Time and Humanity

I took that photo…That photo was from March of 2020 😮

I have a calendar on my wall that when I lost my job at the school – I froze that calendar there 📅. It still remains on March of 2020

When I move I will throw it away… but right now no. I like it frozen in time. I just want it there until I leave. Because time stopped. When I leave – it restarts 😉😘 … I am not only sometimes cryptic… but also sentimental and symbolic lol 😘✌️… fine … cheesy… whatever lol ✌️ but yes! 💋

Ok so… you know how life is. You know every day is a new day. Ok well up and down.

So I have new developments 😕

It doesn’t matter what my developments are… just that I was hoping. 🙏🙏

But I also believe that what is meant to be, will be… as in fate from the choices I make

They want me to write down ✍️ my story “how far I’ve come”


Ok then. That means I have to remember the flames of hell I walked through but summarize it super fast 🤨

Hell? Lol

So… ok. I think I could do it – pretty quick because I won’t want to really think in depth of what happened. I want to go fast and “whoop there it is” here ya go 🙌

That is what I walk through. It’s awful to repeat – it makes me feel sick. 🤫

Kinda throws me off little bit because is just hard remembering moments.

And …

Even though I have new developments that were not what I wanted…

Hmm … well… I have someone in my life who has given me mercy through things and been really amazing since I found.

The humanity this one person always shows to me is just humbling!

I don’t know what to say

Makes me cry because of the impact of the humanity it has on my life 🤫

But that cry is not a bad cry? Just a heartfelt one.

This person has kinda just protected me, allowed me to feel and be safe ❤️ Been amazing to me always.

It’s just the actions of kindness this person does that make me cry. 🤫 not in bad way but just overwhelmed with emotion? 🤫

Is good. Just emotional things 🤫

It makes good impact, but it’s just very emotional to me… 🤫

So anyway. 🤫 I’m just little quiet – absorbing everything

Gnite for now 😞 🥱 😴 💤


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