I have a really quick funny story…

I’m all dressed up and dolled up … in black… with black mask lol

I stopped in a store to buy coffee creamer because I need caffeine lol 😘✌️🤫

The woman at the counter says to me “I’m so sorry”

I said “excuse me?” Cause I didn’t know why she saying that lol

And she said “you must be going to a funeral”

Lol 😄 I said “Everyday – that’s what I do”

And then her face and she laughed – then she ask me for who and I tell her and then she tells me her experience with my company at the mothership location

I believe we are actually worldwide maybe or mostly – I’m pretty sure is in Europe too

But anyway was funny that she was like “oh I’m sorry, you are going to a funeral” lol yes yes I am always 😘✌️

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    1. Yeah it was funny… she was caught off guard when I said “everyday” lol

      It was a funny moment – but I do get similar generally, but I’ve never had someone say “oh I’m so sorry” thinking “I am the one” grieving lol

      Usually I get faces in general convos if I say what I do or who I work for.

      If you met me outside of work you would never guess funerals 😘✌️ I just don’t look like that outside of work.

      First it is a odd job for people to swallow – they all think it’s creepy and no one wants to deal with death …and second I am a positive happy person, so I have life? But I deal with death lol – I have a spirit 😉

      You kinda expect Lurch from the Addam’s family. Lol ❤️ …when “I” came to interview … I totally expected Lurch to answer the door lol 😄😄

      Perhaps I am stereotyping lol 😉😄✌️

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      1. Lol … yeah… compassion. And I know for me, it was painful – still is… you cry til you can’t cry anymore – but sometimes a funny thought or cute memory of the person will make people brighten up for a minute

        I try to tell them – be sad for the loss but is the happy memories that will help you through. The things that they made you laugh with or how they imprinted on your life ❤️

        If I think of the loss – I am still devastated … so I don’t go there … but if I remember the funny things – I smile to remember them 😉❤️✌️ it’s a fine line – you have to find your mark.

        Sometimes a case hits you and you cry with them lol 🤷‍♀️ happens – is a sad business …

        I am in the business of sadness and heartache… so yeah positivity kinda keeps that from crashing 😉 but I suppose that be same for life too 😘✌️

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