Uh oh

My nephew tested positive for Covid…

Whole household did… including me! I am sick

Just started feeling sick today… I am fully vaccinated with Moderna since February of 2021

Was being scheduled for booster since I work at funeral homes but obviously I am in Texas on vacation visiting fam

They do not mask here – I did – but not around nephew

So far my mom is fine

My head feels like a sinus infection … small headache in forehead above eyes… runny nose… hot cold… tired and really slow!!

If I have problems breathing I am to go right to ER.

I have fever but do not know what is. Probably approx 100 – low grade

Cancelled Saturdays flight and isolating – sleeping a lot – don’t feel good

They were also fully vaccinated (except nephew because he is 9 – that JUST got approved like today or yesterday

They were vaccinated with Pfizer and I had Moderna – it can cross over still – hopefully won’t be bad 🙏🙏

But just in case …

I informed my boss of what I want for final plans. Also informed sons. Pretty sure won’t need – but just in case because I am going downhill pretty fast 🤨

Fricken Texas 🤨

Please let my mom be ok 🙏🙏🙏

We took at home tests… mine was positive but sister-in-law was negative … we went to Covid testing clinic – you sit in parking lot and they come out to touch your brain 😉

All of us came back positive. Nephew had some symptoms – and seems better – is just hitting me now

I have to sleep – just telling you … I will be back to update when able

I already tell my boss – I don’t know when can be home 😮 they say no worries, they got me. 😳❤️ they keep checking on me – they want me to have oxygen sensor lol … we see … I just wanna sleep right now ✌️😘

Should be fine – but then again I was vaccinated so thought would be fine with that too. We see 😳

See how careful you have to be!! Please listen!!

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    1. Mine is bad… it hit fast. My fever went to 102.5 … took fever reducer … have eaten little food. But I am not really into food at moment

      I am weak and light hurts my eyes

      Am drinking fluids and watching oxygen – sleeping alot ALOT – like constantly

      The rest are fine – only me

      My chest hurts little but think is the boobs ? I am breathing fine

      I have not been sick in long time.

      Also I am stuck in Texas … I had to cancel my return flight for Saturday … I can possibly fly again on 13th? But we see 🙏

      So far my mom is ok 🙏😳😮

      My family is a crossover with Pfizer … I am crossover with Moderna. 😮😮

      Well I have my family around me so I am not all alone… so I be fine.

      I did map out exactly what I want for my funeral to my people because just in case … I just do that – I want to make sure if does go wrong or whatever – which it won’t but I just do just in case.

      My kids are safe in California ❤️ thank god I did not bring them!! My daughter was crying because she is scared – she already watched me be sick with cancer… and she’s afraid of Covid and then she is far away from me and I won’t get to see my kids for at least 3 weeks 😭💔 so she cry and I am sick so I cry… but it’s fine – no choice and I will be ok

      My funeral family is all worried and making sure I am ok. This week I used vacation time – next week and the week after I have Covid time 😮

      Ugh Texas – and I am stuck 🤨 I definitely have to live in a blue state! Yup totally

      I don’t like too far either way… but I wish people would listen with Covid.

      I go in and out of 🛌 sleep… I don’t really get out of bed much because I can’t bring myself to move much and I’m freezing 🥶 ?

      I am going to take a bath tmrw and I have tea, water and vitamin water (the vitamin water tastes really disgusting!! 😝 I can totally taste that grossness! I can not bring myself to drink that one!!) …my nose is all stuffed up like a cold, so no I can’t smell anything really?

      So now I will need to get a Covid Christmas ornament because that’s what happened this year ✌️

      Funny though a Covid makes you usually not have your family – but I have my blood family all with me ❤️

      And you should see how my funeral people are checking on me and the amazing things they do and say ❤️❤️❤️ I have 2 families ❤️ because I miss my California one too!

      Thank you also ❤️🙏 I do hope be better soon – as long as can keep fever down and breathing ok 👌

      Can not imagine if I was not vaccinated!!! 😮😮

      Is dangerous – I wish people listen!

      I felt safe around my family – was only place I was not masked… outside my mask doesn’t come off at all… at home with them I felt safe 😮 I was so excited to just be with and see them 🙌


      You don’t think 😮😮😮


    1. Thank you – my fever has come down little, ate a little and doing ok. I sleep alot

      Should be fine shortly. I am stuck in Texas until better 😮 🙏🙏🙏 hope this goes quickly

      Work is very supportive though ❤️ I have my family and amazing support ❤️

      Thank you 🥰

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    1. Weird that fully vaccinated people still catch 😮 must be delta? And if wasn’t vaccinated it would for sure have killed me!

      I am still very 😷 sick- I sleep alot

      My nephew was sick for minute but he is better – I am the only really sick one

      🙏🙏🙏 totally pray my mom is ok 🙏🙏🙏

      Thank you for the well wishes! 🙏

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      1. You are most welcome! Well, they do say that no vaccine is ever 100% protection but at least it sounds that your vaccine had created enough anti-bodies for you to fight it!! Really hope you recover soon and that your mum stays free of it!!


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