER. Have hou checked in with docs again about the pain and fever keeping you awake??

    I hope it miraculously passes SOON!!

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    1. They said to treat like bad flu – I should be fine 🤨 I also do not want to be in some Texas hosp. 🤨

      I am FULLY pumping with massive meds… I wanted to see if my body could help itself some during day …but nope – it can not 🤨

      So now I pump ALL the meds and drowned this thing – full force with all meds – I’m done with it

      Alternating between Advil and Tylenol…. Taking musinex?? And my family bringing me all kinds of concoctions lol- I don’t care what is just gimme

      Don’t worry, I am miserable.. but I watch my stats because my funeral home people sent me a thing to track all my vital stats 🙄❤️

      Few times a day and through the night they also text me to ask me what my vitals are – the whole time they keep checking on me ❤️ every single day

      Daytime is better … when day comes I think “ok maybe I feel better??” I think I can get up and be human… but not really?? Is zombie 🧟‍♀️ like human

      And then night comes … and it’s dreadful!! Omg I dread the night “every” night… because I know how bad is

      My eyes hurt alot… light sensitive and my face… like my cheeks, my ears … is like having severe sinus infection on top of flu 🤧🤒

      My daughter cries because she is worried and I am so far away… she’s afraid I will die but I tell her I am fine… I just sound bad (really congested, with fever so I speak slow weak and weird little bit) am not my normal self

      My boys keep messaging me too to make sure I am ok ❤️

      Today I actually sat out back for maybe 20 min- fresh air… that helped – the light was bad on my eyes, and I’m still really weak- but was good with fresh air ❤️

      I ate some food tonight … but I can’t really handle food yet. I can take few bites and that’s it. Once a day only!!

      I am afraid to force the food. But I am drinking lots of water and occasionally if I am freezing – I have tea 🍵

      My head just constantly throbs ☹️💔

      I only have small moments where I am somewhat alive – otherwise I sleep all the time ☹️I have not ever slept so much and so continuously!!! 😮

      I guess is good that I get to sleep… but then night comes and I do not like night 😩😭💔 it’s always bad!! I want to sleep but my body has no idea what it’s doing!!! Goes insane

      My fever is still here – at night it comes full force – puts me down!! 😮 and then I can’t breath and is miserable… you wake in sweats but you are freezing ?? My body is literally haywire

      And all of us caught it… I am the worst one – I had cancer so that’s a slight thing… I suppose 😕

      The child not vaccinated was sick for 2 days and has abundance of energy?? 😳 no problems

      My brother and sister in law fully vaxed with Pfizer … they have headache, congestion, cough – no fever for them – they tired like me though

      I am the worst of it?? I don’t know why? Maybe just the cancer with immune issues? Who knows … I am always very very very careful – I try to never ever get sick or catch anything

      😩😩 it’s night again!! Ugh

      Thank you for juju ❤️ 🙏🙏 I hope to be done soon too…

      I sorta get extra time with family ??❤️ little blessing I wouldn’t normally have had

      Stupid Covid being so dreadfully awful has a few perks … like my favorite moment… when the highway was ALL mine 🙌 … and then right now, even though I am soooo sick… I do sorta get extra time with my family ❤️ we won’t forget this story 😐 I didn’t have to go through Covid alone 😮 Covid made me stuck with my family lol

      I just don’t want to be sick anymore and night is really bad ?? That is why I cry cause is really awful and I am miserable 😩 – I just wanna sleep all the time and I want this fever to break 😭 I want to eat and I am frustrated being sick 😩


      1. I really think it’s the cancer/immune thing that’s made you so sick. And yeah, no vaccine and you’d be on a respirator. I really feel bad that you’re so sick. I wish I could help!! It’s STUPID that you of all people have hmgotten so sick!! I’m glad you have family around. I continue to keep you in my good thoughts!!

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      2. That’s the only thing I can think too? Also I have been so careful not getting sick- since 2017… so the germ too powerful on fresh body ??

        Right now is morning so I have fever and headache 🤕🤒🤧 I am only sorta with it (not totally)

        Last night was bad.. but not as bad as nights prior?? Still bad but maybe turning corner?? 🙏

        It’s hard to tell because I am so weak and hurt and fevery?? I will think be better and isn’t 😩

        I will think I am ok later… and try to be up – and it will zap me back down again hard

        It has to be done with me soon 🙏🙏 it zaps everything you have

        It is nice to not be alone through this ❤️

        Thank you 🥰❤️


      3. No smell, but my nose blocked … however, I have a perfume with me that can raise the dead with its strong scent lol … I can NOT smell it at all!! You can never NOT smell that perfume!!! It’s like nothing to me currently? Same with my soaps and lotions that I love… I smell nothing 😩

        Taste… only slight… but I have not eaten very much? Fruit is juicy so I can taste pineapple 🍍 only slightly- very slightly … not much else has taste

        I tried my favorite soda yesterday “Dr Pepper” and I do not taste the soda but I have the fizz??

        I will also say one thing I do NOT have is diarrhea… I have not had that at all!! Thank god!!

        But… they try to get me to eat anything… just to have anything in my stomach…

        Even though dairy is not good with congestion they try anything they can to get me to eat… make my favorite meal, give me ice cream anything to have anything… I can take a bite or 2 and then nope – I can not …

        But because they were trying dairy things – I would have the dairy pills? I forget what they called and I’m not really with it currently

        But I’m not sure if that’s why or I just didn’t have diarrhea?? One symptom I am extremely thankful NOT TO HAVE ❤️

        But yeah my smell and taste are effected 😩

        I have no idea what I smell like lol… and I’m not overly ready for food – small bites here and there is sufficient for now. I do not know how much weight I have lost??

        Yes I know that is helping my weakness but food is little repulsive currently ?? Even without taste 😮 I just can’t bring myself to have the food

        I don’t even feel hungry?? I just know I have to eat little bit or at least try.

        I want to eat because I know I have to… but my body is not wanting – I force the bites I currently take 😩😕

        Hopefully soon I be starving and want food 🙏


      4. Yeah… 60% of taste is through smell. When I’m congested I consume mass quantities of soda because the bubbles feel good!

        If you get enough strength, a hot bath (or shower with a chair) might make you feel better – refresh your skin and drain your sinuses for a bit

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      5. The bubbles do feel good – but I can not taste my Dr P 😮 nada… but I do actually like the bubbles … I have only had one.

        Most of time I am drinking water or that chamomile, honey, vanilla tea (which I also don’t taste) I just like the heat ❤️

        I was taking baths every day to wash off the Covid as much as possible!! It did not help other than making me feel like I was washing off Covid germs and also the cold sweat 😝😝😝

        Today was first day I shower and not take bath

        I was afraid of shower during Covid because I am very weak. I can’t move the right side very well due to cancer so I don’t have greatest stability or movement. And Covid just wipes you out. 🥱🤒

        Sinuses are ok – I’ve been “drinking” mucinex extra strength lol


      6. I’m thinking about you all the time! If you’re still weak, maybe you cam get a showe chair – they’re pretty cheap. I got one when I had extreme fatigue and I still use it off/on.

        I hope you get your sense of taste back soon!

        I’m shocked at how bad your case is… you of all people!!

        HG sends her well wishes!

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      7. Yeah I might look into a shower chair 🪑??

        When I was sick I was afraid to stand so long in shower and my right side does not have the ability to be making all kinds of movements – I was afraid being so weak.

        Today was ok for shower – but I had to time it with the energy lol

        I am shocked too… makes me not want to believe one word government says!!!!

        ❤️❤️ I have thought about you too!!! Feels great to be somewhat back and speaking to people again ❤️


      8. I think it woulda taken me out cause it was REALLY bad!

        BUT I had no issues breathing or with lungs 🫁 and my oxygen level stayed stable the entire time

        But maybe that due to vaccinations – oh thank god

        But yes, it would have hurt me a lot more most likely.


      9. I tried to txt you but, for the 2nd time, when I select you from contacts my phone picks someone else – no name or number similarity. Really confused them!!

        Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help out you or your daughter!!

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      10. ❤️❤️❤️ thank you – I would have been very not with it anyway.

        That’s sooo weird it cross your contacts for some reason??? I will try to text you shortly ❤️

        I am coming back from the dead now… nothing you could do but very very sweet of you to offer – thank you ❤️❤️❤️

        My kids checked in everyday ❤️ she was just scared and I was very out of it – they miss me very much

        I am very thankful they did not come with me 🙌

        When I get back I hope to have her and boys for awhile ❤️


  2. Sorry to read you are so ill Trisha. Here’s sending you warmest wishes for a recovery out of the shite you are going through. Have you been anywhere that it was known to have been? What’s the period 5 – 14 days?

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    1. Thank you ❤️

      Let’s see – the exposure to symptoms is approx 3 to 5 days … doctor say that and seems true with our case…

      I left California with no problems and remained fully masked everywhere – in public… I am MEGA CAREFUL (I am around many elderly people so used to being cautious, and my California people all cautious also) I have sanitizer and all of it. I keep to self

      Flew to TEXAS (a red state cause it’s political like that) on Saturday …

      I was fine Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday … Wednesday it started.

      My nephew goes to a private Catholic school IN Texas that does not require these unvaccinated kids to wear masks 🤨

      I did not know this because in California we fricken wear our masks especially the kids!!! Everyone!

      People do not mask here. A lot of Trumpers 🙄 it’s a red state 🙄

      Anyway the entire school is currently coming down with Covid and he was around someone Friday that was Covid positive … I did not know any of this until everything went down

      Monday we were at the church for All Saints Day… he was Pope John Paul II

      And then suddenly Tuesday he came home sick from school – they immediately test him and yup! Covid positive

      😳😳😳 well I had been exposed but also was vaccinated so I just masked and stayed distanced – he immediately isolated

      But then Wednesday it hit me and sis in law ☹️😩💔 then my brother maybe the next day???

      I am not sure what day it currently is because I have not been thinking of days … only how miserable this is and how badly I want it to stop 😭😩

      I am frustrated having this 🤒🤧💔😭😩

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  3. Yes l can feel your frustration. Hopefully because of your vaccination you’ll not be down for too long . Hugs to myou … albeit distanced and masked 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏 I hope over soon 🙏❤️

      It really smacks you – make sure that girl of yours is extremely careful!!! Please warn her 🙏

      The only thing I can think of why I got so bad – is because of cancer ☹️💔

      So just be aware and be careful 🙏 She does NOT want this!!! Nor do you!!

      Is weird to have the experience and know of it now 😮

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      1. Well we don’t mix with a lot of people anyway to be fair and the main threat of contagion is moxing with people sadly.

        Suze is double jabbed and flu jabbed and she had had her boosters. i am the same bar the booster which isn’t due to next month and then l will grab the flu jab as well.

        However, they are not a guarantee to not getting it, only reducing the effects if you do get it. I hope you don’t get the other issue with catching it and that is ‘long covid’ which can floor sufferers for months.

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      2. I have turned corner ❤️🙌

        I’m sure was the cancer plus amount of time since vaccine AND I’m in a fricken red state 😐🤨🙄

        I still have no taste or smell – that better not last!!! I do not like that lol ✌️

        First day I feel alive 🙌❤️ back to life ❤️❤️❤️

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      3. Well that’s good news Trisha 🙂

        No taste and smell not the end of the world in comparison to the end of your world, they’ll return in time 🙂

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      4. Totally … not a big deal – I can’t smell bad things 😄

        Or taste bad things either lol

        So in those cases slight bonus 😄😘✌️

        Fricken Texas 🤨🙄 of course

        That’s how I will remember Texas- “Covid” lol

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