Ok so… I had a bad day

I just be silent right now, but you know – writing helps so we see 🤷‍♀️

Just work stuff.

Yeah I don’t want to talk about it. I feel very silent.

Let’s see what else?

Well that’s pretty much my life lol … I left early because I have daughter this week.

I am making dinner, but I’m not very hungry. Actually at all. I have no desire to eat any food.

The thought makes my stomach turn.

I’m just really silent.

So hmm… I’m gonna have to be cryptic so – get out your decoder rings lol … 😉✌️ 💍

Let’s see how do I stay silent and not be silent? Ok

So… I see signs of cracks in the dam… uh oh.

Ok so there is that. I’ve been handling few things and taking it on the chin. Which is fine

But I’m nervous with stuff and I see cracks so…

I want to say something to someone who could help… but I also want him to have vacation and not worry… instead I worry!

Not the time for people to fall apart… c’mon stay strong!!

I feel like I need him – because I am strong … but with him stronger 😮… I am holding together but we need him… we are stronger with him

I feel like I’m driving with a flat tire … one wheel down – I need all 4!!

I want to tell him – but then I don’t … let him breathe and recharge. Whew what to do.

I know if I tell him – he’s gonna work… and I don’t want it to completely take over his life because death will…

But while he been on vacation – he sneak works 😑🙄

He does teeny tiny things and keeps in touch with his families.

And then he will text me … if I don’t answer really quick… he calls lol … dude … sometimes stuff is happening and you supposed to be on vacation lol

And then he will be like “you ok? Everything going good?” 🙄 omg …the man does NOT know how to take a vacation lol

And then from there he uses me as the feeler for how everyone else is handling things. It “was” good

But he took 2 consecutive weeks – that’s hard! Especially when low staffed

So if I call him – his vacation might end and I don’t want that. I want him to recharge because I need him to come back really strong!

So… that? Or…

I dunno – so I am silent. Bleh whew. Ok well. What do you think ?

I like to be informed. I know he does – but if I inform him omg his vaca over – I don’t want to ruin life for him. I want him to have those moments with his loved ones – I know how hard this job is. I really want him to relax – he never relaxes.

It’s our lives but I want him to just have moments because those are also important.

I am not aggressively strong like he is – but around him he brings out a power? 💥 I dunno I feel safe and strong when I can turn to him so without that it’s really hard.

It’s also not as fun without him – some say he’s a hard ass – but I don’t see that 🤷‍♀️ I miss the every morning call to discuss every detail of the day and things lol … I have to coordinate with him so constant communication is key

His conversation skills are spot on. With literally everyone!

Anyway. I definitely miss him 😮 we really need him 😮

So… what would you do? 😮 do you speak – or remain silent and let it rain over me 😮

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ whew!

So I don’t know how to hold them up without his guidance but I do not want to put heavy on his shoulders… so I am carrying it

I have a cross to bear 😮😮

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ whew what to do.

Also if I tell him …the world will know I told him lol. So.

Oh dilemmas 🤦‍♀️ which is the right way??

Btw… just to clarify something to be absolutely clear – not that I have to explain myself but whatever …

I enjoy him as human being, because he is amazing man.

I also very much appreciate his guidance in areas… he gives me perspective.

I appreciate who he is as a human being. That is all.

I admire others with same type of admiration.

That does not mean anything else just because he is man – so I am just saying… we work incredible together.

I need his guidance but I am torn. Ok. See do I take on to my shoulders because I don’t know I can? I don’t know what to say and he is a master communicator – higher than me 😮

He is our strength and then to put that on his shoulders ugh 🤦‍♀️ omg

Yeah I’m not eating!! 😝

Yesterday we came home early, ate, I just laid down for one minute and nope I am too old to do that now… I fall right asleep!!

My daughter woke me up at 11:30 when she slinked off to bed 🤨

But I’m so exhausted and beat that I fell back asleep. Omg

So about 12 hours 😮 omg

I could close my eyes right now and I’m not even laying down 😮

Well anyway… what would you do? If you were in my shoes – what would you do?? Seriously think and tell me lol – I need guidance lol different perspectives 🙏

How would you see it if you were in my shoes? 👠

9 thoughts on “Rough

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  1. You kinda answered your own question a few days ago when you were saying about this guy not switching off on vacation. He only has a few days left; let him have that. A calm before the storm.
    Hope it is not too uncomfortable for you to bear in the meantime.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol yeah I think/hope so… I will go with that 🙏✌️😘

        Yes we can – but is just better with and it’s hard with the load coming in at moment – little wobbly

        Yeah women lol … hmm yes I have some pretty amazing women. Yes also supportive. But I do not trust many with core secret details lol 😉

        I trust him all the way. Whatever – man is smart. So I just learn from him and we enjoy each other’s company and work hard together so that is nice 👍

        It is something that I am not sure footing with. He knows better than me and he very invested… so just something like that. Is going good but stressful… I worry 😉✌️

        I trust certain women in certain areas 😉 lol … is a people thing lol – not gender specific lol … depends on who a person is if I feel I can trust them… and that takes time or actions. 😉

        But yeah … never let em see ya sweat lol 😓 I think I got it … Thursday is upon us right? So ok – 2 more days!! 🙏

        Please let nothing collapse, explode or crash 🙏🙏😳😮 pray for me lol 🙏 2 days

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  2. Well, if I were me I’d be pound8ng booze!!
    I say, let him have his vacay. You know whatever’s going on will repeat. Raises are great but they don’t stop the BS.

    I’m very sorry you’re stressed. I’ll turn my phone on Wed afternoon* in case you want to vent.

    *2:30am now, nyquil + beer not knocking me out.. dunno what hours I’ll be awake.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are good points!! Thank you! It will repeat – fricken always … and yup raises but more things too – it does not stop the BS

      Today is Wednesday right? Lol pretty sure

      It will probably be after 5 if you avail


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